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Josh Allen Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards, Value, and Investment Outlook

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Buy Josh Allen Rookie Cards on eBay

josh allen rookie card

American quarterback Josh Allen (5/21/96) has a rookie card that is a tempting prospect for many NFL investors. The highly-rated player was the seventh overall pick in the 2018 Entry Draft, where he joined the Buffalo Bills.

Josh Allen Rookie Year Stats: 12 games | 2074 passing yards | 10 passing TDs | QBR 49.8

Josh Allen on Twitter: twitter.com/JoshAllenQB

He went on to set 5 new franchise records for running and passing from only 11 starts. This includes the longest pass by a rookie QB and recording the most rushing takedowns by a quarterback.

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Allen is an interesting prospect with a great backstory, while his tendency to go for the unexpected makes him a firm fan favorite.

Here’s a trio of his best rookie cards to look out for at auction, along with descriptions, prices, and an investment outlook for the future.


2018 Josh Allen Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto RC #99

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best Josh Allen rc

(the standard version of this card is also a great investment)

Damn! A 10 rated version of this eye-catching card sells for roughly $5,000, but it should be a risk-free investment over the next few years.

There’s a shiny border, with Allen poised to throw a football in the image. It’s also lavishly signed on the front of the card. (Autographed items are always more valuable, and it’s especially true for rookie cards.)

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The back of this Panini card has the front image in its original form, along with typical stats like height and weight. There’s also a quote about “chicken wings”, with the player talking about how people from Buffalo dislike the saying.

*There’s a non-shiny version available, going for less than $1,000. It’s autographed, and it’s a solid option if you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank. The back has basic stats and his NCAA totals. Overall, it’s a great entry-level card if the price of the former is putting you off from investing.


2018 Josh Allen National Treasures RPA RC #163

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josh allen rookie card

Something slightly different, this is another signed piece that will always go quickly if and when you eventually decide to sell. Enclosed within the card is a small patch from Allen’s Bills clothing, featuring the familiar red, white, blue, and black.

There’s also a full-length image on the side, showing the player as he’s about to throw a football. The back of the card is also interesting, with a paragraph that goes into detail about Allen’s natural ability to outplay a zone defense.

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A signed patch is a great investment alternative to normal cards, but they can be just as expensive. Even so, autographed patches are always worth looking out for, especially with more popular players like the Bills’ quarterback.

A 9.5 recently sold for $3,500, but you might be able to snag a cheaper one as there tend to be a few on the market at any given time. All in all, it’s a great rookie patch and ideal for investment purposes.

Either is a decent option if you’re looking for a cheaper investment card, and they’re fancy enough to catch a collector’s eye.


2018 Josh Allen Contenders Optic RC #105

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2018 Josh Allen Contenders Optic rookie card

The Gold 2018 version is another special looking card, with a vinyl finish which makes it look like a drawing. The image shows Allen in his Bills uniform, looking off-camera with a football tucked under his arm.

The back has a short paragraph that pays homage to his achievements so far, as well as listing his NCAA career stats.

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As you may have guessed, the gold finish makes it a valuable card despite lacking an autograph. It’ll cost at least $500 if you’re looking for a mint version, and it’s heavily contested at auction.

Once again, there’s a cheaper red-bordered 2018 version with the same picture, and it has the added bonus of being signed by the player at the bottom.


Josh Allen Rookie Card Value

Josh Allen Rookie Card Value

Many are predicting Allen to develop into an elite QB this year and if that happens… WATCH OUT… his rookie card prices will soar.

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Josh Allen Rookie Card: Buyers Guide & Investment Outlook

Investment Rating: Buy (4.2 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: None

Best Josh Allen Rookie Card: 2018 National Treasures Rookie Card

Generally, potential prices will depend on what a player achieves, and it’s still way too early in the grand scheme of things to decide on Allen’s legacy. However, if he continues to break records there’s only one way they’re going to go.

Recent sales indicate that his average rookie card prices have risen steeply over the past year, dipping slightly after March 2019. There’s a heap on the market at the moment, so it may take some time to settle down.

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It’s worth noting that he’s the highest-drafted QB in franchise history, but there are still worries about his consistency despite his obvious talent. He still has time to iron out any issues, but it’s hard to move on from a promising rookie to a world-class QB that can throw fire and make the right decisions.

Allen is an exciting player, in a popular position, from a nation with a large density of card collectors. There are lots of attractive variants, and he has ridiculous potential. It’s easy to see why rarer cards are rising so rapidly, and it’s worth taking a chance on his future success.

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