The Undeniable 10 Best Nintendo Games To Invest In Today

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With a couple of apps now, you can buy shares in actual vintage games that are worth a fortune where you make money when they sell in auctions.


best nintendo games investments

Nintendo has a rich gaming history of offering a multitude of unprecedented handheld and home consoles, including resale for a staggeringly high amount of money. Playing a retro Nintendo game is a rare chance to reminisce on the past. This definitive guide delivers a detailed look at how the older a Nintendo system gets, the more valuable their games eventually become in the long run.

Collecting precious pop culture pieces is not an easy hobby to try. Most of the time, it’s difficult to tell what nostalgic item will climb up in value. It’s all about having 50% luck and 50% knowledge to come into collecting vintage games. Please note that the value is not driven by the quality of the game but by its rarity. The more singularity there is, the more the price will skyrocket. Time to check your cupboards as you could be sitting on a goldmine!

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Nintendo is one of the most respected and long-lived video game companies around the world. The company has had some historical titles on their consoles that are now considered rare treasures, which are hard to come by. Generally, disc-based systems are remarkably cheap to run across. However, the older these games get, the more expensive they become. The scarcity of their cartridges can vary based on numerous things. One of which is that the game is in the original box and preferably never opened before, so its price range can soar because it’s almost as good as new.

The 10 Best Nintendo Games To Invest In Now

Regardless if they’re seen only on promotional events or released in specific locations, or didn’t make large and profitable sales upon initial release, any hardcore fan, and avid collector will be happy to have these rare gems in their collection. Here are 10 Nintendo games worth a fortune and deserve to be invited in, as they are considered niche assets or pop culture stocks. Apps such as Otis and Rally provide consumers with the opportunity to get on the new market for collectibles without emptying their wallets into a single game.


#1. The Legend of Zelda (NES)


legend of zelda nes

The Legend of Zelda debuted in 1987, and it’s one of the greatest Nintendo games of all time. It is a whimsical throwback and a true pinnacle that delves into an open-world genre. That’s the fundamental foundations and deep-rooted DNA for a solid adventure. It’s a lively world of fantasy action-adventure that’s filled with bewilderment. This longstanding franchise transcends time and space, as it ingrained in so many people’s childhoods and significantly impacted many lives. So if you come across a factory-sealed copy of the original run of the NES Legend of Zelda, then don’t miss out on purchasing it and flipping it. It is available on eBay for $3,675.10.

An honorable mention is Zelda’s legend: Breath of the Wild for Wii/Switch was only the consensus best game of 2017. The game outsold the Nintendo With itself on the launch date, making it one of the greatest Nintendo games of all time. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a true pinnacle that delves back to the open-world genre to its deep foundations and reimagines its actual DNA for a solid adventure. It’s a lively world of fantasy action-adventure that’s filled with bewilderment. This longstanding franchise transcends time and space. You can find it on eBay for $53.98. There’s a new Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 that’s set to release in 2022.


#2. Castlevania: Vampire’s Kiss (SNES)


Join the fight against evil in this Castlevania: Vampire’s Kiss or known as Dracula X in North America and Akumajou in Japan. The game is a reimagined version of the Japan-exclusive PC Engine CD-ROM title Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, Vampire’s Kiss was a venture by Konami to relocate the core game to the Super Nintendo.

It is costly in resale because of its unique part of gaming history, more so than the quality of the gameplay. Initially revealed, it didn’t become an overnight success, receive instant profit, or get immediate hype. Many critics ridiculed removing the game’s name and concept, which made the original game so engaging. The sub-par design caused many problems as it was far superior in the past and should’ve been better in the new and supposedly improved version. The game’s launch during the late lifespan of the SNES meant it didn’t sell well as it should’ve. Despite that, each original game can be resold for $300 even though it’s available on the Wii U Virtual console for practically no cash. You can find it sealed on eBay for a whopping $1,210.46.

The Castlevania Advance Collection for NES/Switch is an honorable mention, a compilation of four timeless, legendary fan-favorite Castlevania games set to revitalize an all-new enhanced gaming experience with brand new action-exploration masterpieces. There are new ‘quality of life features such as a rewind function where you can now rewind the state of the game for a few seconds for a second chance. It is almost like being resurrected. You can find it on eBay for $8.99.


