Pete Alonso Topps Polar Bear 2020 Card (Super Short Print!)

Pete Alonso polar bear card

The 2020 Topps Series 1 Pete Alonso Polar Bear Variation Super Short Print Card is a must-have for Mets/Alonso fans but good luck getting your hands on it.

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Not only is it a super short print but the card will likely cost over $1,000 (up on eBay right now for BUY NOW $2,000).

We must admit we really like this card but no way on this planet are we paying $2,000 (maybe if it was a BGS Black Lable 🙂 ).

The odds of finding this elusive Pete Alonso Polar Bear Card are not known and neither is its print run (reports have it as extremely tough).

What do you think of the Alonso Topps Polar Bear card?

How much would you pay for it? Have you come across one before?… leave a comment below…

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