Kyler Murray Rookie Card Report and Investment Outlook


Kyler Murray (08/07/97) is a quarterback who currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL.

Murray was the first pick in the first round of the 2019 Draft, after an incredible season in which he won various awards including the Associated Press College Football Player of the Year.

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The hype has inevitably led to the price of his rookie cards going through the roof, especially after he turned down a career in baseball to join the NFL. 

We’ve listed a trio of the best Murray rookie cards to look out for no matter your budget.

2019 Panini Immaculate KYLER MURRAY RC Rookie Jersey Patch Auto #/99 True RPA

For the high-end collector looking to spend a few dollars.

Kyler Murray Rookie Card

The signature on the front is hard to miss, while the back has a paragraph dedicated to his ‘struggles’ as a 5”10 man on the football field.

As they note, his lack of height never impeded him as he managed to take home the Heisman Trophy in 2018.

Along with the autograph, you’ll find a prominent patch in his rookie colors, which should help to bump up the cost in the long run.

2019 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Kyler Murray #101

Some people turn their noses up at stickers, but the Panini Prizm Draft Pick is a great way to pick up a cheaper piece of signed Murray memorabilia.

Special versions are highly collectible, although they do begin to pick up in price fairly rapidly depending on rarity.

The reverse typically shows off the same image as the front, along with the usual guarantees about the legitimacy of the autograph. 

2019 Contenders Kyler Murray Rookie College Ticket Auto Card 

The Panini Contenders College Ticket is pricier, but you’re paying for the rarity and the on-card autograph.

The card is part of a set that is always popular, with multiple parallels that will be sure to interest both collectors and buyers whenever they’re available at auction.

The front features a prominent autograph at the bottom, with an RC logo located on the top left.

Murray is pictured full stride on the right-hand side, while the back has a zoomed-in image along with information about his previous stint as the first-round pick in the 2018 baseball draft. 

You’ll also find a shortlist of his most important career achievements so far, such as his AP award and his Big 12 records.

Kyler Murray Rookie Card Advice

The Cardinals’ QB is undoubtedly one of the top young players in the NFL, in a position that is always one of the most popular for fans. 

His rookie season was almost perfect in terms of numbers, and he looks like a major prospect for the future.

His flirtation with baseball also makes him an interesting prospect for card collectors from both sports, further raising the potential for increased prices down the line.

They aren’t too inflated for now, although that could change fairly quickly in the next few seasons.

Murray is a phenomenal athlete, and you’ll have to spend a few bucks to pick up one of his cards. It should be worth it in the long run.



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