RJ Barrett Rookie Card Report and Investment Advice


rj barrett rookie card

RJ Barrett Jr (6/14/00) is a Canadian shooting guard who plays for the New York Knicks. Interest in his rookie cards has continued to rise after he was picked third overall in the 2019 NBA Draft.

He’s the son of former basketballer Rowan Barrett, who’s the current GM of the Canadian men’s national team. It certainly doesn’t hurt the value of his rookie cards, and neither does his association with fellow starlet Zion Williamson at Duke.

Here’s the lowdown on three of the best Barrett rookie cards to look out for.

2019-20 Panini Contenders Draft Picks RJ Barrett Autograph Card

His college draft pick is autographed, and there are various versions that differ in price and rarity. The signature itself is a simple RB, but it’s enough to raise the value of the card drastically.

RJ Barrett rookie card

The College Ticket will see at least 25-50 bids on average when it’s available at auction, so expect to compete with multiple investors and collectors if you’re determined to snag one. 

The back of the card features a roundup of his freshman season at Duke, as well as a couple of simple quotes from the man himself. Despite the bidding wars, you should be able to grab one for $200-$300.

2019-20 Prizm Draft Picks RJ Barrett Rookie Autograph Card

If the first card didn’t catch your eye, maybe the Prizm version could be the one for you. 

rj barrett prizm rookie

Popular colors include purple and green, or blue camo, with the latter coming in at roughly $200 for a good copy. Refractor cards are always popular, especially when the player is an up-and-comer like Barrett.

As with the first on our list, you can find some of the better-unsigned versions for a great price. The hyper prism shows the player in one of two images, while the back has basic info about his time at Duke University.

2019-20 Immaculate Collegiate RJ Barrett Rookie Patch Autograph Card

You’d think that the patch would make this way more expensive than the others we’ve mentioned, especially when combined with his distinctive signature on the front of the card. 

rj barrett auto rookie card

However, a good copy can be picked up for anywhere between $200-$300, making it a great choice if you want a more affordable option. 

The front shows Bennett preparing to take a shot, while the back of the card features a paragraph talking up his high school career, noting his progression to the big leagues.

RJ Barrett Rookie Card Advice

In recent weeks, Barrett posted his first career double-double in his maiden NBA victory over Chicago. He’s still struggling to hit his free-throws, but his rookie stats are otherwise impressive so far. The player has also risen to the challenge when playing point-guard, highlighting his versatility across the court.

He might not be as popular as former Duke’s teammate Zion, but Bennett is still a viable investment if you can pick up a card for the right price. His future looks bright, and his rookie cards are yet to inflate to ridiculous prices like many others. 

At the sub $200 range, there’s a number of solid choices, as well as premium editions to look out for if you’re hoping to maximize profit in the future.



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