#3. Super Mario Bros. 4 – (Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Switch)


super mario 4

This game is the fourth epic installment of the Super Mario Bros. series, which launched on September 13, 2020, on the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. It’s a direct sequel to Super Mario Bros 3, released 32 years prior in 1988. To rediscover this nostalgia-ridden game, Super Mario Bros. 4 is a reimagined version of the 2D Super Mario games for old school and new generations of fans. The game’s plot follows Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad. They delve into new worlds, discover new power-ups, and come across several villains, such as the infamous Goleminar Gang. If you find a sealed game, jump in on the rising elevator, as some may resale for $150,000 or more. It’s an indescribable feeling of nostalgia, derealization, and calm. Super Mario Bros. 4 is a window to a place you’ve never been before but somehow feels relatable and familiar. It is available on eBay for $70.


#4. Super Mario Bros. 5


super mario bros 5

Super Mario Bros. 5, also known as Super Wonderful Mario on its cartridge, is a carbon copy of the PAL version of Super Mario Bros. 2, launched in 1991, as indicated by its copyright year. It’s one of the most iconic Nintendo games and the highest-selling franchises of all time. The Super Mario Bros. 5 became synonymous with being super ahead of its time and revolutionized gaming history. This franchise game cemented history, making this an incredible investment opportunity. It is available on eBay for $189.


#5. Metroid Dread Vol.06


The quality of this game series is out of this world with the vibrant graphics. The game takes you to an underwater cave. It’s hard not to get sucked in for hours playing this heavenly escape. The music score is orchestral, as it is beyond calming and incredibly peaceful after a stressful day at work or a hectic day running errands. This game is exceptionally empowering, as it teaches patience and resilience in times of struggle and overcoming any difficulties one might encounter. As of now, there is no specific release date. There’s more room for a better narrative and improved gameplay. An almost sold-out Metroid Dread: Special Edition for Nintendo Switch is available on eBay for $160.

#6. Zelda II: The Adventure Link


This game redefines the Zelda II: The Adventure Link series by featuring a side-scrolling, platforming game of polarizing proportions. The new profile boasts a new way to dive into a deadly world of combat. With the added feature of pixel-button presses, professional gamers can defend themselves in the game through a series of crouches, devastating parries, and lunges. Another winning alternative is creating magical spells to turn to a bionic juggernaut that can fight a seven-nation army if needed. There’s a Nintendo exclusive of “Extended Power Play” where you can come back to where you fell off regardless of how many times you fall. This original Nintendo NES game is worth some central bank to consider if you want to make money.

#7. Mike Tyson Punch Out


“Mike Tyson Punch Out” – image source

The historical popular Nintendo game, which first debuted in 1986, was a famous arcade game. The vintage arcade game features a green, cyberpunk-style mesh figure that lets key players see punches from other opponents. Each opponent has their personality, from wimpy Glass Joe to the dynamic Mr.Sandman. The first NES version turns the play into Little Mac and lets players box with Mac as he ducks and jabs. The NES wasn’t;t as technically advanced as the arcade version, so the key players were reduced in terms of numbers and even with size by turning them into puzzles. Then they telegraphed moved and pantomime. This game is the holy grail of boxing if found sealed. Mike Tyson Punch Out is available on eBay for $500.

#8. Double Dragon 1 (NES)


“Double Dragon” – image source

If you’ve had a bad day, then it’s time to play this stress-reducing, punch-it-out carefree game that brings a surge of school memories. This game is a part of every 80s baby, the game launched in June 1987. Now, one can get past level three and introduce sons and nephews to a stellar game. You can find NES Double Dragon 1 new and sealed on eBay for $3,658.

#9. Contra (NES)


“Contra” – image source

Contra is childhood personified. The music, the bases – it’s all unforgettable! The game is a symbolic historical relic that recalls a time of old friends’ memories and overcoming levels. This game taught perseverance through the different stages. It debuted on February 20, 1987. You can find NES Contra new and sealed 1988 on eBay for $4,330.

#10. RBI Baseball (NES)


“RBI Baseball” – image source

Recall the time you spent endless hours playing RBI Baseball after school. Once you hear the music, all the memories will come back. Now you can introduce your kids and nephews to this spectacular patriotic game. You can find the 1987 NES RBI Baseball new and sealed on eBay for $499.99.

In the end, these games are historical treasures that symbolize brotherhood, friendship, and growth. It’s easy to remember all of the time spent on these classics in tournaments with friends. Regardless of how advanced games are today, it’s constantly refreshing to go back to the basics where it all started. The roots of gaming are these seeds that taught us to be competitive and strategic in our everyday life. Now, it’s time to reintroduce a whole slew generation to these unmatched games.


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