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Steve Nash (02/07/74) is a decorated retired point guard who is the current head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. An eight-time All-Star and a seven-time All-NBA selection, the Hall of Famer were a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player while playing for the Phoenix Suns.

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We’re taking the time to look at three of the best Steve Nash rookie cards and advice if you’re looking at long-term investments.

Steve Nash’s rookie year stats: 65 games, two games started, 3.3 points per game, 2.1 assists per game

Nash’s RCs hail from 1996, so there are several solid options to choose from. Another bonus is showing the point guard in his Suns uniform since he is best known for two stints with the franchise.


1996 Steve Nash Topps Chrome RC #182

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The undisputed king of Nash collectibles has to be his 1996-97 Topps Chrome RC. The action shot takes up most of the focus as he dribbles along with the court with a ball in one hand. 

It features a simple chrome finish with no hard border and a tiny Topps logo in the top left corner. His name is displayed in gold chrome at the bottom, and Nash is wearing his white Sun jersey. Keep an eye out for Refractor versions, which charge a high fee when looking at pristine copies.


1996 Steve Nash Bowman’s Best RC #R18

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Next up is the 1996 Bowman’s Best RC. A colorful card shows a little more age than the card seen above. There’s a vintage Bowman logo in the top corner, while the action shot of Nash also sees Allen Iverson in the background.

Refractor parallels always do well at auction, while the same is true for the very limited Atomic Refractor. It’s not as popular as the Topps Chrome card, but it’s another worthy RC if looking at PSA 10 copies.


1996 Steve Nash Upper Deck Rookie Card #280

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The Steve Nash Upper Deck rookie card is one of the more popular of his rookie cards and super affordable, even at high grades. Numbered #280, the UD RC features Nash taking a slapstick with a hockey stick but with a twist as a basketball is used instead of the traditional NHL hockey puck. A cool-looking card with a nice-looking price tag.


1996 Steve Nash Skybox Premium Autographics RC #58

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The final Nash RC contains an on-card auto that helps it to stand out from the crowd. Another product of its time, the Skybox Premium Autographics card features the player in a stiff pose and a bad suit. The auto is in the top left corner, placed vertically rather than horizontally. While most are signed in black, the rare blue ink card is supposedly limited to only 100 copies. It’s one of his more exciting cards and is the most affordable RC to make a list.


Steve Nash Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Steve Nash rookie cards are the 1996 Topps Chrome Steve Nash RC #182 followed by the 1996 Bowman’s Best Steve Nash RC #R18.

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  • 1996 Upper Deck Steve Nash RC #280
  • 1996 Skybox Premium Autographics Steve Nash RC #58
  • 1996 Steve Nash Upper Deck #280
  • 1996 Bowman’s Best Steve Nash #R18
  • 1996 Fleer Basketball Steve Nash #239
  • 1996 Topps Chrome Steve Nash RC #182
  • 1996 Ultra Basketball Steve Nash #87
  • 1996 Upper Deck SP Steve Nash #142
  • 1996 Topps Finest Refractor Steve Nash #75
  • 1996 Flair Showcase Class Of ‘96 Steve Nash  #15
  • 1996 SP Holoviews Steve Nash  #PC30
  • 1996 Upper Deck Exclusives Steve Nash RC #R18
  • 1996 Skybox Premium Steve Nash RC #227
  • 1996 Ultra Platinum Medallion Steve Nash #P87
  • 1996 Finest Steve Nash RC #217
  • 1996 Stadium Club Rookies 1 Steve Nash #R13
  • 1996 Hoops Gold FOIL Steve Nash #21
  • 1996 Upper Deck UD3 Steve Nash #15
  • 1996 Topps Draft Redemption Steve Nash #DP15


Investment Outlook

Nash has a variety of exciting rookie cards, although you might be better placed looking elsewhere for the most valuable options.  Take his 1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems (#101) card, numbered to just 100 copies. The PMG set is one of the most iconic in the hobby, and it has to be seen as the best Nash card overall.

However, his RCs are picking up steam and showing sustained interest from collectors in the present.

25 years on from the release of his rookie cards, prices have risen dramatically. A PSA 10 copy of his Topps Chrome RC could be had for under $200 as late as 2018, while the same grade now can sell for 20 times that amount.

Nash is a true legend and a Hall of Famer who still has a chance to have an impact on the sport. He was named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for February 2021, becoming the first Nets head coach to do so since 2014. Another successful run would only make his cards more attractive from an investment perspective.

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