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Matt Ryan was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons with the 3rd overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft and is one of the most underwhelming Quarterbacks of all time (along with his rookie cards).

Matt Ryan is the epitome of boring and overrated…and it’s a shame because the top 3 Matt Ryan rookie cards happen to be really nice-looking.

Were not going in deep with Matt Ryan rookie cards simply because we don’t feel there is much want for his cards BUT we do like to include cards we are not fans of otherwise would be one big fluff piece.


2008 Matt Ryan National Treasures Rookie Card #111

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BIG BANK HANK owns this card but we don’t nesscarlly think you should.

Although Ryan is overrated as the day is long this is actually a pretty good looking card.

The card features a photo of Ryan along with the Falcons logo at the top of the card PLUS an auto and patch with an all-white theme.

Overall a nice looking card but were still not buying.


2009 Matt Ryan Topps Chrome Rookie Card

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If your looking to toss a few dollars at Matt Ryan rookie cards on the long shot that he wins a Superbowl in the twilight of his career this would be the one.

Numbered #TC 166 the card shows Ryan dropping back in the pocket looking to hit a wideout over the middle… knowing Ryan the play most likely resulted in a SACK!


2008 Matt Ryan Bowman Sterling Rookie Card #BS1

(buy on eBay)

Finally the 2009 Matt Ryan Bowman Sterling rookie card rounds out the top 3.

Another cool looking card we would otherwise recommend if not for the player.

Numbered #BS1 the card shows Ryan posing for the photo while gripping the football in drop-back pass format.


Matt Ryan Rookie Card Value

Ryan rookie cards are priced correctly for the most part.

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Investment Outlook

Meh… Matt Ryan rookie cards do not impress us nor are we spending any money on his cards… nor any more words.

Investment Rating: HARD Pass

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