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most valuable tom brady football cards

Tom Brady (08/03/77) is widely seen as the greatest quarterback in the history of football, and he’s certainly the winningest.

It’s unlikely that another player will surpass him in NFL championships (6), Super Bowl starts (9), career Super Bowl attempts (392), completions (256), yards (2,838), touchdown passes (18), and MVP awards (4), giving an indication of just how dominant he has been over the past two decades. 

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Brady spent 20 seasons with the New England Patriots before a souring relationship between the player and legendary coach/general manager Bill Belichick caused him to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020.

We’ve come up with a list containing five of the most valuable Tom Brady cards on the market, without mentioning his array of expensive RCs. It’s actually easier than you might expect to fill a list with expensive cards from the popular QB, so let’s get started.

The 5 Most Valuable Tom Brady Football Cards 

It’s easy to focus on his collection of rookie cards if you’re looking for valuable Brady releases. His range of RCs from 2000 are some of the most popular from the era and regularly sell for incredible amounts. Take the 2000 Playoff Contenders card, a copy of which recently sold for over $200,000. 

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However, there are a number of great options from later years, which we’ll delve into below. They won’t match his RCs in terms of price or popularity, but they make for slightly cheaper investment options which still have the potential to be worth more in the future.

As we’re looking at expensive cards, we’ll be factoring in for the highest PSA/BGS grades possible.


2001 Tom Brady Pacific Prism Atomic Jersey Patches #125

most valuable tom brady football cards

As we’re looking at valuable Brady options, we’re starting off in 2001, a year after his RCs were released. This horizontal card has an image of a young Brady in the middle, wearing a coat and woollen hat as he waits to hit the field.

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There’s a red tab at the bottom to fit his name and team, while there’s a small player patch found on the right, which is multicolored. It also has a gold chrome trim, so watch the front and the edges for any signs of wear or tear.


2002 Tom Brady Topps Super Bowl /150 #SBMVP

tom brady most expensive football cards

This 2002 Topps offering is one of the better Brady cards you’ll find, centering on his Super Bowl XXXVI victory the year before. His New England Patriots side beat the favorites enroute, led by the second-year quarterback as he earned an MVP award.

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There’s a strong USA theme throughout, with the stars and stripes making up the majority of the background. (It fits with the 2002 Super Bowl logo, which did the same.)

There’s an on-card auto filled in black ink at the bottom, while the serial number has also been jotted down on the front. With only 150 copies overall, it’s worth a lot when looking at options that have managed to achieve a higher grade from the likes of PSA.

The addition of an ‘authentic Super Bowl game-used football’ patch is a great touch, and it’s found in the middle, in the shape of a star.


2010 Tom Brady National Treasures Century Prime #88

tom brady most valuable cards

The 2010 National Treasures Football Century Gold Autographs is next up. It’s split into three segments, the first has an image of Brady and gold logos against a black background, while the second holds a premium player patch. The third leaves space for an auto, although it’s of the stickered variety. 

Base versions are numbered to 99, and there’s a trio of rare parallels that make for some of the more expensive post-rookie Brady cards overall.

Parallels: Century Silver (/25), Century Gold (/10), Century Platinum (1/1)


2016 Tom Brady Panini Flawless #FVTB

Tom Brady football card value

An ultra-premium release from 2016, the Panini Flawless set contains one of the more elusive post-rookie productions featuring Brady. We’re looking at a card from the Flawless Victors Autographs collection, which celebrates his Super Bowl XLIX victory over the Seattle Seahawks. (As you may have guessed, Brady ended as the MVP.)

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It has a similar design to other Flawless cards, preferring an understated approach and a simple red and white design. As well as a range of ultra-rare parallels, the on-card auto is another big selling point, filled in black ink at the bottom.

Parallels: Silver (/20), Ruby (/5), Sapphire (/5), Emerald (/5), Platinum (1/1)


2018 Tom Brady Donruss Optic Downtown #DT1

top 5 most valuable tom brady cards

The Downtown subset of the 2018 Donruss Optic release contains the final card to make the list. It offers something slightly different compared to the others, with a detailed illustration of Brady as he prepares to throw a football in typical fashion. 

In keeping with the theme, you’ll find everything from an eagle to Patriots themselves dotted around the card, and there’s a slick ‘Downtown’ logo in the shape of a street sign located at the top. 

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The lined background does look like something from the ‘90s, and it does make the card reasonably condition-sensitive. The one-of-one Gold Vinyl version is undoubtedly the most valuable version overall and should be on your radar if and when it appears at auction.

Parallels: Gold Vinyl 1/1

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