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Phil Mickelson (6/16/1970), aka Lefty, was born in San Diego, CA, and played college golf at Arizona State University. Mickelson was a beast on the golf course, even at a young age. Some even predicted Phil to have a better career than Tiger Woods when they were both coming up on the junior circuit (keyword being some).


Lefty won his first PGA Tour event in 1991 (Northern Telecom Open) and officially joined the tour as a member in 1992. Since joining the tour, Phil has piled up a mind-blowing 44 tour victories, his most recent being the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am in 2019.

Phil is undoubtedly one of the best golfers of all time, and many experts speculate how many more majors Phil would have won if Tiger wasn’t in his head for all those years.

3 Best Phil Mickelson Golf Rookie Cards

Let’s look at some of the best Phil “Lefty” Mickelson golf cards from an ROI point of view.


1. 2002 Phil Mickelson SP Game Scorecard Signature RC #SSPM


Here is the most expensive Mickelson golf card and probably the best ROI. Numbered #SSPM the card shows Phil in control after smacking the golf ball down the fairway for a 300-yard plus drive.

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His name is placed in the top right corner while his auto sets directly below his printed name. The wording “Scorecard Signatures” runs along the bottom of the card. A great long-term investment if you have the bankroll to purchase high grades.


2. 2002 Phil Mickelson SP Authentic Extra Limited Golf RC #110


The next Lefty golf card on our list comes with another autograph. The 2002 SP Authentic Extra Limited Phil Mickelson rookie card is numbered #100 and is much cheaper than the above (but you will still need a large bankroll to afford this bad boy).

The card again shows Phil looking confident as he just placed the ball within in a foot of the hole (or so we would like to believe). His name sits towards the bottom of the card, with the auto placed just above. If you can’t afford the 2002 Phil Mickelson SP Game Scorecard Signature RC #SSPM consider the 2002 SP Authentic Extra Limited.


3. 2002 Phil Mickelson Upper Deck Golf PGA Silver RC #41


We picked this card as it should be affordable for just about all hobbyists (for now) and makes for a great long-term investment as golf cards have not had much of a look as the other sports (their time will come).

Numbered #41, the card shows Lefty looking smug after a beautiful iron shot (I wouldn’t be surprised if he holed that one out). His name sets at the bottom, with the Upper Deck logo in the top right corner. No auto on this one keeps the price down. We can see the value of this card exploding as it is by far the best affordable Phil Mickelson golf rookie card.

The next 7…

  1. 2002 SP Game Used Golf Auto Signature Swings RC #SSPM
  2. 2002 SP Game Used Front 9 Fabric Autograph /100 RC #F9S-PM
  3. 2002 SP Game Scorecard Signature RC #SSPM
  4. 2002 SP Authentic Extra Limited Golf RC #100
  5. 2002 SP Front 9 Fabric Threesomes Phil Mickelson Nicklaus Garcia /50 #NMG
  6. 2002 Upper Deck Collector’s Club RC #PGA2
  7. 2002 Upper Deck Fairway Fabrics Autograph Shirt #PM-AFF


Phil Mickelson Golf Rookie Card Value

The most valuable Phil Mickelson golf card is the 2002 SP Game Scorecard Signature RC #SSPM and the 2002 Phil Mickelson SP Authentic Extra Limited Golf RC #110.

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Investment Outlook

As we previously mentioned we feel golf cards have not had their day in the sun like the other sports even though golf is just as popular and maybe more popular depending on how you measure it.

  • Investment Rating: Buy (4.7 out of 5)
  • Ownership Disclosure: None
  • Best Phil Mickelson Rookie Card: 2002 SP Game Scorecard Signature RC #SSPM (high-end ballers) and 2002 Upper Deck Golf PGA Silver RC #41 (for the masses)

We feel golf cards are an excellent buy right now and will be for the next few years before hobbyists catch up and realize golf cards are a significant investment, just like the other major sports.

When they do take off, Phil Mickelson will be one of the top cards to own as he is not only one of the best the game has seen but also one of the most beloved… FOUR!

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