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Kyler Murray Rookie Card – Top 10 Cards and #1 Buyers Guide


Buy Kyler Murray Rookie cards on eBay

kyler murray rookie cards

Kyler Murray (08/07/97) is a quarterback who currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. Murray was the first pick in the first round of the 2019 Draft, after an incredible season in which he won various awards including the Associated Press College Football Player of the Year while tossing the pigskin around at the University of Oklahoma.

Kyler Murray Rookie Year Stats: 16 games | 3722 Yards passing | 20 TD passes | 87.4 QBR

After being the first pick in the NFL draft many experts were calling for a good season… they were actually correct for a chance as Murray has one of the best seasons for a rookie QB of all-time.

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His play and hype inevitably led to the price of his rookie cards going through the roof, PLUS we think they will go even higher.

Best Kyler Murray Rookie Cards

Let’s check out the top-rated Murray RCs from an investment perspective.

Updated: We’ve listed a few of the best Kyler Murray rookie cards to look out for no matter your budget (large or small).


2019 Kyler Murray Panini Prizm RC #301 (buy on eBay)

kyler murray rookie card prizm


The Kyler Murray Prizm card will be his most common high-end rookie card which means you will have no problem finding it up for auction on eBay but it will still be a worthwhile investment.

The card is numbered #301 and shows Murray dropping back looking to hit a streaking receiver.

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Buy these cards while you can as the price will surely only go up as we creep towards September of 2020.

2019 Panini Prizm Parallels: Silver, Orange /249, Blue Wave /199 Hyper /175, Red Wave /149, Blue Ice /99, Green Scope /75, Purple Power /49, Camo /25, Gold /10, Gold Vinyl /5, and Black Finite – 1/1


2019 Kyler Murray National Treasures Rookie Card #161 (buy on eBay)

kyler murray national treasures rookie card

Here is a classic big boy card for big boy bank accounts… you better come loaded for bear if you want to obtain this bad boy.

The 2019 Kyler Murray National Treasures rookie card is numbered #161 and only 99 are available.

Kyler is pictured on the far left, dropping back in the pocket, and his signature is found on the right/middle/center of the card right above the patch.

His name (Kyler Murray) and team name (Arizona Cardinals) are printed in the bottom right-hand corner.

A superior card for high-end investors looking for a huge ROI from Kyler over the next few years.


2019 Kyler Murray Contenders Cracked Ice Rookie Ticket AUTO /23 BGS 9.5 #101B (buy on eBay)

Kyler Murray Contenders Cracked Ice rookie card


BOOM goes the dynamite!  We LOVE this card and are looking to buy it sooner rather than later.

We here at GoldCardAuctions have always been a fan of the cracked ice look and when you combine that with one of the best young QB’s in the game… well… do we need to really explain.

The 2019 Kyler Murray Contenders Cracked Ice card is numbered #101B and will set you back a boatload of cash (buy should also earn you a boatload of cash if Murray does what we think he will do in his sophomore season).


2019 Kyler Murray Auto Contenders Rookie Ticket #101A (buy on eBay)

kyler murray rookie tick auto rc


See the above card but not nearly as expensive but still a great second option for those who aren’t willing to take a second mortgage out on their house to get the cracked ice version.


2019 Kyler Murray Select Die-Cut Gold Auto Cardinals /10 RC #RS-1 (buy on eBay)

Kyler Murray Select Die-Cut rookie card


This Murray rookie card is absolutely gorgeous and is 2nd to only the rookie ticket cards in our opinion in terms of sheer beauty.

Number #RS1 the card shows Kyler tossing the football gently to an RB of the backfield. His autograph is placed bottom/center with his name printed just above the auto.

Some collectors may say its too busy but we love it. The card is numbered #RS-1 and will cost a few week’s salaries in most cases.


2019 Kyler Murray Panini Immaculate Rookie Jersey Patch Auto /99 RC (buy on eBay)

kyler murray Immaculate rookie card


For the high-end collector looking to spend a few dollars. The signature on the front is hard to miss, while the back has a paragraph dedicated to his ‘struggles’ as a 5”10 man on the football field. 

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As they note, his lack of height never impeded him as he managed to take home the Heisman Trophy in 2018. Along with the autograph, you’ll find a prominent patch in his rookie colors, which should help to bump up the cost in the long run.


