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Best Joe Burrow Rookie Card

Joe Burrow (12/10/1996) was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals with the 1sr Overall Pick in the 2020 NFL Draft out of LSU (who he led to a National Title after transferring from Ohio State)… he stands 6-3 and tips the scales at 221lb (190cm, 100kg).

Joe Burrow’s rookie cards are rolling out fast now and are some of the most-watched cards on eBay. Burrow won’t be on the same level of crazy that Zion Williamson Rookie Cards were but it will be in that neighborhood.

Joe Burrow Rookie Year Stats: Coming Soon… He is killing it with the Bengals so far… we will update this when the full NFL season is in the books.

“Since the Bengals took him No. 1, Burrow has completed 67% of his throws for 2,272 yards and 11 touchdowns with five interceptions”

joe burrow rookie instagram
Burrow is only in year one but can already talk trash with the best of them on IG

Joe Burrow looked like a seasoned veteran against the Titans on Sunday and that’s a huge reason why NFL fans in Cinncinatti are feeling extremely optimistic in regards to the future for the first time in years.

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Who knew this kid was going to be so good so fast! Here are just a few of the headlines we are seeing across the US in regards to Burrow… “Bengals Head Into Bye Revived With A Joe Burrow Swagger”, “This is the Burrow Decade”, “Former LSU star Joe Burrow continues to impress on the professional stage“, and “Joe Burrow graded as one of NFL’s top passers in Week 8″.

Best Joe Burrow Rookie Cards

Let’s check out the best Joe Burrow RCs for investment purposes and if you don’t already have a few you should really consider buying a few as this kid looks like he could be the next big thing in the NFL.


2020 Joe Burrow Absolute Kaboom RC #31 (buy on eBay)

Best Joe Burrow Rookie Card

Not only do we love the Kaboom design but they are still valued at some reasonable prices at even high PSA grades (we don’t see that lasting long with this Burrow RC in particular).

Numbered #31 the card shows Burrow airing the ball out downfield straight into the hands of an open wideout. The Bengals Logo is placed towards the bottom right-hand corner while the Kaboom RC Logo is placed in the upper right.

Otherwise, this is one #DRIPWORTHY Burrow RC that you can only hope makes it into your collection.

His name (Joe Burrow) is placed in the bottom left-hand corner… our only gripe is what’s the deal with making Joe so small it’s hard to decipher??


2020 Joe Burrow Panini Prizm RC #307 (buy on eBay)

Joe Burrow Prizm Rookie Card

The 2020 Panini Prizm Joe Burrow RC will be the most popular of all his rookie cards for years to come and is available in a ton of high-end parallels that are absolutely gorgeous and make for a great investment.

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Numbered #307 the Prizm Joe Burrow RC shows him on the move, scrambling to his right while desperately looking for an option to toss the pigskin too (where is AJ Green and that multi-million dollar contract!).

Buy this card and be happy with a solid ROI for the next 5 years (assuming Burrow picks up where he left after his injury).


2020 Joe Burrow Panini Downtown RC # (buy on eBay)

Joe Burrow Downtown Rookie Card

Not only is the 2020 Joe Burrow Downtown RC a great looking card but it has a chance of being one of the better in terms of ROI (should be in the top 5 for sure).

The Burrow Panini Downtown rookie cards are a BIG BUY and should have a juicy ROI going forward.

The card shows Joe Burrow getting ready to launch the football in the white Cincinnatti Bengals jersey with a couple of fierce ass tigers in the backdrop (or should we say Bengals).


2020 Joe Burrow Donruss Auto Canvas RC #301 (buy on eBay)

Joe Burrow Donruss Rookie Card

This along with the Kaboom rookie card are our top picks to date. The Joe Burrow Donruss rookie card shows Burrow on his back leg while looking to launch the football to a man over the middle… hopefully he will be able to get enough mustard on the ball.

Numbered #301 the classic “Rated Rookie” logo is slabbed in the top right-hand corner while his name is placed in the bottom left. The Cincinnati Bengals wording seems smaller than it should be along the bottom center of the card with the Donruss Logo taking the bottom right corner.


2019 Joe Burrow Panini Select RC #301B (buy on eBay)

Joe Burrow Panini Select Silver Prizm rookie card

Were somewhat confused with this Burrow Panini Select RC as it is a 2019 but has him in a Bengals Uniform… shouldn’t it be 2020? Who knows but if you are lucky enough to have this card at high grades you are going to get paid.

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Numbered #301B the card shows Burrow running for his life after the pocket breaks down. Love the backdrop to the card and it makes the Bengals Black Jersey really come to life in a bold-strong way.


