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The Ringer Sports Cards Nonsense

The Ringer has stepped up their game in 2021, following the release of a new podcast fronted by Mike Gioseffi and Jesse Gibson. ‘Sports Cards Nonsense’ is the name, and it’s available every Tuesday and Friday for free on Spotify and various other online platforms.

Listen to Sports Cards Nonsense on The Ringer (via YouTube)

Is it worth your time, and what can you expect from a new entrant in the collectible hobby landscape? Let’s take a quick dive into it.


The Ringer: Sports Cards Nonsense 

What does Sports Cards Nonsense have to offer to the average listener? As they explain;

“The sports card market is booming, and The Ringer’s newest show, ‘Sports Cards Nonsense,’ is here to tell you which cards to buy, which to sell, and how current sports events and trends are shaping the business’s landscape.” 

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In practice, it’s a small launch, and they’re hoping to build up a natural audience while relying on existing fans from the Ringer to bump up numbers for now.

It’s a good watch/listen if you’re just starting out in the hobby or have been a long time sports card collector, either way, there is something for everyone. 

Gioseffi and Gibson know a lot about the market, and in particular, Mike Gioseffi seems pretty sharp as we found ourselves nodding our head in agreement with him more than a few times.


Sports Cards Nonsense: Summary 

It might not be the most in-depth look at the market, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction and is our favorite podcast in relation to sportscards going (by far).

You’ll be able to check out the first episode now, where they discuss ‘where the NFL card market stands as the Super Bowl nears, how the MLB Hall of Fame announcements affect the card market, and which NBA players are buys or sells for the 2021 season.

Listen to (or watch) the first Sports Card Nonsense Episode

The episode isn’t especially long with a runtime of just over half an hour, and there’s good scope for improvement in the future. Production values are sure to increase, and there’s always an abundance of topics to talk about when it comes to collectible cards. 

In closing Sports Cards Nonsense on The Ringer is another indication of the growing interest in collectible cards, as well as the hobby itself, it has something to offer for both the hobbyist who is new to card collecting and the old season veteran who wants another opinion (besides their own lol)… Sports Cards Nonsense is definitely worth a listen or watch.


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