Wander Franco Rookie Card – Best Cards and Investment Report (#WanderDRIP)


Wander Franco Rookie CardWander Franco is the top prospect in the Tampa Bay Rays organization and has more talent at the age of 18 than Vlad Jr. had in his little toe.

When he signed in 2017 he was rated as the top international prospect (Dominican Republic) at the time.

Scouting grades: Hit: 70 | Power: 55 | Run: 60 | Arm: 55 | Field: 50 | Overall: 65

UPDATE! As of 7/6/2019, Mr. Franco is ranked by MLB as the games number one prospect!

Buy a few of his rookie cards and thank us in 20 years! 🙂

Franco has been ranked by MLB.com as the top prospect in the Rays organization for the past two years (2018 and 2019).

When he was signed in 2017, Franco immediately became the Rays eighth-ranked prospect.

It is understandable that his cards are a hot commodity right now.

Franco is being looked at as the next best international prospect in the league and could join the likes of Juan Soto (Washington Nationals) and Ronald Acuna, Jr. (Atlanta Braves) as the next international prospect to make his Major League debut as a teenager.

Below you will find the top five Wander Franco rookie cards.

2019 Bowman Chrome Wander Franco Rookie Card(Auto and Refractors)

Bowman Chrome Baseball cards dive deeper into the game’s best prospects more so than any other trading card company.

Wander Franco Rookie Card


The 2019 Wander Franco Bowman Chrome RC will surely be looked at as his most popular and possibly most valuable (depending on the version) of all of his rookie cards.

Wander Franco is rounding the bases after what we are assuming was a monster home run in this Bowman Chrome card.

The 2019 Wander Franco Bowman Chrome rookie card a must-have for any collector.

2019 Bowman Sterling Prospect Gold/Blue/Orange Refractor

With the Wander Franco Bowman Sterling Prospects, you will get a nice high-end autograph card that should be around $1,000 (the Blue refractor auto will likely be above $1,000 but the Gold and Orange should be around $1,000… for now).

wander franco Bowman Sterling Prospect

The card features Wander in mid-stance in what we can assume to be a home run ball… incoming!

The back of the card simply reads “CONGRATULATIONS, you have just received an autograph card of Wander Franco”.

This guy is a better prospect than Vlad Jr. (yea we went there).


WANDER FRANCO SUPERFRACTOR AUTO 1/1!! 2018 Panini Donruss Elite Extra SSP RC

The Superfractor Auto 1/1 2018 Panini Donruss Elite Extra SSP RC.

The picture of Franco features the Rays road gray uniform with him standing batting left-handed at the plate.

His name is autographed across the bottom right frame of the card with his name and Tampa Bay Rays at the bottom.

Wander Franco 2019 Donruss Autograph Auto Jumbo Patch Rookie Rays Rpa Gold

Wander Franco best rookie card

The 2019 Donruss Autograph Auto Jumbo Patch Rookie Rpa Gold card of Wander Franco, who has yet to make his Major League debut.

This card has a patch of Franco’s uniform on the front of it which cuts out a portion of his body while he is in the middle of a swing.

Franco’s autograph is at the bottom of the card in blue pen.

2018 Panini Elite Extra Wander Franco Rookie Patch Auto /25 Autograph SSP Rays

If you are looking for another patch card, the 2018 Panini Elite Extra Wander Franco Rookie SSP card is your best bet. Franco is pictured in the middle of a throw from shortstop with a patch of his uniform on the front.

His autograph, in blue ink, is at the bottom left of the card.

2018 Panini Elite Extra Edition – [Base] – Autographs Printing Plate Yellow

The 2019 Panini Elite Extra Edition with Franco’s autograph in plate yellow is a collector’s dream. This card will hold its value for years to come.

The yellow plate makes the card look like a print negative, as there is no other color on the card.

Franco is standing at the plate in the left-handed hitters’ batter’s box with his autograph in blue ink.

2018 Panini Elite Extra Edition – [Base] – Autographs Emerald #67 – Wander Franco /25

Looking for good value, but aren’t willing to pay as much as some of the other cards on this list?

The 2018 Panini Elite Extra Edition, Wander Franco Emerald #67 is a great option to add to your collection of cards.

There is more color on this card compared to the yellow plate at number four on this list, but it still has that faded look.

Franco’s autograph is located at the bottom right and is in blue ink.

Wander Franco Rookie Card Value?

Franco rookie cards (like many prospects) can range greatly in value.

Some Wander Franco cards can go for a few dollars while the 2019 Bowman Chrome Wander Franco Superfractor Autograph sold somewhere between $60,000 and $100,000 according to people close to the sale.

We wouldn’t go cheap on Wander cards but wouldn’t pay thousands either.

Investing in a few Wander Franco Bowman Chrome refractors or autos would be a smart play.

Have you purchased any high-value Franco rookie cards? Post in the comment section!

Wander Franco Rookie Card Investment Report

Now is the time to start hoarding Wander Franco rookie cards as it is very likely they will only increase in value in the run-up to his MLB debut (which is expected to be sometime in May of 2020).

Look for the release of the Bowman Chrome Wander Franco Rookie Card to be released on or around 4/17/2019.

Wander Franco Minor League Stats:

wander franco stats



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