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Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card

Serious investors already know that sports trading cards make great long-term investments.

Their limited nature, beautiful artwork, historical significance, and connection to pastimes beloved by hundreds of millions, makes them valuable assets.

Since investors love to debate which cards make the very best investments, we’re put together this guide to educate our readers about one of the hottest topics in sports trading cards: Patrick Mahomes rookie cards.

Why Patrick Mahomes?

In his first year as a starter, Tom Brady completed 264 passes for 18 touchdowns and 2,843 yards with a 63.9 completion percentage.

That’s pretty impressive for a young kid in his first NFL season.

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But in his first starting year, Pat Mahomes completed 383 passes for 50 touchdowns and 5,097 yards with a 66.0% completion percentage.

Blowing away the best QB to ever play the game is a pretty impressive way to start your career.

When looking at a card for investment, a player who shows clear early signs of a big career is a must.

Throwing for the second-most TDs in a single season and being named Most Valuable Player your sophomore year in the league are pretty safe signs that Mahomes has real potential for a Hall of Fame career.

Patrick Mahomes Quick Bio

Patrick Mahomes was born on 9/17/1995 in Tyler, Texas (the amount of great football players that come out of Texas is mind-blowing).

He attended Texas Tech and tossed a total of 93 touchdown passes during his 3-year career.

Not only is he a threat by air but he is a mobile beast as well. In 2019 he rushed 60 times for 272 yards (4.5 average per rush!).


Long Term Potential

Could Pat Mahomes end up with the most valuable football rookie card?

It’s possible for one big reason: Pat Mahomes entered the league at a perfect time for quarterbacks. With the NFL constantly changing its rules to favor offenses, records are going to fall left and right.

Mahomes starting his career in this era means he’ll play his whole career in an offense-friendly league.

This gives him a real shot at taking down big records like TDs and total yards held by Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. If he makes a serious charge for the record books, his rookie cards will skyrocket in value.

As the old proverb says, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second-best time is now. If you bought a Patrick Mahomes rookie card before he started his first game, congratulations, you can sell that card for a nice profit.

But you shouldn’t. You should hold onto it. To see why just look at what Tom Brady’s rookie cards are selling for.

A 2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady ROOKIE RC, PSA/DNA AUTO #144 PSA 9 MINT (PWCC) sold for $53,000 on March 24th of this year.

The lesson here: Don’t sell your rookie cards, they might be worth more than a car in 10 years. The good news is that if you haven’t invested in a Mahomes rookie card yet, it’s not too late.

Though he’s shown clear proof that his career is one to watch, many people haven’t caught on yet to exactly how special he really is.

What are the best Patrick Mahomes rookie cards to invest your hard-earned money in?

Let’s take a look…

2017 Patrick Mahomes II Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket

(Shop 2017 Panini Contenders Patrick Mahomes Cards on eBay)

A solid investment when looking for a high-end Mahomes rookie card.

Not only does this card look sick but it usually fetches the most bids out of all the Mahomes rookie cards when listed.

Patrick Mahomes Panini Contenders

The card is numbered #303 and reads “The Heir to Kanas City’s quarterback throne, Mahomes has sought the advice of NFL legends such as Donovan McNabb, Brett Farve, and Michael Vick – players who have all played under Chiefs coach Andy Reid. With so many experts in his ear, the rookie is bound to apply the lessons learned and shine“.

Pick up this card if you have the wallet for it as this card is sure to only go up in value over the years.

2017 PATRICK MAHOMES Rookie Card Panini Select Tie-Dye DIE-CUT

(Shop 2017 Panini Select Patrick Mahomes Cards on eBay)

This Panini Select 2017 Mahomes rookie card is so impressive. Aside from being very rare, it’s simply gorgeous.


The tie-dye prism color absolutely pops.

The image of a young Pat Mahomes pointing downfield gives a great feeling of action and movement.

The signature gives a real connection to the player himself. And, it’s a PSA rated Gem Mint 10. You literally can’t do any better.

This card has everything you’re looking for in a long term investment and a display piece.

2017 Contenders Cracked Ice Rookie Ticket Patrick Mahomes RC Autograph /25

(Shop 2017 Patrick Mahomes Panini Contenders Cracked Ice Cards on eBay)

This cracked ice rookie ticket card is amazing.

