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topps bunt baseball

While blending baseball history with modern technology’s convenience, Topps BUNT serves as a modern-day box score to collect and trade digital baseball cards.


The inception of Topps BUNT has created new ways for baseball fans and collectors to feel connected to baseball in the digital era. 


What is Topps Digital?

Topps Digital was released in 2012, which launched mobile apps for smartphones focused on baseball and football. Initially catered towards kids, Topps Digital has reached massive audiences of all ages, from sports to entertainment.

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While Topps initially released Topps BUNT, the company has since released diverse collecting platforms, including NFL HUDDLE, NHL SKATE, Disney Collect!, and MARVEL Collect!. Topps Digital continues to digitize sports and entertainment collectibles while growing the sports and entertainment collecting hobby.

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The Unveiling of Topps BUNT

Topps BUNT unites the long-standing history of baseball card collecting with a sense of fantasy baseball. Topps BUNT gives collectors their unique interactive platform to establish and improve their collection through the app.

The digital platform provides collectors the traditional taste of baseball card collecting, where you can decide to collect cards of your favorite player, team or choose to complete sets.

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Topps BUNT presents the space to collects thousands of Topps Major League Baseball collectibles. These collectibles range from original artwork to vintage Topps designs and digital autographs.

On the platform, you have the ability to engage however you choose. While some may prefer to complete sets to earn collectibles, others may enjoy trading with other collectors while building camaraderie through baseball card collecting.

With Topps BUNT, you can consolidate cards in your collection to obtain more rare collectible cards. The platform also allows collectors to view how many people possess any particular card, giving collectors the knowledge to value their collection and assist with trading with fellow collectors who seek to build collections of their own.


Topps BUNT Cards Value?

Topps BUNT cards possess real money value based on the popularity and rarity of the cards set. For the most part, the majority of the highest valued cards in Topps BUNT are signature cards, though there are inserts that can be more valuable than signature cards.

“While building up your collection, you will encounter base cards, parallel cards, and signature cards”

While assessing your Topps BUNT cards’ value, you should grasp that each card released through the platform has different odds of obtaining it.

Additionally, each pack is set at a different price point, and the distinctive number of cards in circulation also impacts your cards’ worth.

Topps BUNT offers the ability to purchase better odds at winning fantasy games by spending more money on packs that contain higher scoring cards.

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Topps BUNT also rewards collectors for completing entire sets on the digital platform in addition to purchasing packs that offer better odds of receiving more valuable cards.


How to Purchase Topps Bunt Credits

Topps BUNT is entirely free to play, though the app offers in-app purchases that benefit collectors to obtain more valuable and rarer cards.
The app offers free coins on a daily basis, though packs of cards can be acquired through the app while using coins.
Coins are the monetary value across Topps Digital platforms, which enable you to obtain packs, including entering fantasy baseball contests.
The bundle of coins for purchase range from $0.99 for 10,000 coins to $99.99 for 900,000 coins.


Topps BUNT Fantasy Contests

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of Topps BUNT, the platform presents the ability to set your lineup of players using the cards in your collection while competing versus other collectors.

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The Topps BUNT fantasy platform allows collectors to edit their lineups until the first pitch through daily, weekly, monthly, or season-long contests. 

Through these fantasy contests, you can track player performance and earn prizes based on the outcome of your matchups. Topps BUNT brings your card collection to life while earning points based on your collection’s players’ on-field performance. 


Topps BUNT: Should I Give It A Try?

Topps BUNT offers numerous features that are attractive to the world of baseball card collecting. In this digital age of sports cards, Topps BUNT gives collectors the ease of tracking your collection through the app while offering the capability of trading cards with anyone in the world.

Sportscard collectors now can receive new cards every day while having access to compose wish lists and trade lists while connecting to other baseball card enthusiasts.

  • Topps BUNT also enables users to trade in their cards to receive more limited cards consistently.
  • You can choose to solely accumulate free coins while using Topps BUNT, while others utilize in-app purchases to grow their collections actively.
  • Using daily coins, mystery boxes, and spinning the wheel every hour, with the addition of entering free contests, it is not required to spend any money through the app.
  • One of Topps BUNT’s most significant perks is your ability to carry your entire baseball card collection with you.
  • This new and engaging platform in the baseball card collecting world also allows you to interact with fellow hobbyists while also competing in fantasy-style contests.
  • Like conventional baseball cards, Topps BUNT also features live signatures, which the players themselves digitally signed.

With traditional baseball cards, the back of the card is set in stone. However, with Topps BUNT, after each baseball game, the backs of your players’ cards are updated in real-time, which gives insight into how players are performing on a daily basis.

Topps BUNT continues to present beautifully rendered cards that provide endless variants and designs of cards that continue to keep baseball collectors intrigued. Using inserts, parallels, and signature cards, Topps BUNT keeps collecting baseball cards natural and traditional.

The Topps BUNT platform offers baseball card collectors immediate gratification while limiting the necessity for binders and boxes of baseball cards. Through digital baseball card collecting, the speed of the release of cards is instantaneous, which is different than traditional baseball cards, created months in advance before its release.

Topps BUNT is also positive for the physical card market. The platform has brought exposure to baseball card collecting, which has invigorated new baseball card collectors and those arriving back to the hobby.


Topps Bunt Redeemable Card Meaning

topps bunt redeemable card meaning

Topps BUNT includes a section on the screen that reads “redeemable”. That does not mean the card is actually redeemable for a physical item.

It simply means to exchange the card in question for another virtual card.


Topps Bunt Support


Topps BUNT: Investment Outlook

Traditional Baseball cards are both physical and historical, though we have entered into the digital age, which has connected baseball card collectors around the world. Through the use of fantasy contest gameplay, Topps BUNT provides an experience for baseball fans and collectors to appreciate baseball in a brand-new direction.

Since the release of Topps Digital in 2012, the sports and entertainment worlds have meshed and opened the door to collecting more than just baseball cards to broaden the collecting experience. 

While Topps BUNT was released in 2012, the world of sports card collecting has continued to see advancements in the present digital world, such as the concept of non-fungible tokens, which has exploded onto the scene in the basketball community.

As technology continues to evolve, Topps BUNT will continue to offer original and unique features that will continue to present baseball card collectors an innovative stage for the growth of their baseball card collections.


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