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Not only are Joe Montana rookie cards an excellent long-term investment in terms of ROI, but they are also one of the safest buys in the entire hobby. Suggested in grades PSA 10 to 4 or SGC 10 to 6.


joe montana rookie cards

Joe Montana (6/11/1956) was born in New Eagle, PA, and was drafted by the San Fransico 49ers in the 3rd round of the 1979 NFL Draft (72 overall).

He played 15 years in the NFL, 13 years with the San Fransico 49ers, and 2 years with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Joe Montana played in 23 playoff games, had 26 comebacks, and had a mind-blowing 28-game-winning drive.

Joe Montana Rookie Year Stats:  7 games started | 1795 yards passing | 15 touchdown passes | 87.8 rating

  • Full Name: Joseph Clifford Montana Jr.
  • Position: QB
  • Throws: Right
  • Vitals: 6-2, 200lb

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There is really only one Joe Montana rookie card worth owning.

We listed two other Joe Montana football cards that should make for an excellent long-term investment and rival his rookie card in terms of ROI.


1981 Joe Montana Topps Rookie Card #216

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This is the only actual Joe Montana rookie card. Topps produced it in 1981 and showed Joe tossing the football in his home 49ers jersey.

If you own the 1981 Joe Montana, Topps Rookie Card, in a PSA 10 grade, please DM us on Facebook or email us at

Since this is the only Montana rookie card, you should always be able to find at least one for sale on eBay.

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1985 Joe Montana Topps Football Card #157

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For whatever reason, there is not many early Joe Montana card to pick from (most likely due to the lack of popularity in football cards at the time). The 1985 Montana Topps card came up in our search and a PSA 10 card sold for $421 in early 2020.

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The card pictures Joe warming up and has a pretty cool-looking black border. We might actually like the looks of this card better than his rookie card.


1983 Topps Joe Montana 49ers Football Card #169

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Here is another non-rookie Joe Montana card worth owning and is ideal for investors looking for a nice steady gainer year over year.

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You should be able to find this card in good condition (PSA 10) for under $50.


Most Valuable Joe Montana Card

The most valuable Joe Montana card is his 1981 Topps Joe Montana RC #216 as a PSA 10 grade sold on eBay for $60,000 on 5/24/2021.



  • 1981 Topps Joe Montana RC #216
  • 1981 Topps Rookie Progressive Blue Proof Joe Montana RC #216



Most Common on eBay Auctions: 1981 Topps RC #216

The most expensive Joe Montana rookie card is the 1981 Topps #216 at a PSA 10 grade. If one graded BGS 10 Black Label ever appears that would top the PSA in terms of value.

As we previously mentioned the value of Joe Montana rookie cards should have a steady upward ROI for the foreseeable future with little risk other than what comes with the industry.

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Investment Outlook

Before Tom Brady starting winning Superbowls, Joe Montana was considered the best QB ever to play the game, and some still think him the same.

But most close to the game have acknowledged that Montana is no longer the top QB of all time, but that doesn’t mean his rookie cards aren’t excellent investments.

  • Investment Rating: Buy (4.5 out of 5)
  • Risk/Return Analysis: Low Risk/Moderately High to High Return
  • Ownership Disclosure: None
  • Best Rookie Card: 1981 Topps Rookie Card #216

His rookie cards remain a great investment option and one of the more secure as they should provide steady gains year after year.

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Don’t expect massive returns, but you can sleep easy knowing there is minimal risk here and an excellent size return on investment year after year.

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