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topps redemption expired

Topps Redemption Review

The Topps Redemption process is a walk in the park when compared to Panini Redemption.

Not only have we never had a Topps card take more than 3 months but the online redemption process is super easy and takes less than 30 seconds to submit a redemption.

There is one issue we would like to see rectified with the service… keep reading to find out.


Topps Redemption Guide (with screenshots!)

If you were lucky enough to receive a Topps redemption card and are a first time user, please see the instructions below to register and submit the redemption.

Let’s take a look at how simple the Topps Redemption process actually is.

The registration process should only take a few minutes to complete. Once registered, simply click on the “redemption tab”… see screenshots below…


topps redemption account

Register for a Topps Redemption Account


topps redemption link

Provide required information


topps redemption code

Enter your redemption code

How To Redeem from Topps

Here are the official instructions from Topps on how to begin the redemption process.

To activate your redemption account(s) in, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Signup for a account or log into your current account (Please click on the “Log In” link located in the upper right-hand corner)
  2. Click on the REDEMPTION link on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Follow instructions. You will be required to create a account (or use an existing account) to merge your open redemptions accounts into one.


Topps Redemption User Reviews

We asked the Gold Card Auction Facebook Followers to provide us a review of their Topps Redemption experience… here is what we received!

Topps make the redemption process easier than a Sunday morning in April… I submitted my code and less than 4 weeks later had my card in the mail.” – Danny W.

Can’t say it was lightning quick but we received the card in about 9 weeks… 8 out of 10” – David N.

Card redemption can be a tricky thing and I prefer to just receive the card in the pack but I do understand why trading card companies would like to be more careful with their high-end auto card that are worth $1,000 or more… having said that the Topps Redemption process is fairly easy and hassle-free.” Lee B.


Topps Redemption Report

Here are the reports from 2020…

  • Redemption Report 3.13.20
  • Redemption Report 3.9.20
  • Redemption Report 2.10.20
  • Redemption Report 1.27.20
  • Redemption Report 1.21.20
  • Redemption Report 1.6.20

To see a complete list please visit


Our Review

The Topps Redemption process is easy and the cards arrive quickly.

One issue we would like resolved is the availability of higher-end cards… not to say the Topps Redemption cards are low-end but we would like to see some real high-end stuff as you see over at Panini Redemptions… we’re talking cards worth $5k or more… if your reading, Topps, please hook us up with those. 🙂

Other than the lack of SUPER HIGH-END cards there is not much else to complain about!

We give the Topps redemption process a Roger Ebert two thumbs way up.

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Topps Redemption Customer Service

  • Phone: 1-800-489-9149
  • Email:
  • Topps Redemption Address: Topps Redemption Cards, 2300 Stafford Avenue, Suite 800, Scranton, PA 18508
  • Topps Redemption Account Creation:


Common Issues and Questions

My Topps redemption card expired… now what?

If your Topps redemption card expired, according to their official statement… you are out of luck… BUT, we have heard a few tales of customers calling in and telling a sob story to receive a replacement… keep in mind, this may or may not work.

What condition of the card does Topps guarantee?

They attempt to provide PSA 10’s but more often that is not the case in our experience.

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Their official statement is they guarantee a minimum of PSA 8 (NM-MT). So if you get a card graded and it comes back less than PSA 8 send that bird back to Topps to get a new card issued.

Can I request another player/card?

You are allowed to request another player but Topps does not guarantee you will receive the requested player.

Where to send Topps redemption cards that don’t meet their standards?

Send the card to The Topps Company, Inc. 2300 Stafford Ave. Suite 800 Scranton, PA 18505 ATTN: Consumer Relations.

Please be sure to include the following within the mailing:

  • missing hit/damage claim form (Topps damage form)
  • a letter of explanation
  • copy of the receipt from the store in which you purchased the cards
  • pack wrappers
  • proof of purchase (UPC code found on the bottom of the box)

In the letter of explanation just provide a short summary of the situation. For example, if the card arrived severely damaged then state that in the letter… if the card did not seem damaged but received a PSA grade less than PSA 8 in the grading process, explain that in your summary… just be honest and you will be fine.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for a replacement card to arrive.

Topps also suggest you provide padding to help protect the card via the shipping process.


Example of a Topps Redemption

Here is what the card will look like when it arrives from Topps.

pete alonso topps redemption



If you have any questions about the Topps Redemption process please call them at 1-800-489-9149 Monday to Thursday from 9 AM – 4 PM EST… OR email us at or DM us on the Gold Card Auctions Facebook page and we will attempt to help.

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