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Odell Beckham (11/5/92) is a wide receiver who plays for the Cleveland Browns.  He was the 12th pick in the 2014 Draft, where the New York Giants signed him.

He was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in his first season and made the Pro Bowl in his first three years with the Giants.

Beckham Jr. has made a name for himself as one of the most talented players in the league, even if the production doesn’t always match up. His highlight reel is among the best in the league, as he uses his insane athleticism to make tough catches.

Here are the top 3 Odell Beckham Jr. Rookie Cards for investment purposes.

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2014 Odell Beckham Jr. Panini Contenders Rookie Card #277

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The most popular Odell Beckham card at auction as of right now, there is a trio of variations which are as follows:

  • Base: ball in the left hand
  • Variation I: two hands on the ball
  • Variation II: ball in the right hand

The reverse doesn’t feature a quote, but it does have a guarantee for the on-card signature. 


2014 Odell Beckham Bowman Chrome Rookie Card #190

(buy on eBay)

The 2014 Bowman Chrome comes with a range of different editions which bump the price up;

Rookie Refractor Autographs, Blue (#/199), Bubbles (#/99), Gold (#/50), Red (#/25), X-Fractor (#/10), Prism (#/5), Printing Plates and Superfractors (1/1)

The reverse quote reads;

“There are abundant similarities between Beckham and Mike Wallace of the Dolphins, including that both hail from New Orleans. The good-sized athletes rank among the fastest receivers in the NFL, and each can make catches far down the field and escape after the catch.”


2014 Odell Beckham Bowman Sterling RC #18

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The 2014 Bowman Sterling is the most affordable card on the list, with a PSA 10 valued at roughly $50. The reverse has a Bowman Reflection, which notes; 

“Odell credits his extensive soccer background for giving him the footwork and the stamina required for “American football”. When he was 13, a soccer coach tried to get him on a U.S. junior national team, but Beckham preferred to focus on the gridiron, where he became one of the country’s top recruits”.


Honorable Mention

There were so many different Odell Beckham Jr. rookie cards made that limiting the list to just three was challenging. This one mentioned below wasn’t good enough to make our top three, but it’s still a great card for investors to look at.


2014 Odell Beckham Jr. Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Jersey #RTS-27

The Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket set is among the most popular for NFL rookie cards as investors have learned to love the unique design. This one is extra special as it also features a jersey patch in the bottom right corner.


Beckham Jr. is shown in action as he has the ball tucked under his right arm while his eyes are up, ready to scan the field for any oncoming defenders. His name is posted along the bottom of the card, and the rookie card badge is placed in the top left corner beside the team name.



  • 2014 Absolute #233 Auto Jersey #/99 
  • 2014 Black Gold #85 #/199 
  • 2014 Contenders #277 Autograph 
  • 2014 Crown Royale #214 Auto Jersey #/299 
  • 2014 Elite #175 #/499 
  • 2014 Flawless #106 Diamond #/20 
  • 2014 Hot Rookies #411 
  • 2014 Immaculate Collection #107 Auto Jersey #/99 
  • 2014 Limited #198 Auto Jersey #/99 
  • 2014 National Treasures Rookie Century Materials Signatures #311 #/99 
  • 2014 Panini Stickers #253 
  • 2014 Prestige #275 
  • 2014 Prizm #282 
  • 2014 Rookies and Stars #176 
  • 2014 Select #231 Auto Jersey 
  • 2014 Spectra #168 #/149 
  • 2014 Spectra #214 Auto Jersey #/149 
  • 2014 Totally Certified #187 
  • 2014 Bowman #8 
  • 2014 Bowman Chrome #190 
  • 2014 Bowman Sterling #18 
  • 2014 Finest #108 
  • 2014 Fire #119 
  • 2014 Five Star #FSA-OBJ Autograph 
  • 2014 Inception #31 Autograph SP
  • 2014 Museum Collection #48 
  • 2014 Platinum #117 
  • 2014 Prime #150 
  • 2014 Strata #105 
  • 2014 Supreme #97 #/162 
  • 2014 Topps #355 
  • 2014 Topps Chrome #117
  • 2014 Topps Chrome Mini #117
  • 2014 Translucent Autograph
  • 2014 Triple Threads #107 Autographed Jersey 
  • 2014 Turkey Red #60 
  • 2014 Valor #26 
  • 2014 Playbook #139 Auto Jersey #/299 


College and Prospect Cards

  • 2011 Leaf All-American Bowl #BA-OB1 
  • 2013 Exquisite Collection 2014 Rookie Autographs #ER-OB #/99 
  • 2013-14 Quantum #XRC-24 
  • 2014 Flair Showcase (Row 2 – #45, Row 1 – #119, Row 0 – #158) 
  • 2014 Leaf Metal Draft Autograph #BA-OBJ 
  • 2014 Leaf Trinity Autographs 
  • 2014 Leaf Valiant Autograph #BA-OBJ 
  • 2014 SP Authentic #227 Autographed Patch #/350 (Redemption) 
  • 2014 SPx #62 Autographed Jersey #/425 
  • 2014 Upper Deck #100, #263 (SP Hobby Variation) 



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Investment Outlook

Beckham’s talent is indisputable, but his temperament is slightly unpredictable. His switch to the Browns shocked the sports world, but he hasn’t lived up to his early promise for his current team.

We feel Baker and Odell are not winning playoff games anytime soon, and until they prove us wrong, we are not buying (in fact, we think Baker will be benched at some point this year and will become a backup and may even be out of football in a few years).


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