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The New York Jets selected Zach Wilson (8/3/1999) as the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.


The team reportedly loved Wilson’s intensity, focus, and recall in addition to his physical skill set, which includes a strong arm and above-average mobility.

Wilson put up eye-catching stats during his collegiate days at BYU. He threw 33 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions in his junior year, finishing top ten in Heisman voting.

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The following are some rookie cards that Zach Wilson fans and football card enthusiasts will want to target.

Best Zach Wilson Rookie Cards

Being a top-two pick is a promising omen for anyone who owns a Zach Wilson rookie card. Here are some of the cardboard prizes that investors are targeting. Please note these will be updated as better sets are released.


2021 Zach Wilson Leaf Pro Set RC Auto (/99)

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The 2021 Leaf Pro Set series features an intentionally dated look, but that’s not to say they are bad-looking cards. They’re just anachronisms, new cards that look like old ones.

The autograph on the 2021 Zach Wilson Leaf Pro Set RC stands out. The white auto plate and blue ink just feel more modern than the rest of the card.

An orange border with a white train-track pattern frames the rest of the card. A purple-yellow nameplate and 80s-style graphics are a nod to Pro Set cards of the past.

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The image of Wilson in a logo-less navy-and-white uniform suits the retro design well. The auto card is numbered to 99, making it considerably rarer than the base version.


2021 Zach Wilson Leaf Draft Auto RC #BA-ZW1

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Leaf has served the pre-NFL Draft rookie card space well, giving collectors a chance to own rookie cards even before they know which team they will play on.

Therefore, the 2021 Zach Wilson Leaf Draft Auto RC #BA-ZW1 is one of the earliest Wilson RCs on the market. This gives it a distinguished status.

The card’s design is player image-driven, with few bells and whistles. Wilson displays a hyper-vertical arm angle, eyes and mouth wide open as he delivers a pass.

Yet another logo-less BYU uniform indicates that Leaf isn’t about to pay extra to include college logos on its Draft Pick cards.

The autograph on this card certainly helps its value (as all autographs do). It sits within a white mantle, surrounded by a regal gold placeholder. A nondescript nameplate sits beneath.

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This card comes in Blue, Gold, and Green parallels.


2021 Zach Wilson Panini Select XRC Silver Prizm RC #402

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The 2021 Panini Select Set contains a Prizm that can only be redeemed once the player is drafted by their NFL team.

Following the 2021 NFL Draft, traders discovered that the mystery player on the 2021 Panini Select XRC Silver Prism RC #402 was Zach Wilson.

The words “Panini Prizm” and “Zach Wilson” alone make this a card worth targeting.


Zach Wilson Rookie Card Value

The most valuable Zach Wilson rookie cards released to date are the 2020 Panini Select XRC Auto Tie-Dye Prizm Zach Wilson RC and the 2021 Leaf Pro Set Auto Zach Wilson RC /99.

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  • 2021 Panini Instant Zach Wilson Draft Night RC Illustration Card
  • 2021 Leaf Pro Set XRC Zach Wilson RC # PS5
  • 2021 Panini Select XRC Silver Prizm Zach Wilson RC #402
  • 2021 Leaf Draft Auto Zach Wilson RC #BA-ZW1
  • 2021 Leaf Pro Set Zach Wilson RC Auto (/99)
  • 2021 Sage Hit Peak Performance Foil Auto Autograph Zach Wilson RC /25
  • 2021 Leaf Gold Auto 1st Round Draft Pick Zach Wilson RC SSP
  • 2021 Leaf Ultimate Clear Quarterbacks Holo Gold Zach Wilson RC
  • 2021 Panini Instant NFL Draft Night Base Card Zach Wilson RC


Investment Outlook

Zach Wilson has a lot going for him: talent, Hollywood-ready looks, and the largest media market in the country, for starters.

Investment Rating: Wait and See (2.9 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: None

Best Zach Wilson RC: 2021 Leaf Pro Set Zach Wilson Auto RC (buy on eBay)

As the Jets starter, the bar isn’t set exceptionally high. Names like Sanchez, Darnold, and Geno Smith have Jets fans craving even the faintest hint of competence.

These are all reasons to consider investing in Zach Wilson’s rookie cards. His draft status alone gives further reason for hope.

Some highly-drafted quarterbacks have a strong record of returns. The price trajectory of Wilson’s RCs could mirror those of a player like Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow. But then again, it could also go the way of a Bradford or Leaf.

Which way it is going to go is a hard call. For now, we are taking a wait-and-see approach.

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