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Nick Castellanos Rookie Card

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Nick Castellanos (3/4/1992) was drafted by the Detroit Tigers with the 44th pick of the 2010 MLB June Amateur Draft. He made his MLB debut on 9/1/2013 against the Cleveland Indians and went 0 for 2.

Nick Castellanos Rookie Year Stats: 148 games | 11 homers | .259 average | 66 RBIs (he finished 8th in rookie of the year voting in 2014)

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He had a decent career with the Detroit Tigers getting better and better every year (for the most part). During the 2019 season, he was traded to the Chicago Cubs and went on to bat .321 with 16 jacks and 36 RBIs in only 51 games.

Top-Rated on eBay

Best Nick Castellanos Rookie Cards

Let’s check out the top Castellanos rookie cards for investment purposes…


2012 Nick Castellanos Bowman Chrome Prospects RC #BCP78 (buy on eBay)

2012 Nick Castellanos Bowman rookie card

The 2012 Nick Castellanos Bowman Chrome Prospect rookie card is our top pick when it comes to his top-rated RCs and comes in a variety of high-end parallels.

The base card is numbered #BCP78 and shows him smacking a hit down the 1st baseline. His name is centered at the bottom while the Bowman Chrome logo is printed in the top left-hand corner.

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2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Parallels: Refractor, X-Fractor, Green, Blue Wave Refractor, Blue Refractor /250, Purple Refractor /199, Gold Refractor /50, Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5, Super-Fractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1


2010 Nick Castellano Bowman Chrome 18U USA RC #BC2 (buy on eBay)

2010 Nick Castellano Bowman Chrome RC

If we were picking our best looking Castellanos rookie cards this would be it.

The card pictures Castellanos posing for the camera with a GIANT smile from ear to ear (almost like he knows he is going to make millions in baseball).

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Numbered #BC2 the card has the USA Baseball logo in the left-hand corner and his name in the right… the 1st Bowman Chrome logo is printed in the top left-hand corner.


2014 Nick Castellanos Topps Chrome Auto RC #4 (buy on eBay)

2014 Topps Chrome Nick Castellanos rc

Going from the best Nick C. looking RC to the worse (or close to it). The 2014 Topps Chrome Castellanos RC shows him with a goofy smile on his face while looking up into the stands with a ghost costume on… or at least that’s what it looks like as Topps for some reasons blended his white jersey with more white towards the bottom of the card… odd.


Nick Castellanos Rookie Card Value

The value of Castellanos rookie cards is slightly undervalued based on his long-term ceiling.

If you are thinking about buying a specific Nick Castellanos RC on eBay but are having second thoughts please email us at for help.

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Nick Castellanos Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2010 Bowman Chrome 18U USA RC #BC2
  • 2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects RC #BCP78
  • 2012 Topps Heritage Minor League Black /96 #18
  • 2013 Bowman Inception
  • 2013 Bowman Inception Silver Signing Auto /25
  • 2014 Topps Chrome Auto RC #4
  • 2014 Topps Black RC /63
  • 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter’s Framed Mini #AGA-NC
  • 2014 Topps Five Star Rookie Autograph #FSA-NC
  • 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen SP White Frame RC #95


Investment Outlook

Many experts were calling for a big season from Castellanos in 2020 and so far they are looking right (playing in Cincinnati will pad most batters stats).

He had a pretty good 2019 batting .289 while clubbing 27 homers and 73 RBIs so a move to the Reds ballpark combined with him being in his prime years (age 28) equals a high likely hood of a career year for Mr. Castellanos… and that is what he should have pending a season shutdown or he himself coming down with COVID.

Now, this doesn’t mean we should all rush out and buy up his rookie cards BUT they should see a decent ROI over the next 2 years based on where the prices are currently… CHEERS!

Investment Rating: Moderate Buy (3.5 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: None

Best Nick Castellanos Rookie Card: 2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor Auto #BCANC

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