Have We Lost Faith In Vladimir Guerrero Jr. RCs?


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2019 topps baseball cards series 2 vladimir guerrero jr. card with no number

At one point in time, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s rookie cards were thought to be an easy money play as he was a can’t-miss prospect, the type of player that doesn’t come around very often.

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Since then the results have been mixed and Guerrero Jr. has largely failed to live up to the lofty expectations placed upon him and the value of his rookie cards has dipped. The prices did totally collapse, however, but are down a good amount.

The immense pressure and expectations can weigh down on a young kid, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that their games have flaws. The media hype and frenzy can distract from the issues in a hot prospects game and make them seem like the next coming of Babe Ruth.

On the other hand, Guerrero Jr. does pass the eye test and when he shows flashes of putting it all together it’s quite tantalizing.

This season marks a big one for the Canadian-born slugger as it will either be the one where he puts it all together or the one where he’s labeled a disappointment.

For investors in the sports card industry, Guerrero Jr. is at an intriguing point in his career where his cards are at a relatively low price compared to his potential. His Topps Series 2 NNO rookie card is the Vladimir Guerrero Jr. card to own out of all the options and is worth a strong look at as the returns could be astronomical.

Comparing it to similar cards of past breakout candidates, this opportunity may be too good to pass up (but Vlad Jr. could be in fact a dud and you could also lose it all if he sucks, so please do not jump in unless you’re OK with losing it all).


Top Vladdy Jr. Rookie Card: Topps Series 2 NNO RC

This card has managed to stand out from the pack in terms of Guerrero Jr. rookie cards and has emerged as the one to own despite the large variety of options.

The card pictures Vladdy following through on a big swing, eyes pointed towards the sky as he watches the trajectory of the ball after it has left his bat. Topps rookie cards are some of the most coveted in the industry and the strong brand helps the card’s value.

This card had a short print run but is missing card numbers so the exact number of copies is unknown.

vladimir guerrero jr no number card
As you can see the number is missing in the top right-hand corner.

This short print run card can be compared to the Ronald Acuna Jr. Topps Bat Down SP card. When Acuna Jr. took his game to the next level, that card saw its price explode around 300% over a year’s time. If Guerrero Jr. can experience a similar rise then this card’s value could see a similar rise.


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. MLB Performance Thus Far

Guerrero Jr. has now played two MLB seasons, though one was cut short due to COVID-19, and the results have been less than spectacular, to say the least. He has yet to hit .300 over the course of a season and only reached fifteen home runs as a rookie.

With the powerful explosion that continues to happen across the sport, more is expected out of the young slugger as we see other young players thrive at the plate. Guerrero Jr. has also played some first base in the past year to lower his defensive responsibilities at third base was thought to be a bit too demanding.

There are reasons to believe that Vlad Jr. will turn it around as his fly-ball rate has been low compared to his peers through his first two years. As he manages to raise this number he should see more balls start to leave the park instead of turning into ground-outs and fly-balls.


What Lies Ahead: A Make or Break Season

The important thing to remember is that Guerrero Jr. is still only twenty-one years of age. Every prospect develops at different speeds and at twenty-one many baseball players have not even reached the majors yet.

Still, there is an expectation that Guerrero Jr. put it all together due to his gifts and talents. He’s not an average prospect, and this year ahead stands to be huge in regards to how people perceive him and in how it affects the value of his rookie cards. If he lays another egg or has another average season collectors will begin to think that this is who he is.

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2021 is either the year that Vladdy takes the next step towards becoming a superstar or the one where it’s going to be accepted that everyone was a little too optimistic about what he brought to the table.

Acuna Jr. took a step towards superstardom and hit 40 home runs and Guerrero Jr. will need to do something similar.

We think he is going to take that leap this year, and if he does you’re going to want to be holding onto at least one of these Topps Series 2 NNO Rookie Cards as their value could explode.

If makes the jump that we expect him to (but that’s a large if) his cards could see gains of around 300% over the next year. There are not many investment opportunities that offer that type of upside in that period of time, no matter if you’re discussing sports cards or not.

If he continues his pedestrian play, or even just shows us that he’s going to be a good player but not a star, the return on investment will be much lower and the value of the card could possibly tank. We predict that the investment could fall by as much as 75% so understanding that this is a risky investment before entering is crucial.


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Investment Outlook

As mentioned above, we believe in Guerrero Jr.’s ability to play and his raw hitting tools are too good to ignore. The opportunity that this Topps Series Two rookie card offers is very enticing and for that reason, we think that if you’re a believer like us you should have at least one of these if not more in your collection.

While all Vladdy Jr. cards will see a bump, we think it will be the Topps Series Two NNO RC that sees the huge gains that can multiply your money quickly. The limited nature of the card makes it a very attractive investment option.

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Even better than holding one of these cards in your collection would be getting your hands on multiple copies as the larger investment would equal massive reward if the price moves the way we expect it to.

Be warned, this investment isn’t for the faint of heart as while the potential gains are astronomical, the potential downside is quite large as well. This isn’t an investment to go all-in on if you cannot afford the potential losses.

These short print Topps cards have shown an ability to skyrocket in price in the past and there’s historical evidence as to why a Guerrero Jr. card could do the same. If he can succeed in a similar way to Acuna Jr., we have a blueprint for the rise his cards will see.

For us, we believe in Vlad Jr. and think he could make the all-star game this season as he hits for both power and average. This big season will propel him towards superstardom and all the glory that accompanies it and the Vlad Jr. Topps No Number Rookie Card value will reflect this meteoric leap. If it happens, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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