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Mike Trout Rookie Card – Top 16 Cards, Value, Photos, Checklist

Mike Trout is baseball. At some point in the next ten years, he will win a World Series. When this occurs his rookie cards will skyrocket into another stratosphere and be on par with the famous Honus Wagner T206. Get while the getting is good. Buy some Mike Trout today.



mike trout rookie card

“Our top pick is the 2011 Mike Trout Topps Update Rookie Card.

A gorgeous yet straightforward baseball card that offers a classic, crisp, iconic baseball action image with a brilliant RC logo that seems to embody the game of baseball.

The pandemic forced a change in much of the world around us, but some things never change and Mike Trout is one of those things.”

Despite having his worst season on record in 2020, the Millville Meteor was able to continue his streak of being in the top five of MVP voting to a mind-blowing nine years.

Few players have been able to match the consistency and dominance for as long as Mike Trout has. He won Rookie of the Year in 2012 and since then has been on a career trajectory only rivaled by a few of baseball’s greats.

From a sports card investment standpoint, Mike Trout’s rookie cards are already similar to blue-chip stocks as they come with little risk and high returns.

Pro Tip: We recommended buying Mike Trout rookie cards PSA 10 grade, PSA 9, BGS 9.5, or SGC 10. In some cases, you can make an exception when dealing with incredibly high-valued Mike Trout cards. For example, purchasing a Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Autograph rookie card at PSA 8 or PSA 7 grade would be acceptable given the extreme value and rarity of the card.

They are expensive and don’t provide rapid movement up or down, but rather a consistent small increase in value annually especially with Trout continuing to put up big numbers reliably.

Which makes Trout’s rookie cards one of the best sports card investments in the entire hobby.

Best Mike Trout Rookie Cards

The following are NOT associated with top value, design, brand name, or other sports card blogs’ ideas of the best Mike Trout cards.

We carefully selected the following Mike Trout rookie cards based on maximizing profits, including price stability and solid growth/ROI to include options for all budgets.


2009 Bowman Chrome Autograph Mike Trout RC #BDPP89


2009 Mike Trout Bowman Chrome Autograph rookie card

The 2009 Bowman Chrome Auto is often considered to be the holy grail of modern baseball cards.

With the combination of scarcity, brand recognition, and the iconic nature of the card, this is easily the best Trout card on the market.

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While this card will cost you the price of a new car it will definitely provide the greatest ROI over the next 20 years of any Trout card.

When it comes to his baseball cards, Trout’s rookie cards already demand a premium price point and have one of the best (if not the best) ROI in regards to alternative investments in the last 5 years.

Since 1996 when they introduced the “1st” designation, Bowman has been the go-to brand for the first cards of a professional baseball player’s career.

These cards are often considered to be a player’s most desirable and valuable cards.

Trout does not have a base 1st Bowman in 2009 Bowman or Bowman Chrome only autographed versions of this card were produced.

Trout would not receive a base Bowman card until 2011.


2011 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout Rookie Card #175


2011 mike trout bowman chrome draft refractors

The first base Bowman Chrome card of Mike Trout is number two on this list. The card features the iconic Topps RC logo in the top left with the stunning Chrome finish.

Since Trout does not have a base Chrome rookie card this Bowman Chrome is the second most desirable. While the price of this card is still high it is a lot more affordable than the 2009 auto mentioned above.

The return on investment will still be great as this card’s pop count is significantly less than that of the next best option.

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The imagery on this card is great and clearly displays Trout getting ready to pummel the ball.

The combination of the great image with the signature Bowman Chrome finish just makes this card a beauty to look at.


2011 Topps Update Mike Trout Rookie Card #US175


2011 Topps Update Mike Trout Rookie Card

Mike Trout’s Topps Update rookie card is next on the list. This card is one of the most valuable and iconic base cards ever produced by Topps.

Featuring an image of Trout in the Angels throwback uniforms after ripping a line drive. This is one of Trout’s best cards and also one of his most attainable.

Base cards of Hall of Fame rookies are always one of the best investment options for that player and this is no exception.

It’s hard to believe that Trout was only 19 when he made his debut considering what he was able to do that season.

2011 mike trout topps update black, blue, red

Base Parallels: /2011 Gold, /60 Black, Printing Plates, 1/1 Platinum, Target Red, Walmart Blue.

