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Job details

As a Gold Card writer, you will be the creator of blog posts and be responsible for doing research on the topic we provide you (i.e. Best Tom Brady Rookie Cards).
We’ll give you the keywords to write about, approximate word count, and any other relevant information.

Ideal Writer

Your ability to do research and write on topics related to sports card investing, buying, and selling is outstanding.
You can write, create content that is unique while there are still thousands of articles out there on the same topic. You know how to write conversational/informative copy.
You know how to use WordPress editor and edit for on page seo (this is a must).
You know how to write SEO friendly blog posts.
You know images are important for our posts and know how to upload them, and add alt tags.
You are friendly, easy going BUT know to get the job done
You don’t email wall of texts… J/K or are we 🙂
You must be familair with online resources related to sports card buying/selling and how to obtain information in regards to any given card
You are willing to join for a long term and become part of the Gold Card Auctions Family

Ready to apply?

Send an email entitled “JOB” to jobs@goldcardauctions.com
Include any relevant information that will help you land this job along with how much you would charge for each article or what you charge per word.
If you sound like the person we’re looking for, we’ll let you know within 7 days.
Thanks for checking us out!

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