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Buy Most Valuable Bo Jackson Rookie Cards on eBay

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Bo Jackson (11/30/1962) was an incredible athlete and the first ever to become an All-Star in both baseball and football. 


Bo Knows”, and he could have been one of the best two-way players of all time if not for a disintegrating hip that eventually had to be replaced during the latter stages of his career. We’ve come up with a massive list containing seven of the most valuable Bo Jackson cards, along with our top investment pick overall if you’re hoping for a solid ROI.

7 Most Valuable Bo Jackson Cards

A mix of Jackson’s RCs and early options manage to make the list, along with a triple auto from the 2010s which will be tempting for any serious collector. As we’re looking at the most valuable Bo Jackson cards, we would recommend sticking with graded versions for the best possible results. 

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Given many were released during the junk wax era, only copies that have achieved a PSA 10 grade are worth serious money in the present day, and the dropoff is significant, even from a PSA 10 to a PSA 9.


7. 1987 Bo Jackson Classic MLB Game RC #15

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most expensive bo jackson baseball cards

The first card to make the list is an early RC from 1987. 

We’ve mentioned that Jackson was a two-sport star who won the Heisman Trophy, and was even selected with the first overall pick of the 1986 NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He held out to play baseball for the Kansas City Royals, who were the defending World Series champions at the time. 

The 1987 Classic Game pokes fun at the situation, featuring Bo wearing shoulder pads, although he’s also wielding a bat that is pointed straight at the camera. 

It’s a great image and tells you everything you need to know about one of the greatest athletes of all-time

The card has a dark green border, displaying any scuffs and scrapes. 


6. 2013 Bo Jackson/Rickey Henderson/Mike Trout Triple Threads #TTARC-KRM

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2013 Bo Jackson/Rickey Henderson/Mike Trout Triple

Along with Jackson, this 2013 Autograph Relic Combo card features Rickey Henderson and Mike Trout

As with any triple auto relic card, it’s tough to fit everything in without feeling cluttered, but Topps have even managed to fit small profile images of the players into their design.

The trio are some of the biggest names in baseball, so it’s no surprise that this rare edition makes the list. With a base version numbered to just 36 copies, there are also various parallels which are listed below.

2013 Topps Triple Threads Parallels: Sepia (/27), Emerald (/18), Gold (/9), Sapphire (/3), Ruby (1/1), Wood (1/1), “White Whale” Printing Plates (1/1)


5. 1987 Bo Jackson Topps Tiffany Future Stars RC #170

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most expensive bo jackson baseball rookie cards

From the 1987 Topps Baseball set known for wood-effect borders, the “Future Stars” subset looked at the best young prospects that year. 

It shares a similar border design to the base set, with the addition of a large multicolored “Future Stars” logo found below. 

Jackson is the pick of the bunch, and it features a simple action shot of the player with a glove in his left hand.

It’s not the best-looking card to make the list, but the age and the unique border make it harder to find in pristine condition.


4. 1991 Bo Jackson Topps Desert Shield #600

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how much are bo jackson basball cards

The Topps Desert Shield subset is one of the more interesting releases from the decade.

At first glance, they look exactly the same as the normal Topps release from 1991, but these cards were given out in limited quantities to soldiers who fought in the first Gulf War.

They had to make it back from an active warzone and can be identified thanks to a distinctive Desert Shield logo in the top right corner.

Design-wise, it’s understated, with an action shot of the player as he sprints towards the base.

It’s a rare junk wax-era card that you won’t find in the average collection. 


3. 1991 Bo Jackson Action Packed 24K Gold #25G

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most expensive bo jackson football cards

The second card to feature from 1991, the Action Packed set featured parallels which had genuine 24-karat gold stamping, which is how this card earns its name. 

The set was obviously marketed as a premium option, with full-color, embossed photos on the front, along with color headshots on the reverse. 

According to the PSA population report, there’s just one gem mint card, and just two PSA 9 graded copies. 

It’s hard to do better than the 24K Gold card unless you look at the rarest of Jackson’s RCs.


2. 1988 Bo Jackson Topps Football RC #327

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most valuable bo jackson football cards

A card that nearly managed to take the top spot, the 1988 Bo Jackson Topps Football release is the sole RC from his time in the NFL. 

It’s found in the Super Rookie subset, featuring an image of the player as he takes a moment while seated. 

The release benefits from a classic design, and it avoids many of the pitfalls found with the majority of late 1980’s cards. 

If you’re just interested in the best Bo Jackson cards<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, rather than the best Bo Jackson baseball cards, this is an option that needs to be considered when looking at PSA 10 options.


1. 1986 Bo Jackson Topps Traded Tiffany RC #50T

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bo jackson most valuable cards topps traded tiffany

When it comes to the most valuable Bo Jackson cards, it was never in doubt. The 1986 Topps Traded RC is the best that money can buy when looking at PSA 10 copies. 

Rather than the regular base version of the ‘86 Topps Traded, the Tiffany version that was printed on premium cardboard and distributed in a limited number of sets is the one to keep an eye on for investment purposes. 

You’ll be able to tell the difference thanks to a glossy, premium finish, and it’s a card that almost every kid from the ‘80s will be able to recognize.


Bo Jackson Expensive Cards: Top Investment Pick and Risk/Return Analysis

The ‘86 Topps Traded Tiffany card has to be seen as one of the top investment picks, closely followed by the NFL RC from 1988. 

However, if I had to select one card and one card only as the best selection overall, it would have to be the rare Desert Shield version released in ‘91. 

It’s a great-looking card, with an interesting story and a stamp that makes it easy to identify. 

Alternatively, the Triple Threads auto relic is tough to locate and comes with the benefit of having a GOAT signature attached thanks to Mike Trout. 

Of course, this makes it a riskier option than a PSA 10 copy of one of his RCs.