Diamond Pararells: Platinum Diamond, Cognac Diamond, /60 Hope Diamond, 1/1 Canary Diamond.


2009 Bowman Sterling Prospects Auto Mike Trout RC #BSPMT


2009 Bowman Sterling Prospects Auto Mike Trout Rookie Card

Bowman Sterling was Mike Trout’s other prospect autograph released before he made his major league debut.

This card features a sticker auto with a great white card with the American League logo behind it and young Mike.

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Due to the sticker auto, this card has not reached the value of his other prospect auto but this card is only one of two pre-MLB debut autos meaning it will always be sought after and hold its value.

Sterling isn’t necessarily a mainstream setting, but with its low pop count and being a prospect auto this is another great option for a long-term investment.


2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Mike Trout Auto RC #MTR


2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Auto Mike Trout Rookie Card

The 2012 Mike Trout Allen & Ginter Autograph rookie cards are pretty hard to get your hands on but can be accomplished for a surprisingly low price when you consider the Trout autograph.

Fun Discussion: Will Mike Trout break Babe Ruths all-time Home Run records and then will he go on to break Barry bonds home runs record? The answer to both questions are a yes. Lets take a look at the table below:


Mike Trout break the all-time home run record

While the Allen & Ginter set is a little more niche, the design and scarcity will make these a good long-term investment.


2011 Topps Finest Mike Trout Auto Rookie Card #84


mike trout finest rookie card

2011 Finest comes in at five on our list. There is a base and autograph version of this card, each with its own set of parallels.

The autograph card will be the better pickup of the two but a base is still a good option for more budget-friendly collectors.

There are very few options for rookie autographs of Mike Trout and this is one. The card has a great refractor sheen to it as well as a nice picture of Trout front and center.

This is a solid option for investment since any on-card rookie auto of Trout will increase in value over time.


2011 Bowman Sterling Mike Trout Rookie Card #19


2011 Bowman Sterling Auto Refractor Mike Trout Rokie card

Not only is this card limited in production, but it is also one of the better-looking Mike Trout autograph cards in our opinion.

The color match along with the refractor of the Bowman Sterling cards is a sight to behold and lock away for future generations.

This is a solid card that will stand up to the test of time and should be a safe place to invest your money.

2011 Bowman Sterling Auto Refractor Parallels: /199 Refractor, /50 Gold Refractors, /25 Black Refractors, /10 Purple Refractors, 1/1 Red Refractors, 1/1 Canary Diamond.


2011 eTopps Mike Trout Rookie Card /999 #35


mike trout etopps rookie cards

Number four on our list is a card from a lesser remembered set from Topps, eTopps. This set of cards were all numbered and featured some of the game’s brightest stars at the time. Trout was one of them and boy are we glad it was.

eTopps was a niche set that was produced by Topps from 2000 until 2012.

Much like its successor, Topps Now, each card was offered through an online website where collectors could purchase them for an allotted time and they would be stored in an online portfolio until the collector requested the physical card.

The set designs were super cool and the idea of eTopps was interesting.


2011 Bowman Sterling Mike Trout Rookie Card #22


2011 Bowman Sterling Mike Trout Rookie Card

Similar to the 2011 Bowman Sterling Autograph Mike Trout card but without the autograph and as such results in a card more affordable for the masses at high grades.

Fun Fact: At just age 29, Mike Trout already has three MVPs, eight Silver Slugger awards, eight All-Star appearances, a career batting average of .305, and the 75th highest WAR all time.

Although affordable at base values one can quickly up the ante via investing in PSA 10 or BGS 9.5 refractors shown below.

2011 Bowman Sterling Rookie Parallels: /199 Refractor, /50 Gold, /25 Black, /10 Purple, 1/1 Red Refractors, 1/1 Canary Diamond.


2010 Bowman Platinum Prospect Auto Mike Trout RC #BPAMT


Bowman Platinum Mike Trout Autograph Refractor

2010 would be the first time that Trout would make an appearance in Bowman Platinum. This refractor is one of Trout’s finest-looking prospect auto.

Although it’s not a true rookie since it’s not his first professional year it still is one of the best Trout cards on the market pre-MLB days.

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The card features a nice on-card auto right next to a smaller version of the same image that graces his Bowman Sterling card as well. The autos on this card are notorious for fading so it requires a little more care than most of the other cards on this list.

If a collector protects the auto from fading this card would be a great investment. There are very few of these that have autos in very good condition.

