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Martin Brodeur (05/06/72) has to be included in any list containing the best goaltenders to feature in the NHL.

21 of his 22 seasons were spent with the New Jersey Devils, where he amassed a collection of three Stanley Cup championships and five Eastern Conference championships, along with winning Olympic gold twice with Canada.

Martin Brodeur Rookie Year Stats: 47 games, 27 wins, 2.40 goals-against average, Calder Trophy winner.

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Here’s a rundown with three of the best Martin Brodeur rookie cards to keep an eye out for, as well as investment advice looking over the next few years.

Top 3 Martin Brodeur Rookie Cards

There is only a handful of Brodeur RCs that were released during the 1990-91 season.

1990 Martin Brodeur Score RC #439

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1990 Martin Brodeur Score RC #439

The 1990 Score set contains a number of interesting cards that are wrapped in a recognizable border, which is meant to represent an ice rink. 

Brodeur’s RC features a profile shot of the player on the day he signed for the Devils as the first-round draft pick.

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A combination of mediocre card stock and the red line at the top makes it fairly condition-sensitive.  

This is also the only 1990 set to include Brodeur, so how have other cards been able to make it onto the list?


1990 Martin Brodeur Score Canadian RC #439

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1990 Martin Brodeur Score Canadian rookie card #439

The 1990-91 Score Canadian release also contains the Brodeur RC seen above.

This card is similar to the US version seen above in many respects, but there are a number of notable differences.

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It has bilingual text on the back in both English and French to cater for a Canadian audience, while the Score logo on the front is red, rather than blue.


1990 7th Inning Martin Brodeur Sketch QMJHL #222

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1990 7th Inning Martin Brodeur Sketch QMJHL rookie card

If you’re in the mood for something different, the 1990 7th Inning Sketch is another great early Brodeur card. 

It’s an XRC, which means it’s a minor league edition that focuses on his time with Saint-Hyacinthe Laser. 

The card has a lower print run than the Score versions, featuring a landscape design and a thin blue border. 

You’ll also find an image of Brodeur doing the splits on the reverse, with his helmet up so his face is visible.


Martin Brodeur Rookie Card Value

The most valuable Martin Brodeur rookie card comes in the form of the 1990 7th Inning Sketch QMJHL Martin Brodeur rookie card #222.

Although the most expensive is the 1990 7th Inning Martin Brodeur rookie card we feel the 1990 Score Canadian Martin Brodeur Canadian rookie card is tops in terms of future ROI.

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Martin Brodeur Rookie Card Checklist

Martin Brodeur Rookie Card Checklist

  • 1990 Score Martin Brodeur RC #439
  • 1990 Score Canadian Martin Brodeur RC #439
  • 1990 7th Inning Sketch QMJHL Martin Brodeur RC #222
  • 1992 UD Upper Deck Martin Brodeur RC #408


Martin Brodeur Rookie Cards: Buyers Rating and Investment Outlook 

Brodeur is a Hall of Famer, having been selected in 2018 after the obligatory three-year waiting period following retirement.

Martin Brodeur Rookie Cards Investment Rating: Buy (4.7 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: 1990 Score Canadian Martin Brodeur RC #439 (Buy on eBay)

Best Martin Brodeur Rookie Card: 1990 Score Canadian Martin Brodeur RC #439 (Buy on eBay)

As a legend, are copies of his rookie cards seen as a no-brainer from an investment perspective?

100% Yes. And we actually feel his cards are somewhat undervalued based on him being the best goaltender the NHL has ever seen.

Strong buy.

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