Of course, this card is very rare, but it has so much more to offer.

The first thing about this card that demands your attention is the silver and gold foil. It’s just stunning.

The autograph is also very large and the picture of Mahomes scrambling really blends well with the shiny background to make the card look exciting.

Overall, this card is a visual treat as well as a great investment.

2017 National Treasures Patrick Mahomes II ROOKIE RC AUTO AFC PATCH /10 #161

(Shop 2017 Patrick Mahomes National Treasures Cards on eBay)

This card exudes elegance.

It just does.

2017 National Treasures Patrick Mahomes II ROOKIE

The clean lines of the card, solid signature and the picture of Patrick Mahomes scanning the field are wonderful, but the real star here is the patch.

Any 3 color jersey insert is a massive plus for a card’s investment value, but the AFC patch is a step above in terms of rarity and quality.

This card isn’t just an investment; it’s a piece of history, a tangible part of the foundation of Patrick Mahomes’ career.

What’s not to love?

As time goes by and some of the cards in these original runs are lost or damaged, the rarity of the remaining cards will increase, and so will their value.

2017 Panini Origins Patrick Mahomes Turquoise Rookie Auto (Super Rare)

(Shop 2017 Panini Origins Patrick Mahomes Turquoise Card on eBay)

The Panini Origins has been one of our favorite card designs and the 2017 Mahomes Panini Origins definitely is one of the best (and most valuable).

The card shows Mahomes in the pocket looking to pass the old pigskin to a wideout or tight end.

Panini Origins Patrick Mahomes rookie card

There are only 10 of these cards available so consider yourself extremely lucky if you land one of these (and be prepared to pay!).

2017 Panini Flawless Silver Patrick Mahomes II RC AUTO PATCH /20

(Shop for the 2017 Panini Flawless Silver Patrick Mahomes II on eBay)

We love autograph/patch cards and the Panini Flawless Silver Patrick Mahomes II fits that bill.

Only 20 of these cards were made.

Patrick Mahomes II rookie card panini flawless

The card is numbered RP-PM and reads “During his coaching stints, Kansas City’s Andy Reid worked with strong-arm quarterbacks who specialized in improvisation, Brett Farve and Donovan McNabb. Mahomes is the next crafty signal-caller to be groomed by Reid. As a rookie learns the nuances of the game, he should transfer into a star”… boy was this card accurate!

If you can get your hands on this card… BUY IT!

Most valuable Patrick Mahomes rookie card?

Here are some of the largest dollar amounts spent on a Mahomes rookie card…

  • 2017 Playoff Contenders PATRICK MAHOMES RC SSP Cracked Ice Auto (sold for $17,999 on 5/13/2019)
  • 2017 Flawless Diamond Gems Platinum Patrick Mahomes Chiefs Rookie Card (sold for $10,850 back in July of 2019)
  • Patrick Mahomes Emerald Green Contenders 303 Only PSA 10 Rookie MVP /23 POP 1 (sold for a mind-blowing $9,999 on 7/2/2019)

More Affordable Options?

If you would like to save some money but still have a stake in a Mahomes rookie card we suggest…

  • 2017 Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Donruss Rated Rookie
  • 2017 Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Score Texas Tech card

Both of these cards are inexpensive and can be found on eBay at any time for the most part (and still make for an excellent investment!)

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patrick mahomes rookie card score

Which card would we avoid?

We are not a fan of the 2017 Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Prestige (Panini Prestige #232).

It’s just an ugly looking card in our opinion.

How much is a Patrick Mahomes rookie card worth?

The price of a Patrick Mahomes RC is all over the map.

BUT generally speaking, a high end (graded PSA 10 or BGS 9.5) will cost well over $100 and will most likely cross the $1,000 mark if it is autographed and rare.

Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Verdict

If Patrick stays on his current career trajectory (or even somewhat close) these cards will be worth a small fortune 20 years from now.

The best time to invest in a Patrick Mahomes rookie card was 2 years ago, but the second-best time is now!


Please check back as we will update this article if certain Patrick Mahomes rookie cards make a jump in value.


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