4 Rookie Cards That Could Double Your Money In 2021

These four rookie cards could very well, at minimum double your money in 2021-22. Some of our previous picks have a return of 500% or more. Buy these cards now and thank us later when you double your bankroll.


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Double Your Money With These Rookie Cards


double your money cards

Many savvy investors are turning to high-end rookie cards as an alternative investment option to stocks and bonds. Not only is it working but it’s working well.

Over the last few years, certain rookie cards have had an ROI passing 500% and even 1000%!

It’s much easier to predict which rookie cards have a chance of breaking out for a massive return on investment vs. any other investment vehicle (related article: best rookie cards to invest in now).

Take, for example, the 2011 Mike Trout Topps Update rookie card (see best Mike Trout RCs).

In 2018 the Trout Topps Update RC PSA 10 was selling for around $500… today, the same card, the exact grade, is going for $2,400.

double your money rookie cards

Now we are not naive enough to think this is the case with every card. In fact, 99% of cards are not worth your time.

BUT that’s why we created Gold Card Auctions… to help everyday hobbyists invest and make money in sports cards.

Rookie Cards That Could Double Your Money In 2021

With that goal in mind, here are 7 cards we think have a real shot at doubling in value in 2021.


2020 Justin Herbert Panini Prizm RC #325


We absolutely love Herbert headed into the 2021 NFL season and feel he will pick up where he left off in 2020.

The Justin Herbert Prizm base rookie card is a solid pick and should have a tremendous ROI assuming Herbert avoids a sophomore letdown.


2020 LaMelo Ball Panini Prizm RC #278


Huge upside with LaMelo.

Remember Luka Doncic’s rookie cards going into his second year vs. coming out of it?

Now we’re not saying the exact same ROI will occur with LaMelo but it could happen and he should at the minimum double in our opinion.


2020 Joe Burrow Panini Prizm RC #307


The 2020 Joe Burrow Prizm Base RC should be one of the better cards heading into the 2021 NFL season.

Other than Justin Herbert, Burrow is our top pick for NFL players.


2020 Anthony Edwards Panini Prizm RC #258


Somewhat of a sleeper pick but one that could pay off BIG TIME.

Edwards finished second in rookie of the year voting to the other basketball player in this write-up, and some NBA experts feel Edwards is a better all-around player than LaMelo.

We don’t know about all that, but Edwards should have a good to great second year and take another step forward to NBA stardom.



Rookie Cards That Could Double: Summary

If you have any questions about the cards mentioned above or need help purchasing investment-grade cards, please email us at advice@goldcardauctions.com and we will be happy to break them down with you.

Also, visit the Gold Card Auctions Facebook page to reach out or join our community of savoy card investors.


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