Mikko Rantanen Rookie Cards – Value, Checklist, Top 3 Cards


Mikko Rantanen Rookie Cards

Mikko Rantanen does not get the national media attention of other top stars in the NHL, but there is no doubt he is amongst the best players in the league.

Playing for the Colorado Avalanche, it is understandable that Rantanen gets lost in the shuffle by those that do not follow the team closely.

After all, the Avalanche have other superstars including Nathan Mackinnon and Cale Makar.  While Rantanen is the third-best player in Colorado, he would be the best player on many teams.

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Drafted 10th overall in the stacked 2015 NHL Entry Draft, an argument can be made that Rantanen is the second-best player in the draft (no one is touching Connor McDavid).

Through six full seasons, Rantanen has played 408 games, and he has 408 points. He also has 52 points in 43 playoff games.

His greatness was evident in his rookie year. After only appearing in nine games in 2015-16 before getting sent to the AHL, his official year came in 2016-17.

That year he scored 20 goals and 38 points in 75 games. He then broke out the next season with 84 points in 81 games.

Since then, Rantanen has been a key piece in turning the Colorado Avalanche into a Stanley Cup contender.

As a result, it should be no surprise to hear that Mikko Rantanen rookie cards are a smart investment at this time.


Best Mikko Rantanen Rookie Cards

Hockey cards are not as popular as basketball or football cards, but there are still investment opportunities for the top stars.

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Rantanen does not have the name recognition of the other top stars yet, but he is on that trajectory, and as a result, his cards are an interesting investment option.

Here we will look at three of the best Mikko Rantanen rookie cards that you can purchase.


2015-16 Upder Deck Mickko Rantanen Young Guns #206


Mikko Rantanen Rookie Cards

The Young Guns hockey card collection is the most sought-after collection of hockey cards every year.

Every year Upper Deck releases a collection of cards featuring the top rookies in the game. These cards always rise in value for the best players, and they are looked at as the most valuable cards in the industry.

This card features Mikko Rantanen striding towards the right side of the card in his maroon Avalanche jersey. You can see the Upper Deck logo in the top left. The bottom of the card reads “Mikko Rantanen, Young Guns.”

The back of the card has information about Rantanen’s career in Finland before the draft. It also lists his physical characteristics.


2015-16 SP Game-Used Authentic Rookies /96 Mikko Rantanen #149


2022 Mikko Rantanen SP Game-Used Rookie Card

This SP Game-Used card is part of the Authentic Rookies set. In the picture, Rantanen is looking to his right as he strides up ice in his maroon Avalanche gear.

The SP Game-Used logo is in the top left, and it reads “Authentic Rookies” in the top right. The bottom of the card features Rantanen’s name, position, and team.

You will notice that the back of the card is nearly identical to the Young Guns card. It features Rantanen’s pre-draft statistics and physical characteristics.


2015-16 Mikko Rantanen Exquisite Tribute RC #03TMR


2022 Mikko Rantanen Exquisite Tribute Rookie Card

The final card is this exquisite rookie patch from Upper Deck. It is not part of the Young Guns collection, and instead, it features game-worn memorabilia.

The front of the card features a small image of Rantanen towards the top with the words “Exquisite Rookie Patch” written across the top. Below the image, it reads “Mikko Rantanen Colorado.”

There is then a black strip with the middle featuring a section of Rantanen’s game-worn jersey. Finally, below that Rantanen’s autograph is featured across the bottom.

The back of the card features a short explanation of where the memorabilia came from and its significance. It also certifies the authenticity of the autograph.


Mikko Rantanen Rookie Card Value

Mikko Rantanen is still relatively young, and he plays in a market that does not get a lot of media attention. As a result, he is not a household name.

However, we expect his name to be mentioned amongst the top 10 forwards in the league for years to come. In 2021-22, he scored 92 points in 75 games, good for 14th in the league. This is coming off a season where he finished 5th in scoring.

With that in mind, his top-end cards can be purchased for three and sometimes four figures if they are autographed.

If you have a Mikko Rantanen card and you want to get its estimated value, email us or leave a comment below. Please include two pictures of the card in your inquiry.


Mikko Rantanen Rookie Card Checklist

Mikko Rantanen Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2015 Mikko Rantanen Young Guns RC #206
  • 2015 O-Pee-Chee Update Rainbow FOIL RC #u49
  • 2015 SP Authentic Sign Of The Times Mikko Rantanen RC Rookie AUTO /199 #MR
  • 2015 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Mikko Rantanen RPA RC #101
  • 2015 UD THE CUP Gold Mikko Rantanen RC #166
  • 2015 Upper Deck Ice 2005-06 Retro Mikko Rantanen RC Rookie /799 #MR
  • 2015 Mikko Rantanen O-Pee-Chee Update Retro #U49


Investment Outlook

Not only is Rantanen young, but he is young on a great team in Colorado. As a result, he not only has the chance to increase his individual stock, he has the chance to win the Stanley Cup.

Rantanen is just entering his prime now, and as a result, we expect him to remain at the top of his game for several years to come.

With that in mind, we think now is a great time to invest in Mikko Rantanen rookie cards. Many of his cards can be purchased at bargain prices, and they are only going to rise in value as he makes a bigger name for himself in the league.

  • Investment Rating: Good Buy (4.0 out of 5)
  • Risk / Return Analysis: Low Risk / Medium to High Return
  • Ownership Disclosure: None

Which Mikko Rantanen Rookie Card is Most Valuable?

Rantanen's rookie card from the Young Guns collection is the most valuable option.

When was Rantanen a Rookie?

Despite appearing in nine games in 2015-16, Rantanen's official rookie season was 2016-17.

Did Rantanen Win the Calder Trophy?

No, Rantanen did not receive a Calder Trophy nomination.



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