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Marshall Faulk (02/26/73) is a retired running back who spent 13 seasons split between the Indianapolis Colts and the St. Louis Rams. A Super Bowl champion in 2000, he’s the only player in NFL history to have reached 12,000 rushing yards along with 6,000 receiving yards.

Marshall Faulk Rookie Year Stats: 16 games | 12 TDs (11 (rushing) | 1282 rushing yards | 522 receiving yards

We’ve compiled a list of three top Marshall Faulk rookie cards on the market and an investment outlook for the future.

Buy Marshall Faulk Rookie Cards on eBay

Faulk has 21 rookie cards, so there’s a massive selection. Unfortunately, they were released during the height of the junk wax era, so the majority aren’t worth much if you look at ungraded copies. 

He has no pre-rookie cards, which makes things slightly more manageable. Here are three of the best Faulk RCs, based on reputation, rarity, and value.


1994 Marshall Faulk SP RC #3

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The first card to make a list is his 1994 SP. It features a large image of the RB doing what he does best, with a ball tucked under one arm. It has a simple stadium background, with a black border on the left to fit his name and team in gold lettering. There’s a large Premier Prospects logo at the bottom and a small golden SP logo at the top.

As well as the base version, there’s another die-cut card, which retails in the low four-figure range if you find a PSA 10 copy on the market. The edges are particularly easy to chip, which explains the price and the rarity. As such, it’s probably his best RC overall from an investment perspective.

Parallels: SP Foil Die-Cut


1994 Marshall Faulk Select Football RC #SR1

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Another rare chrome card, the ‘94 Select features a strong image of Faulk on the front, backed by a gold and orange circle that mimics an explosion around the player. It’s a great-looking edition, if a little darker than it could be. It has a ‘Select Rookie’ logo at the bottom and a separate image of the player on the reverse. (It also notes his ‘explosive power,’ going some way to explain the design.)

Despite some potential issues relating to the surface and the edges, it’s reasonably affordable unless you’re looking at gem mint versions, so it’s another decent investment piece.


1994 Marshall Faulk Stadium Club Bowman’s Best Blue RC #1

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Next up is a card with a striking 1990s design. You’ll find an action shot of Faulk across a blue and silver background and a bronze trim on the Blue version of the 1994 Stadium Club. There’s a ‘Bowman’s Best’ logo at the bottom in bronze, and his name is found at the bottom in thick yellow text.

It’s another valuable option if you’re looking at gem mint copies. (That is if you ignore the base version.) The Blue card has a chrome finish and no border, but PSA 10 copies occasionally crop up. 


What is a Marshall Faulk Rookie Card Worth in 2023?

The most valuable Marshall Faulk rookie card is the 1994 SP Foil Die-Cut #3, which will go over $1k at high grades.



  • 1994 Stadium Club Bowman’s Best Blue RC #1
  • 1994 Topps RC #445
  • 1994 Skybox Impact #274
  • 1994 SP DIE-CUT RC #3
  • 1994 Upper Deck Rookie Card #7
  • 1994 Upper SP RC #3
  • 1994 Pinnacle Football RC #198
  • 1994 Fleer Ultra Flair Wave of the Future RC #2
  • 1994 Pinnacle Draft Dufex RC #DP2
  • 1994 Marshall Faulk Rookie Card Score Select #200
  • 1994 Marshall Faulk Rookie Card Fleer Ultra #2
  • 1994 Playoff Roundup Redemption RC #4
  • 1994 Marshall Faulk Topps Rookie Card #445
  • 1994 Classic Images RC #12
  • 1994 Marshall Faulk Rookie Card Classic #3
  • 1994 Barry Sanders & Marshall Faulk Stadium Club RC #19
  • 1994 Playoff Contenders RC #104


Buyers Guide & Investment Outlook

  • Investment Rating: Buy (3.5 out of 5)
  • Ownership Disclosure: None
  • Best Marshall Faulk RC: 1994 SP RC #3

Faulk has a list of NFL records that is longer than my arm, while he was the league MVP in 2000. He was a three-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year and a great college player.

The retired RB is known for his work off the field, having set up the Marshall Faulk Foundation to help underprivileged children achieve their dreams in his rookie year. 

Faulk entered the Hall of Fame in 2011, four years after his retirement. He has a strong legacy, so it’s no surprise that his rarest cards can do well if you’re looking at gem mint versions. 

His RCs are all products of their era, and they’re probably a bit too busy for modern tastes. 

However, mint copies are still worth a fair amount, despite being released during the junk wax era, when print runs could sometimes be in the millions. 

If you’re looking at his cards from an investment perspective, it’s probably best to stick to graded cards to be held as a long-term investment. After all, Faulk retired 15 years ago, so there’s still time to see prices rise as nostalgia helps to solidify his status as one of the greats from the era.

For pieces released further down the line, his ‘96 Upper Deck Game Jerseys (#GJ6) is one of the first-ever player patches, while there are several signed options from recent years if you would prefer an autographed card. Either way, there’s a potential for profit with all, as long as you’re willing to hold onto them for a while.

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