2019 Kyler Murray Panini Prizm Draft Picks RC #101 (buy on eBay)

2019 Kyler Murray Panini Prizm Draft Picks rookie card

Some people turn their noses up at stickers, but the Panini Prizm Draft Pick is a great way to pick up a cheaper piece of signed Murray memorabilia. Special versions are highly collectible, although they do begin to pick up in price fairly rapidly depending on rarity.

The reverse typically shows off the same image as the front, along with the usual guarantees about the legitimacy of the autograph. 


2019 Kyler Murray Donruss Optic Rated Rookie #152 (buy on eBay)

kyler murray optic rated rookie card

Here is a SOLID card for the hobbyist who is just getting into sports card investing and would only like to spend a few bucks (well under $100 anyways).

The Kyler Murray Donruss Optic rookie card is numbered #152 and is a super affordable option for most collectors.

2019 Donruss Optic Parallels: Holo /99, Blue /75, Red /50, Purple /35, Black Pandora /25, Gold /10, Green /5, and Gold Vinyl 1/1


2019 Kyler Murray Panini Donruss Rated Rookie #302 (buy on eBay)

kyler murray donruss rated rookie rc

If we were going to buy one of the less expensive Murray rookie cards this one would be it… it has that IT factor.

There is something about the Donruss Kyler Murray Rated Rookie card we really REALLY like. His stern somewhat pissed off look along with the trees in the backdrop PLUS the white sweatband really does it for us haha.

This one could be a sneaky good investment… LOAD UP!


2019 Kyler Murray Contenders College Ticket Auto RC #101 (buy on eBay)

2019 Kyler Murray Contenders College Ticket

The Panini Contenders College Ticket is pricier, but you’re paying for the rarity and the on-card autograph. The card is part of a set that is always popular, with multiple parallels that will be sure to interest both collectors and buyers whenever they’re available at auction.

The front features a prominent autograph at the bottom, with an RC logo located on the top left.

Murray is pictured full stride on the right-hand side, while the back has a zoomed-in image along with information about his previous stint as the first-round pick in the 2018 baseball draft. You’ll also find a shortlist of his most important career achievements so far, such as his AP award and his Big 12 records.


Kyler Murray Rookie Card Checklist

kyler murray rookie wave card

  • 2018 Select 2019 Select XRC Silver #301
  • 2019 Contenders Rookie Ticket RPS #101
  • 2019 Contenders Cracked Ice Rookie Ticket RC AUTO /23 #101B
  • 2019 Panini Prizm #301
  • 2019 Absolute Football Kyler Murray #126
  • 2019 Plates & Patches Rookie Patch Trio Auto Autograph /25 #JZE
  • 2019 Panini Select Prizm Rookie Materials Auto /49 #RM-KM
  • 2019 Panini Immaculate KYLER MURRAY Jumbo PATCH AUTO RC #PP-KM
  • 2019 Contenders Kyler Murray ’98 Rookie Ticket Auto /20 #1998-KM
  • 2019 Panini Encased Football Substantial Rookie Swatches Patch /10
  • 2019 KYLER MURRAY Rated Rookie Donruss Optic #152
  • 2019 Panini Legacy Football Rookie Auto Gold
  • 2019 Leaf Trinity RPA RC Air Jordan Logo Patch AUTO /5
  • 2019 Panini Illusions Daniel Jones Kyler Murray RPA RC Patch AUTO /40
  • 2019 Select Die-Cut Gold RC AUTO /10
  • 2019 Kyler Murray Rookie Card Donruss RATED ROOKIE Card #302


Rookie Card Value

Kyler Murray Rookie Card Values are sure to soar high prior to this upcoming NFL season.

The question is will he take the next step towards stardom or will he flame out like Baker Mayfield.

If you would like us to provide an ESTIMATED value of a Kyler Murray card you have please email us a few pictures to

Not into football? Invest in one of the best options in the industry! Check out our Michael Jordan Rookie Card write up and thank us later.


Buyers Guide and Investment Advice

Investment Rating: Strong Buy (4.6 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: 1x 2019 Panini Prizm Silver RC #301 and 1x 2019 Auto Contenders Rookie Ticket #101A

Best Kyler Murray Rookie Card: Panini Prizm RC #301

The Cardinals’ QB is undoubtedly one of the top young players in the NFL, in a position that is always one of the most popular for fans. 

His rookie season was almost perfect in terms of numbers, and he looks like a major prospect for the future.

Kyler rookie cards aren’t too inflated for now, although that could change fairly quickly in the next few seasons (and maybe as soon as this one).

Murray is a phenomenal athlete, and you’ll have to spend a few bucks to pick up one of his cards. It should be worth it in the long run.



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