T206 Baseball Cards: The Great Chase

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gold card auctions t206 the great chase


To own every T206 Baseball Card.


Time Frame:



How Many Cards Owned Currently:

12 (twelve)



Safety Deposit Box


Owned T206 Cards:

Ty Cobb Green

Ty Cobb Red

Frank Smith Sweet Caporal Chicago, White Cap SGC 2

Lefty Leifield (Batting) Sweet Caporal SGC 2

Lou Fiene Sweet Corporal (Portrait) SGC 2

Harry Steinfeldt Sweet Caporal (With Bat) SGC 2

Bill Clancy T206 Piedmont PSA 2

Danny Murphy Sweet Caporal (Batting) SGC 2

Fielder Jones Sweet Caporal (Portrait) SGC 2

Oscar Stanage Sweet Caporal SGC 2

Frank LaPorte Polar Bear PSA 1

Harry McIntyre Sweet Caporal Brooklyn & Chicago SGC 2

t206 baseball cards gold card auctionsgold card auctions t206 baseball cards


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T206 Honus Wagner Baseball Card?

Nope. (read more about the T206 Honus Wagner card)


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