Juan Soto Rookie Card and Investment Outlook (Childish Bambino!)


juan soto rookie cards

Juan Soto (10/25/98) is a Dominican outfielder who plays for the Washington Nationals. He spent a couple of years in the minor leagues after signing for the Nats, making his MLB breakthrough in 2018.

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A number of his rookie cards are already going up in price, likely because of how quickly he was able to make an impact in the big leagues.

Here’s a rundown with five of the best Soto rookie cards to look out for, along with some investment advice.

2016 Juan Soto Bowman Chrome Rookie Card (all versions)

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We’ll start off with a card that can easily sell for five figures (auto version), making it his most expensive overall (i.e. the most valuable Juan Soto rookie card).

Juan Soto Bowman Rookie Card

This 2016 edition is his first-ever rookie card, identified by the Bowman 1st logo located on the top right-hand side.

There’s an image of Soto standing tall as the focal point, along with a prominent signature at the bottom.

The reverse is packed with info, including scouting notes about his dangerous left-handed swing.

It’s the oldest card on our list, with a number of expensive parallels.

The blue version is always popular at auction, while a 9.5 graded Red Shimmer recently went for over $14,000.

Rarity is clearly a factor, but the prices are also inflated compared to others on the list.

2018 Juan Soto Topps Update Batting Gold Rookie Card

The normal version of the 2018 Topps update is pretty cheap, priced at under $100 for a mint edition.

Juan Soto Topps Rookie Card

The pink parallel can go for $150, while a PSA 10 graded gold version will go for at least $600 at auction.

The card features a large image of Soto, ready to swing, and there’s also an RC logo on the top left-hand side.

The reverse is packed with lots of stats and extra info, along with his minor league batting record.

Again, they’re expensive considering the lack of a patch or signature, but there’s a lot of hype surrounding Soto’s earlier cards.

2018 Topps Heritage Real One Juan Soto RC Autograph

Another autographed card, the 2018 Real One features Soto posing for a photo while seated in the dressing room.

juan soto rookie cards ebay

He has his bat in hand, and you can see his All-Star Game shoulder patch.

There’s also an RC logo located on the top, adding further value.

It’s a great card that’s packed full of color, and it looks like a throwback to editions of the past.

The back has a list of his minor league batting records, as well as info about his debut at 19 years old.

A mint version will go for at least $1,000, and they tend see a high number of bids when sold at auction.

2018 Topps Transcendent Collection Juan Soto AUTO

The 2018 Transcendent Collection card features Soto with bat in hand in a circled image on the front.

There’s a large signature, with a grey RC logo located on the bottom right.

The back details his speedy rise to the top, with just 122 games in the minors before he joined Washington.

Coming in at anywhere from $200-$400, it’s definitely inexpensive compared to other signed cards on this list, and it’s a viable option if you want to add an autographed version to your collection.

2019 Topps Transcendent Collection Juan Soto AUTO

If you’re looking for something even more affordable than the card above, the 2019 edition of his Transcendent Collection can be found at half the price of the 2018 version.

juan soto autograph card

It’s similar in style and layout, although the square has changed into a circle on the front. Of course, there’s no RC logo, but it’s still a good entry-level Soto card.

The back details his prolific rookie season, where he was named as the Rookie of the Month in June, July and September, as well as ending as the runner-up for the NL Rookie of the Year Award. 

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Juan Soto Investment Outlook 

He was always seen as a solid prospect, but Soto transformed into a phenom before he was legally allowed to drink alcohol.

His incredible 2019 season had a knock-on effect, causing many of his earlier rookie cards to go up in price drastically. 

He hits the ball well, confusing pitchers as he stands ready in a pose that has already become a signature stance.

The “Soto Shuffle” might be a bit of a meme, but it does help to psyche out opponents, and it makes him even more popular with casual fans.

Soto looks to be the real deal, and while it would have been more prudent to grab his older cards in 2018, there’s still room for profit if he manages to keep it up for the next few years.

Investment Rating: Very Strong BUY


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