So, if the card is taken care of it should hold its value well down the line. The base version of this card is one of Trout’s most iconic and is also a great investment option.


2012 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Rookie Card #207


Topps Heritage Mike Trout Rookie Card

Mike Trout’s rookie cards don’t follow the traditional modern baseball card mold. Usually, a player will have his 1st Bowman with an auto.

Then they will have a Heritage rookie and an Update rookie that also have auto parallels. However, Trout doesn’t have a heritage rookie from his rookie year.

This is considered to be Trout’s Heritage rookie card despite it being from 2012. Although seeing as this is still considered a rookie card it can be had for a very low price mostly due to the lack of a rookie symbol.

If you’re on a very tight budget and want to get in on the fish-man then this is your ticket in. This card is affordable and since it is his first card in a popular set it will hold its value.


2011 Tristar Obak Trout Limited Edition Mike Trout RC #MT1 #MT2 #M3


Mike trout Tristar Obak Limited Edition rookie card

The 2011 Tristar Mike Trout Obak Rookie Cards fly well underneath the radar of the average collector and are one of our favorites in terms of bang for the buck (ROI).

These cards have a great price at top grades and are available in three beautiful photos, MT1, MT2, and MT3.

If you’re looking to snag a solid return on investment without having to spend your kid’s college fund, the OBAK Mike Trout rookie cards are a reliable option.


2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Mike Trout RC #57


Elite Extra Edition Auto Mike Trout rookie card

Our first non-licensed entry on the list comes in the form of the 2009 Extra Edition Trout rookie auto numbered to just 495.

There are plenty of rookie distinction tags on this card despite Mike only being a prospect still here. The on-card auto is what brings so much value to this card.

The card features Trout post swing in the same uniform that is featured on his 2009 Bowman card. The card itself could have a better design but this is still a prospect auto of Trout.

As mentioned above, any on-card prospect auto will hold its value very well in the future, especially one that has the scarcity of this one, making it another great option for an investment.


2010 Pro Debut Mike Trout RC #181


2010 Pro Debut Mike Trout Rookie

Much like the one below, the 2010 Mike Trout Topps Pro Debut Rookie Card is an ideal choice for collectors looking to spend hundreds instead of thousands, even at high grades.

We feel the return on investment will be extra juicy for a Trout RC with such a low acquisition cost.

2010 Topps Pro Debut Parrelles: /259 Blue, /50 Gold, 1/1 Red, 1/1 Printing Plates


2011 Topps Pro Debut Mike Trout RC #263



The 2011 Topps Debut is another Trout rookie card that fails to make the headlines or any of the “Top Mike Trout Card List” and as such is undervalued.

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From Topps and numbered #263, the image and the overall card aesthetic are decidedly simple with white, blue, red, and gold borders.

We take a liking to the blue border version in particular but all of the parallels should have a solid long-term ROI for such a cheap Mike Trout RC.

2011 Topps Pro Debut Parrelles: /199 Blue, /50 Gold, 1/1 Red, 1/1 Printing Plates


2011 Bowman’s Best Prospects Mike Trout RC #BBP9


2011 Bowman's Best Prospects Mike Trout Rookie Card

Last but not least on our list this 2011 Bowman’s Best. This is one of Trout’s last cards as a prospect before he would get the call to the big leagues. The card features a very unique design with a big picture of Trout front and center.

The design on this card is unlike any other set. The lighting, gritty multi-color background really make this card stand out and should be a part of any Mike Trout investor’s collection.

This card is another great option for people looking to get in on the Trout game at a price point that won’t upset your wife.


Mike Trout Rookie Card Values

mike trout rookie card worth

3 Most Expensive Mike Trout Rookie Cards

  1. 2009 Bowman Chrome Superfractor RC
  2. 2011 Bowman Chrome Superfractor RC
  3. 2011 Topps Update Series Diamond Anniversary RC


Most Valuable Mike Trout Rookie Card

The most valuable Mike Trout rookie card is the 2009 Bowman Chrome Auto Rookie Card #BDPP89 Superfractor 1/1 selling for a mind-numbing $3.9 million dollars on August 23rd, 2020 via Goldin Auctions.

If you would like a free Mike Trout card appraisal please email value@goldcardauctions.com. Include relevant card information and 2 photos (back and front). Limit one request per month per email address/individual.


