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Lamelo Ball Rookie Card – Best Cards and #1 Buyer Guide


LAMELO BALL rookie card

LaMelo Ball may be the best of the Ball brothers but has a long way to go before you catch us buying any of his rookie cards.

LaMelo Ball (8/22/2001) opted to play for NBL Australia rather than playing college ball in the US… that’s already a red flag in our book (justified or not).

He has done fairly well, however, averaging 17 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game.

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Ball is predicted to be a top 5 draft pick in the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft and by some maybe even Number #1.

Let’s take a look at the early LaMelo Ball RC on the market for those who can’t wait for the bigger companies to release their Ball rookie cards.

Top LaMelo Ball Rookie Cards


2018 LaMelo Ball Leaf Metal Prizm Prized Rookie Card #PR18-12


The Leaf LaMelo Ball Prized rookie card is our favorite of all the cards released to date.

The card is by far the best looking of them all and has a pretty cool backdrop.

#Numbered #PR18-12 the card is available in blue, green, and pink backdrops.

Card Rating: 6.9 out of 10


2018 LaMelo Ball Leaf Metal Draft Autograph RC #BK-LMB (buy on eBay)


Here is one for the autograph fanboys.

The 2018 Leaf Metal Draft Auto LaMelo rookie card shows him primed to shot a free throw (and most likely miss).

The card is Numbered BK-LMB and only 50 autograph cards were produced.

Card Rating: 6.3 out of 10

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2018 LaMelo Ball Leaf Best of Basketball BB-11 (buy on eBay)

Leaf best of basketball lamelo ball

Here is the final card in what was a rough search for any legit LaMelo Ball rookie cards.

The 2018 LaMelo Leaf Best of Basketball card shows him getting ready to inbound the ball? Knowing him he makes a sloppy, lazy in-bound pass and the other team picks it off for a steal.

Numbered BB-11 the card has at least a pretty cool backdrop consisting of what appears to be a dirty basketball court.

Card Rating: 6.4 out of 10


LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Checklist

lamelo ball rookie card checklist

  • 2018 Leaf Best of Basketball Rookie Card
  • 2018 Leaf Metal Draft RC
  • 2018 Leaf Ultimate Draft Lamelo Ball Chino Hills RC Rookie #BG-LMB
  • 2018 Leaf Metal Prizm Prized Rookie
  • 2020 LaMelo Ball 1986 Custom card Fleer Style Top 10 Prospects Rookie
  • LaMelo Ball Auto Draft Graffiti X Rookie Mirror


LaMelo Ball Rookie Card Value

Most LaMelo rookie cards will go for under $100 but this price will likely increase as high-end cards are released.

Please email us at (if you want an estimated value of your LaMelp card) or (if you want advice before buying one of his cards).


Investment Outlook

As you may guess via the tone of this article we are not huge LaMelo fans… in fact, we’re not big fans of anyone in the family.

Having said that there is some value in his higher end rookie cards once they are released (i.e. Prizm, Flawless, National Treasures)… these cards will have some value and can expect an upward trajectory until LaMelo Ball proves otherwise.

Are we buying his rookie cards? No…

Will we buy his high-end rookie cards once they are released? No…

…not because we don’t think there is a decent chance for a good ROI, we simply do not like the player… sometimes you just have to pass on that reason alone 🙂

Investment Rating: HARD PASS



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