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Julian Edelman (05/22/86) is a wide receiver and punt returner who has played for the New England Patriots since being drafted (232nd overall) in 2009. He’s one of the most productive receivers in post-season history and has played in four Super Bowls (XLVI, XLIX, LI, and LIII), winning three.

Julian Edelman Rookie Year Stats: 11 G | 359 Yards | 1 TD | 37 Receptions

With the loss of Tom Brady following a free-agency departure, he’s one of the remaining elder statesmen in the team and signed a two-year contract extension in 2019.

During his prime, Edelman was widely considered one of the best slot receivers in the league and had a knack for getting open during the most crucial times. He held down the position for the Patriots for a long time, and his departure left a hole that the team is desperately trying to fill.

Here’s the lowdown on the best Julian Edelman rookie cards, along with an investment outlook for the next few years as he begins to enter the twilight of his career.

Edelman was a late pick in the ‘09 draft, so he’s only found on eight cards. Six are numbered to 999 or less, while the player himself signs four. We’ve looked at recent sales to bring you a list of three of the top options right now.


2009 Julian Edelman Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket RC #176

Edelman’s Rookie Ticket is a bit of a letdown. We have no idea exactly how many copies there are, while it comes with an autograph of the stickered variety. However, it does have a solid black-and-white color scheme, and the brand is valued highly by collectors.

It comes with an image of the player holding a football in hand, while there’s a lot going all around him. For example, there are massive ‘2009 Rookie’ letters found behind and in front of him, and it’s a struggle to fit everything in despite the landscape design. It’s still one of the more popular Edelman RCs, especially when looking at gem mint versions.


2009 Julian Edelman Donruss Gridiron Gear /999 RC #163

The 2009 Donruss is the second card to make it onto the list. A print run of 999 is far from the lowest on this list, and you’ll have to look to the back to find the serial number in the first place. 

Another design that feels a bit overpacked, at least this card makes sure the focus is on Edelman himself. The player is featured with a football under one arm in a decent action shot, and there’s a New England Patriots logo right next to him. Donruss also couldn’t resist large white ‘Rookie’ lettering, although it’s less pronounced compared to the Rookie Ticket found above. 

It’s the most affordable card on the list, and we’d recommend gem mint copies as a great entry-level investment option. There are also several rare parallels, with smaller print runs.

Parallels: Silver (/250) Gold (/100) Platinum (/25)


2009 Julian Edelman Exquisite Collection /99 RC #158

The 2009 Exquisite Collection release is undoubtedly the top Edelman RC on small print runs. With a base card numbered to just 99, there’s no real point in having many parallels, and as a “Rookie Signatures” edition, there’s a large on-card auto located at the bottom.

It’s a stunning release with a detailed gold background and a holo trim. Of course, this leaves it more open to issues relating to the overall condition of the card. There are a couple of rarer parallels which truly represent the best of the best. 

Parallels: Silver Holofoil (/25), Platinum Holofoil (/1)


Honorable Mentions

While the three cards mentioned above are the best for investors that are looking to open a position in Julian Edelman rookie cards, others can still be viable options. One of the cards that just missed our list of the top three is the one shown here, as it’s still a strong card but couldn’t quite crack the exclusive top three.


2009 Julian Edelman Topps Platinum RC #159

While the base Julian Edelman rookie card from the 2009 Topps Platinum set is pretty standard and can be found for a reasonable price, there are a variety of parallels that have different print runs. The “Rainbow” parallel, limited to around 1500 copies, is one of the most popular due to its exciting design.

The card above shows Edelman in the dark blue Patriots jersey. His last name is featured front and center on a large graphic across the bottom of the card, with his team listed below. The top of the card features a similar graphic that reads “Topps Platinum”. Collecting the different parallels of this card is an excellent way to gain access to a well-known product that collectors want.


  • 2009 SP Authentic RC /999 #305
  • 2009 Julian Edelman Jersey Card RC
  • J2009 Topps Platinum Rookie #159
  • 2009 eTopps /649 #55
  • 2009 SPX RC #208
  • 2010 Score RC #172


Investment Outlook

  • Investment Rating: Small Buy (3.4 out of 5)
  • Ownership Disclosure: None
  • Best Julian Edelman Rookie Card: 2009 Julian Edelman Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket RC #176

If ever there was an overachiever in the NFL, Edelman went from being the 232nd pick to becoming one of the most productive receivers in post-season history. It’s fair to say that his teammates played a part in his success, but that’s true of any dominant franchise.

Edelman missed the entire 2017 season because of a torn ACL and was later suspended for the first four games in 2018 after being found to have used PEDs to aid his recovery. It was a dark time for the WR, but he overcame any lingering doubts with impressive displays upon his return.

Edelman is the first Jewish football player to be named Super Bowl MVP, although he did win it the same year he popped for PEDs. It could be held against him when it comes time to hand over future Hall of Fame ballots, but the best players tend to get in eventually. 

Missing out on an HoF spot would undoubtedly lower the potential for his RCs to take off when he retires. Still, Edelman does have more of an excuse than most, having been actively rehabbing what a terrible injury was. 

The values of his more exciting RCs have risen, and the majority have low serial numbers, pleasing designs, and a few rare parallels. The average price of his cards has also increased dramatically since 2018, making them somewhat enticing from an investment perspective.

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