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best reggie miller rookie cards

Reggie Miller (08/24/65) is a retired shooting guard who spent 18 seasons with the Indiana Pacers. Best known for his shooting ability, Miller was a five-time All-Star and led the league in free throw accuracy five times.

Reggie Miller Rookie Year Stats: 82 games | 10 ppg | 2.3 rebounds | 1.6 assists

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Here’s everything you could possibly need to know about Miller’s best rookie card options, as well as investment advice if you’re hoping to capitalize on nostalgic Pacers fans in the future.

Best Reggie Miller Rookie Cards 

This is an easy task, as Miller has just one rookie card, which was released in 1988-89 Fleer Basketball.


1988 Reggie Miller Fleer RC #57

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reggie miller rookie cards

As Miller’s only rookie card, it’s fair to say that the 1988 Fleer is the best option on the market! The card itself doesn’t have a great design, with a black section in the middle of the border, which dulls the overall look.

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There’s a close-up action shot of the player, with a dark stadium background. A blue and yellow section adds some color, while it lists his name and team, and matches up with the vintage Pacers kit. Fairly affordable until you begin to look at mint copies, it’s hard to do better if you’re looking at Miller’s older options. 


2003 Reggie Miller Exquisite Collection Noble Nameplates /25 RC #NN-RM

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Reggie Miller basketball card

As there’s only one Miller RC, we’ve decided to include another of his popular cards which could also make for a great investment piece. 

From the 2003 Exquisite Collection Noble Nameplates subset, the addition of a player patch and an on-card auto make this a valuable option. It has an image of Miller going for one of his customary shots, and it has a serial number which is found in the top left corner. There are no parallels, which makes it even rarer. 


Reggie Miller Rookie Card Checklist

  • 1988 Fleer RC #57


Most Expensive Reggie Miller Basketball Cards

Most Expensive Reggie Miller Basketball Cards

  • 1988 Fleer RC #57
  • 1994 Finest Cornerstone Refractor Test #CS10
  • 1997 Skybox Autographics Century Marks Autograph /100
  • 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Patch #GJ9
  • 1997 Topps Finest Embossed Refractor Die-Cut /74 #318
  • 2003 Exquisite Collection Noble Nameplates /25 RC #NN-RM


Reggie Miller Rookie Cards: Buyers Guide & Investment Advice

Investment Rating: Buy (3.4 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: None

Best Reggie Miller Rookie Card: 1988 Fleer RC #57

It’s fair to say that Miller is seen as the greatest Pacers player of all-time, and for good reason. He gave his career to the team, going on to symbolize the era for fans. He entered the Hall of Fame in 2012, and the number 31 shirt was retired by the Pacers.

Miller was one of the most prolific shooters in NBA history, and dropped eight points in 8.9 seconds vs the Knicks in a memorable display in the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals, clinching the win against improbable odds.

He currently works as a commentator, and while he might have had a few questionable takes in recent years, (such as if his career was taking place now, he’d be averaging 45 points-per-game) the shooting guard has always been known for his trash talking.

His RC is a great investment piece, and others like the Noble Nameplates show that you don’t have to stick with his original release if you’re hoping for high prices and lots of interest. 

For the best possible results, we’d hold onto the cards as a long-term investment piece, as it hasn’t even been a decade since he entered the HoF.


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