Pavel Bure Rookie Card – Best Cards, Value, Checklist, and Investment Outlook


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pavel bure rookie card

Pavel Bure (3/31/1971) was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks with the 113th pick (6th round) of the 1989 NHL Entry Draft.

This was the same draft that saw Mat Sundin go first overall to the Quebec Nordiques (what a great name… they don’t make them like that anymore).

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Bure played a total of 12 years in the NHL, racking up 437 goals and 343 assists (779 total points). He was a goal-scoring machine in his early days having back to back 60 goal seasons in 1992 and 93.

“Back in Da Day” I remembering trading my entire collection of Steve Avery rookie cards for his entire collection of Pavel Bure rookie cards.

Back then it seemed like I was getting one hell of a deal… now it seems more of a wash.

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Having said that looking at these Pavel Bure rookie cards brings back some good memories of a time when bills didn’t matter and the only thing you had to worry about was your bike getting a flat tire… those were the good old days!

OK enough about the good old days and let’s bring on the best Pavel Bure rookie cards for your investment portfolio.

Best Pavel Bure Rookie Cards


1990 Pavel Bure Upper Deck Young Guns RC #526

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pavel bure rookie card

Here is the first time we were introduced to the Upper Deck “Young Guns” cards (Bure and Federove were the first two). The Young Guns cards were not immediately popular with collectors but I remember getting this card back in the day and being the happiest kid in school for a solid week.

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The card is numbered #526 and features Bure in a CCCP uniform with a medal around his kneck. The reverse of the card reads “The Soviet Union’s Top Forward, Bure, played his first games for the Central Red Army in the Soviet Union League 87′-88′ at the age of just 16. He played regularly for the Red Army in 88′-89′ and was named top rookie in the Soviet League. He lead the Soviet National Junior Team to a gold medal in the 1989 World Junior Championship in Alsaka, and was selected to the tournaments, 2nd All-Star team“.

If your looking to buy the best Bure rookie card in terms of potential ROI this is your bird.


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1991 Upper Deck Hockey Pavel Bure RC #54

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pavel bure rookie card rollerblades

Collecting cards in the ’90s doesn’t get much better than Bure on rollerblades in this 1991 Upper Deck rookie card.

It’s super corny but that’s why we love it (what kid didn’t want to be Bure in this photo back in the day).

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The card is numbered #54 and the reverse reads “A veteran of the Soviet National Junior Team, Bure scored 27 goals in three IHF Junior Championships“.

This card is a must just for old time’s sake.


Pavel Bure Rookie Card Value

Pavel Bure Rookie Card Worth

The most expensive Bure rookie card is the UD Young Guns #526 (the most corny hockey card of all-time may be the 1991 Bure Upper Deck card with him sporting some fancy roller blades…face palm).

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The value of Bure rookie cards should be slightly above flat for the foreseeable future.

If you would like an estimated value of any Pavel Bure cards in your collection please email us at a minimum of two photos to


Other Key Pavel Bure Hockey Cards 

  • 1996 Upper Deck Game Jersey Pavel Bure PATCH #GJ10
  • 1999 Pavel Bure SP Authentic Sign of the Times Autograph
  • 2003 Upper Deck Toronto Fall Expo Priority Signings Autograph
  • 2013 The Cup Signature Patches Autograph Patch #SP-PB
  • 2015 UD The Cup Signature Patches Pavel Bure Logo Auto SP #4CLR
  • 2019 Leaf In The Game Used Shaq Emmitt Smith Gooden Pavel Bure Game Jersey


Pavel Bure Rookie Card Checklist

Pavel Bure Rookie Card Checklist

  • 1990 Upper Deck Young Guns Pavel Bure RC #526
  • 1991 Upper Deck Pavel Bure RC #54
  • 1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier Pavel Bure RC #67


Pavel Bure Rookie Card: Buyers Rating and Investment Outlook

Unless you’re looking to pick up a little bit of nostalgist its best to let a sleeping dog lie (we must admit however were guilty of picking up the Pavel Bure roller blade card… we couldn’t resist!)


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