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Making his debut as a 28-year-old, Chicago White Sox catcher Yermin Mercedes was ancient to be a rookie in Major League Baseball.

The White Sox selected Mercedes in the Rule 5 Draft in 2017. The 5’11” righty was previously in the Baltimore Orioles organization.

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Yermin Mercedes is not Adley Rutschman or Mike Trout. He’s not a sure-fire, Can’t-miss prospect. His breakout is an against-the-odds story. Pundits have even called it “stunning”.

So what’s the outlook for the trading cards of an out-of-nowhere player like Mercedes?

Baseball fans and trading card investors aren’t quite sure what Mercedes’ future will hold. After all, he cycled through two other franchises (not counting independent leagues) before making his MLB debut.

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As an investor, skepticism about Mercedes can be good news. It may allow you to buy one or more of the following rookie cards at a steal of a price.


2021 Yermin Mercedes Topps Series 1 70 Years of Baseball Auto #70YA-YM

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Before making his debut, Yermin Mercedes suited up for the White Sox’s AAA affiliate, the Charlotte Knights. As a minor leaguer approaching 30, no one was banking on a breakthrough.

“Because nobody was betting on Mercedes being a noteworthy Major Leaguer, his rookie cards are virtually nonexistent.”

The 2021 Yermin Mercedes Topps Series 1 70 Years of Baseball Autograph card #70YA-YM is the first choice for those seeking a Mercedes rookie card.

The 70 Years of Baseball set features 69 players, ranging from retired legends to active superstars and unproven players like Mercedes.

Each card features an autograph. Mercedes’ card shows him in his black White Sox jersey featuring the logo from the 1987-1990 White Sox teams.

The card’s border is a white-and-black gradient. In the middle of the card is a “70 Years of Baseball” logo, and beneath it is a white rectangle featuring Mercedes’ blue signature.

There are four parallels of this card, including Black (/199), Gold (/50), Red (/25), and Platinum (/1). This card generally sells in the low four-figure range.


2021 Yermin Mercedes MLB Topps NOW Auto RC #21B

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At least two notable Yermin Mercedes rookie cards come from the Topps NOW set.

Topps NOW captures noteworthy Major League moments as they happen. It makes those moments into cards and sells the cards during a 24-hour window.

Mercedes’ MLB Topps NOW Auto RC #21 memorializes his 8-for-8 start to the season—a rookie record.

This card has five parallels, with each having a different color background. The Topps NOW #21B features Mercedes looking upward with two hands extended as he crosses home plate.

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Mercedes’ autograph features prominently on the card’s front side. The color scheme for this specific parallel is blue.


2021 Yermin Mercedes MLB Topps NOW Auto RC #21A

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The 2021 Yermin Mercedes MLB Topps NOW Auto RC #21A has the same image and layout as the #21B parallel.

It features the Topps NOW clock hands logo, but this version does not have a colored background. It features an unfiltered image of Mercedes completing his home run trot.

“Topps NOW cards are definitely testing a novel concept. The long-term value of in-season, moment-specific cards is still somewhat unproven.”

However, you don’t have many choices when it comes to Yermin Mercedes rookie cards. The Topps NOW RCs are lower-cost options if you don’t want to pony up for the Topps Series 1.


Yermin Mercedes Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2021 Yermin Mercedes Terminator Topps Now MLB Rookie Card #52
  • 2021 Yermin Mercedes Topps from 1992 Bowman Throw Back Thursday RC
  • 2021 Yermin Mercedes MLB Topps NOW Auto RC #21B
  • 2021 Yermin Mercedes Topps Series 1 70 Years of Baseball Auto RC #70YA-YM


Yermin Mercedes Rookie Card Value

A Mike Trout rookie card can sell for more than $200,000. Even cards of unproven top prospects like Adley Rutschman command $10,000 or more.

When you consider this, you might see Yermin Mercedes’ rookie cards as a high-value investment. They’re certainly not expensive by MLB rookie card standards.

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Regardless of what Mercedes’ future holds, you’re not risking much by investing in one or more of his rookie cards. It’s a potential low-risk, high-reward proposition.

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Investment Outlook

Players like Yermin Mercedes appear to defy explanation. Quite frankly, a 28-year-old rookie sensation is generally considered an oxymoron.

And yet, the 28-year-old former minor league journeyman has shown the ability to Major League pitching apart. He hit a 485-foot home run, for Bonds’ sake!

So why did it take him so long to get to the Majors? This is a question that you have to consider before investing in a Yermin Mercedes rookie card.

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Careers take time to unfold. If Mercedes becomes a cornerstone for the White Sox organization, then his rookie cards could become prime buy-low, sell-high investments.

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