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Kylian Mbappe (12/20/1998) is one of the most exciting young stars in all of soccer, and he has experienced great individual and team success in a short period.

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Kylian Mbappe Rookie year stats includes 29 games, 17 of which were starts, 15 goals, and 17 assists… not bad for a 5’10, 160 lbs kid from Paris. He comes from a family of soccer/football players as his younger brother, Ethan, played for PSG’s under-12 squad, and Mbappé’s adoptive brother, Jirès Kembo Ekoko, is also a professional football player (although not nearly as talented… but then again few are).

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He is one of the fastest players in the world and uses his speed to blow by defenders in the blink of an eye to get a one-on-one showdown with the goalkeeper (we all know how that usually ends up Mbappe getting the better of it).

Plenty of different Kylian Mbappe rookie cards are available for collectors of all levels, from more basic-looking cards to ones adorned with signatures and other unique features. Here are three of the best available on the market.


2018 Kylian Mbappe Donruss Optic Prizm RC #53 (buy on eBay)

The 2018 Optic Prizm Mbappe rookie card is stylish and one of the better Mbappe rookie cards in terms of ROI.

Numbered #53, the card shows Mbappe casually running the pitch in his blue Emirates jersey (the high-end Prizm parallels is where big money is at i.e., green shown above).

2018 Kylian Mbappe Optic Prizm RC Parallels: Base Optic, Aqua /149, Orange /99, Red Velocity /50, Black Velocity /25, Optic Gold /10, Green /5, Gold Vinyl 1/1, Silver Green Die-Cut /100, Gold /75, Canvas /25, Gold Die-Cut /10, Blue /5, Purple 1/1


2018 Kylian Mbappe Panini Prizm World Cup RC #80 (Buy on eBay)

The first card on this list comes from when Mbappe played for the French National Team in the 2018 Russia World Cup. Mbappe was a critical piece that helped lead the team to victory.

This card features Mbappe in the blue jersey against a silver chromium background. The card has an overall attractive look which will attract many collectors. For investors looking for a more limited product, this card comes with many different parallels, which will be listed below.

2018 Kylian Mbappe Panini Prizm World Cup RC Parallels: Cyrillic, Prizms Black and Gold Wave, Prizms Green and Orange Wave, Prizms Hyper, Prizms Lazer, Prizms Mojo, Prizms Red Mosaic, Prizms Red and Blue Wave, Prizms Silver, Prizms Blue (/199), Prizms Red (/149), Prizms Light Blue Lazer (/125), Prizms Purple (/99), Prizms Orange (/65), Prizms Pink Lazer (/40), Prizms Green Crystals (/25), Prizms Camo (/20), Prizms Gold Lazer (/15), Prizms Gold (/10), Prizms Blue Shimmer (/5), Prizms Gold Power (/5), Prizms Black (1/1)


2017 Kylian Mbappe Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Rookie Card #41 (buy on eBay)

Next on this list is the 2017 Topps Chrome card from that year’s UEFA Champions League. Mbappe played for PSG, the premier club in Europe, and this one features a shot of Mbappe with a ball coming toward him.

On each side of Mbappe is a unique visual feature that creates an effect similar to a light reflection, illuminating Mbappe in the middle. This only adds to the card’s visual appeal and makes it much more attractive.

This card also has a variety of different refractors that offer collectors a chance at a more exclusive card with a shorter print run.

2017 Kylian Mbappe Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Rookie Card Parallels: Refractors, Purple Refractors (/250), Blue Refractors (/150), Green Refractors (/99), Gold Refractors (/50), Orange Refractors (/25), Red Refractors (/10), Superfractors (1/1)


2018 Kylian Mbappe Panini Father’s Day RC /399 #68 (buy on eBay)

Panini does an annual Father’s Day promotion for their soccer products; that is where our third and final card comes from.

The card explodes with color as it’s split into three segments blue, green, and red. In front of this colorful explosion stands Mbappe, sprinting with the ball in the attack.

2018 Kylian Mbappe Panini Father’s Day RC Parallels: Future Frames (/50), Escher Squares (/25), Crystal Shards (/10), Checkerboard (/5), Hyperplaid (1/1)


2016 Kylian Mbappe Panini Foot RC #504/505 (buy on eBay)

Here is a dual photo Mbappe RC popular with soccer card collectors. Numbered #504 and #505, the card shows a photo of Mbappe and some other guy we have never heard of.

Maybe this other guy is a great player as well, and that is what makes this card so expensive because overall, the looks of the card are terrible… what are their prison photos?

2017 Kylian Mbappe Panini Select Tie-Dye RC #224 (buy on eBay)

The 2017 Kylian Mbappe Panini rookie card Tie-Dye version is #224 and shows Mbappe taking on the ball with an uncertain look on his face which is quite odd for a player of his caliber.

His name is centered at the bottom with the team name directly below… contrary to popular belief, an autograph is not associated with this card.


2018 Kylian Mbappe Kaboom RC #KM (buy on eBay)

This is our favorite Kylian Mbappe soccer/football card from a pure-look point of view. Numbered #KM the card shows Kyliam smacking the ball out of midair with a circus-like kick only a few in the world can.

His name and team name are towards the bottom left while the word “KABOOM!” floats to the upper left and trails behind Kylians left shoulder… this card is a thing of beauty and is a must-have for true Mbappe fanboys.


Kylian Mbappe Rookie Card Values

The most expensive Kylian Mbappe rookie card is the 2018 Kylian Mbappe Donruss Optic Prizm RC in high-end parallels at high grades (i.e., Green Prizm PSA 10).

If you are looking to buy a Kylian Mbappe rookie card but want advice, please email us at for assistance.



  • 2018 Kylian Mbappe Panini Father’s Day RC /399 #68
  • 2017 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Kylian Mbappe Rookie Card #41
  • 2018 Kylian Mbappe Panini Prizm World Cup RC #80
  • 2018 Donruss Optic Kylian Mbappe Prizm RC #53
  • 2017 Topps Chrome Kylian Mbappe Future Stars Rookie RC
  • 2017 Pannini Select Prizm Kylian Mbappe RC
  • 2018 Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer Kylian Mbappe RC #80
  • 2017 Kylian Mbappe Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Rookie RC #41
  • 2016 Kylian Mbappe Panini Foot Rookie #504
  • 2018 Panini KABOOM! Kylian Mbappe RC Rookie #48


Buyers Guide and Investment Outlook

Investment Rating: Buy (4.4 out of 5)

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Best Kylian Mbabbe Rookie Card: 2018 Kylian Mbappe Donruss Optic Prizm RC #53

Kylian Mbabbe rookie cards should be a significant long-term investment resulting in an average 8 to 12% ROI over the next 10 to 15 years.

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