Teemu Selanne Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards, Value, and Investment Outlook


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Teemu Selanne Rookie Card

Teemu Selanne (07/03/70) is a former winger who spent 21 seasons in the NHL. Known as ‘The Finnish Flash’, he played for the Winnipeg Jets, Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks, and the Colorado Avalanche respectively. 

A Stanley Cup winner in 2007, he still holds a number of franchise records for Anaheim, including the most goals in a single season, and the NHL record for the most goals and points by a rookie back in 92/93.

Teemu Selanne Rookie Stats: Teemu had a mind-blowing 76 goals as a rookie to go along with 56 assists for a total of 132 points… WOW, no wonder he won rookie of the year.

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Here’s the lowdown on Selanne’s best rookie card options, with a couple of top choices to go along with an investment outlook looking at the next few years.

The Top Teemu Selanne Rookie Cards

Selanne has just one rookie card to keep an eye out for. (Well, there are two, but one is a variation of the other!) 


1991 Teemu Selanne Upper Deck RC #21

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Teemu Selanne Upper Deck Rookie Card

The original Selanne RC was released during the 1991-92 season. The player is featured in his Finland international kit while on the ice, as he was taking part in the Canada Cup tournament at the time.

An Upper Deck release, the action shot takes up the majority of the card, with a name, UD logo, and his position (Right Wing) located on the top borderline.

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1991 Teemu Selanne Upper Deck French RC #21

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Teemu Selanne Rookie Card

It’s pretty much the same card as before, with a major difference if you take the time to look a little closer. 

It earns the ‘French’ moniker as it lists his position as; “Ailier droit”, which translates to “Right Wing.” Like the base Upper Deck version, there’s no autograph to speak of, although many cards have been signed by the player in the following years.

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1992 Teemu Selanne Parkhurst Emerald Ice RC #209

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teemu selanne rookie card parkhurst

As far as the 1992 Teemu Selanne Parkhurst rookie card goes it depends on what collector you ask… some collectors consider it a rookie card some consider it a second-year card… we are considering it a rookie card as it states “Calder Candidate” on it.

Also to note on the Selanne Parkhurst rookie card comes in two versions; base and Emerald Ice.

The Emerald Ice is slightly rarer than the base and can be recognized by the Emerald Green shiny-looking Parkhurst Logo in the bottom left-hand corner of the card.


Teemu Selanne Rookie Card Checklist

Teemu Selanne Rookie Card Checklist

  • 1991 Upper Deck Teemu Selanne RC #21
  • 1991 French Upper Deck Teemu Selanne RC #21
  • 1992 Parkhurst Teemu Selanne Rookie Card #209
  • 1992 Parkhurst Emeral Ice Teemu Selanne RC #209
  • 1992 Pinnacle Score Rookie Teemu Selanne RC #406


Teemu Selanne Rookie Card Value

Teemu Selanne Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Teemu Selanne rookie card ever sold (or from what we have seen) was a 1991-92 French Upper Deck Rookie Card graded BGS 10 Pristine Black Label. This card sold for $1,051 on 5/26/2020.

Teemu Selanne’s most affordable rookie card i.e. least expensive? Check out the 1992 Pinnacle Score Teemu Selanne RC #406 as it can literally be purchased for a few dollars.

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Teemu Selanne Rookie Card: Buyers Guide and Investment Advice

Selanne is 12th in the all-time list of goal scorers in the NHL, although he’s still over 200 behind the likes of the legendary Wayne Gretzky. Regardless, his cards are well-valued by collectors in the hobby, who understands his role as one of the best goal scorers of his generation.

In the present day, Selanne owns a restaurant in Laguna Beach, while his son Eetu plays hockey and is seen as a decent prospect heading into 2020. Selanne Sr. is a hero in both Anaheim and Finland, so you’d expect his cards to be slightly more expensive. 

In fact, almost everything points to his collectibles being underpriced, especially considering his records, many of which are still held to this day. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why they’re fairly cheap. 

His cards were released in an era in which the average RC was vastly overproduced, so it’s possible to add a trio of PSA 10’s to your collection today and still have changed from a $100 bill. Despite there only being one card to pick up, the supply simply outweighs the demand.

Considering the low prices, his cards could see some movement in the proceeding years, although it’s hard to see them ramping up drastically. Selanne’s RCs are a safe investment, but you could find a better ROI by looking at more recent options. 

Investment Rating: BUY

Ownership Disclosure: None


CTA – Selanne’s RCs might not be able to match the likes of Gretzky or Ozzie Smith, while they’re a world away from the Honus Wagner T206. Regardless, it’s a chance for any Ducks fan to pick up the mightiest of their former players for a great price. 

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  1. I have a Selanne Rookie card that you guys don’t have listed wish I could upload a photo but it’s a 92 upper deck pretty sure it says Gordy Howe Selects Teemu Selanne Winnipeg Jets . Then it goes on to talk about His rookie year and saying Teemu has made it clear he wants the Calder and we all know what the Calder is lol. Hope to hear back . James White


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