Most Affordable Mike Trout Rookie Card

Two pretty clear choices come to mind in regards to the most affordable Mike Trout rookie cards. The 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft #101 and the 2011 Topps Update RC #US175 are two of the most affordable Mike Trout rookie cards when factoring in the most bang for the buck.

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5 Affordable Mike Trout Rookie Cards

  1. 2011 Topps Update RC #US175
  2. 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft #101
  3. 2012 Topps Heritage RC #207
  4. 2011 Topps Pro Debut RC #263
  5. 2011 Bowman’s Best RC #BBP9


Mike Trout Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2009 Bowman Chrome Autograph Mike Trout RC #BDPP89
  • 2009 Bowman Sterling Prospects Autograph Mike Trout RC #BSPMT
  • 2009 Elite Extra Edition Autograph Mike Trout RC #57
  • 2010 Bowman Platinum Prospect Autograph Mike Trout RC #BPAMT
  • 2010 Pro Debut Mike Trout RC #181
  • 2011 Tristar Obak Trout Limited Edition Mike Trout RC #MT1 #MT2 #M3
  • 2011 Topps Pro Debut Mike Trout RC #263
  • 2011 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout RC #175
  • 2011 Topps Update Mike Trout RC #US175
  • 2011 Bowman’s Best Prospects Mike Trout RC #BBP9
  • 2011 Topps Finest Autograph Mike Trout RC #84
  • 2011 eTopps /999 Mike Trout RC #35
  • 2011 Bowman’s Best Prospects Mike Trout RC #BBP9
  • 2012 Topps Heritage Mike Trout RC #207
  • 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Mike Trout RC Auto #MTR


Mike Trout Rookie Card Buying Guide

You’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on Mike Trout’s rookie cards. The answer is eBay!

Try avoiding the Buy It Now option as these tend to be overpriced in an attempt to get buyers to pay more for the convenience of not having to wait for an auction to end.

Pro Tip: Don’t use Amazon to purchase Mike Trout baseball cards or any sports cards for that matter as they tend to also be overpriced with buy now offers only. Your best bets when buying a Mike Trout rookie card for sale online are eBay and Heritage Auctions.

If you’re looking to start researching prices on Trout rookie cards to ensure that you pay a fair price there are resources such as 130point where you can search recent eBay sales to see a specific card’s price.


Buyers Rating and Investment Outlook

mike trout topps rookie cards
If Mike Trout is healthy and plays another 10 to 12 years, some records are likely to be broken, and in some cases, SHATTERED.

Mike Trout is already a wildly popular player and has cemented himself as one of the best baseball players of all time, showing similar stats through age 29 to that of Willie Mays. With no end in sight, Trout will still be the face of baseball for years to come.

  • Investment Rating: Strongest Buy Possible (5 out of 5)
  • Risk/Return Analysis: Very Low to Low Risk/Moderate to High Return
  • Ownership Disclosure: None

While there is still lots for Trout to accomplish in terms of counting stats that is not the biggest concern that plagues the Fish Man’s career.

Postseason success is often what makes or breaks a player’s career in terms of their all-time status (see the Lebron vs MJ debate).

Unfortunately, Trout plays for the Angels who are notoriously average and have done a terrible job of getting the game’s biggest star onto the brightest stage.

Trout has only played in the postseason once, which was short-lived with a first-round exit. The only thing he is missing on his resume is any kind of championship.

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The value of Mike Trout’s cards has already reached the higher end of its value so there won’t be drastic price moves, but rather a reliable small increase in value each year.

Everyone already knows Mike is a future Hall of Famer so his cards won’t see the typical bump most player’s card values see when they are inducted since people are already paying an HoF premium on his cards.

There isn’t much that could cause a big jump on these cards other than that aforementioned postseason success.

These cards are a great and safe place to put your money that should yield nice dividends down the road.

Plus, the upside that his cards have should the Angels ever fix themselves and build a proper team around Trout and get him a World Series ring is massive.

There isn’t much downside either since even if Trout retired today he would still be in an elite class of MLB players all time. Before investing, however, check out our 22 Sports Card Investing Tips.

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  1. Question: if o was deciding between the 2011 tops update diamond anniversary or the 2009 bowman sterling auto, both PSA10. What do you want favor for long term?

  2. Mike Trout low pop on card autos and low numbered refractors are great long term buy and holds. I’m always looking to buy trout


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