2020 Joe Burrow Panini Mosaic RC #201 (buy on eBay)

Joe Burrow Rookie Card Mosaic

One of the more expensive Burrow RC sold to date and also one of the best looking as this bad boy has #DRIP4YEARS. The 2020 Burrow Mosaic RC is available in a variety of high-end parallels like the one shown above.

Numbered #201 the card shows Burrow loading up the rifle and getting ready to fire. The backdrop of the Gold Mosaic Parallel is breathtaking and will light up a dark room.


2020 Joe Burrow Panini Absolute RC #158 (buy on eBay)

2020 Joe Burrow Panini Absolute RC

A great option for investors not looking to spend a ton of cash but get a great Joe Burrow RC investment!

Numbered #158 the card shows Burrow scrambling for his life in what appears to be caused by a broken o-line which is not surprising with the Bengals. His name is towards the bottom right while the wording “Absolute Football” is slabbed in the bottom left.

“2020 Panini Absolute Football Box is a great buy and we love the value as far as buying a hobby box goes”

The Panini RC Logo is up in the top left-hand corner and the Bengals logo is placed in the upper right-hand corner.

*Shop: Buy 2020 Panini Absolute Hobby Boxes on eBay*

We really like these 2020 Panini Absolute Football Hobby Boxes as they are very affordable and you have a chance of getting a Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert KABOOM rookie card… great value in our opinion.


2020 Joe Burrow UD Goodwin Champions Exquisite RPA /99 RC (buy on eBay)

joe burrow rookie card goodwin

Out of all of the Joe Burrow RCs released to date the UD Goodwin Champions Exquisite RPA is our top pick and we feel the ROI on this baby will be through the roof if he turns out to be a pro-bowl caliber QB in the NFL.

“Another solid Joe Burrow RC that will have a filthy ROI over the next few years”

A great looking card with a smooth auto from Burrow and a PATCH! A true must-have for high-end investors who want a piece of Joey B… just be prepared to spend some cash (better now than 4 weeks from now or at the end of the season when he is being named ROY).


2020 Joe Burrow Panini Chronicles DP Auto RC #5 (buy on eBay)

2020 Optic Rated Rookie Joe Burrow Auto rookie card

Just another #DRIP2HARD Joe Burrow Autographed rookie card that will cost you an arm and a leg. The 2020 Burrow Optic RC is numbered #5 and shows Joe gently tossing the ball over the middle or maybe during warmups… hard to tell exactly.

The Rated Rookie logo is placed in the top left-hand corner and the Joe Burrow auto is placed towards the center bottom (and it’s a great looking auto).

Only ONE Major Flaw… BUT it’s a BIG one… he is wearing his LSU jersey… sad… we will pass but still a nice card for investors who don’t shy away from college rookie cards.


2020 Joe Burrow Score Auto RC #360 (buy on eBay)

joe burrow rookie card score

The Joe Burrow Score rookie card is another SOLID purchase if you’re a Burrow backer… the Score, A&G, and Panini Select Gold Burrow rookie cards are all tied for second after the UD Goodwin.

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The only thing stopping it from being number 1 is the LSU jersey as it is a college card… still a great buy as they were the best college football team of all-time (at least in our opinion).


2020 Joe Burrow Topps Allen and Ginter Framed Mini Red Ink /10 RC (buy on eBay)

joe burrow rookie card

This is one of the better Burrow rookie cards on the market currently and is worthwhile purchasing if you feel Joey B. is in for great things… which it looks like he is.

The 2020 Joe Burrow Allen & Ginter RC does not have a number but comes with a nice auto in red ink.


2020 Joe Burrow Panini Select Gold /10 RC #321 (buy on eBay)

2020 Panini Select Joe Burrow Gold /10

WHOA! You better come loaded for bear if you want this Burrow rookie card in your safety deposit box! Not only is it an autograph card but it’s also super rare i.e. /10… the only thing missing is a patch… it still is a great card for Joe Burrow fanboys who think he is the next Joe Montana (which he might be!).

This card has had a very nice run-up given Burrows performance BUT we would look for something else at this time when it comes to Joe Burrow rookie cards.


2020 Joe Burrow Panini Prizm Auto LSU SP RC (buy on eBay)

Joe Burrow Rookie Cards

This was one of the more expensive Burrow rookie cards when 2020 was younger… the early Burrown Prizm RC shows him running for his life while looking for an open wideout or tight end… knowing the season he had in 2019 he most likely connected.

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His name is plastered at the bottom of the card in autograph form and the Panini Prizm RC Logo is placed in the upper right-hand corner. He is in his LSU jersey which takes away from the card as in most cases we tend to shy away from “college rookie cards”.


2020 Joe Burrow Panini Mosaic Silver Prizm #201 (buy on eBay)

2020 Joe Burrow Panini Mosaic Silver Prizm

Another Panini Prizm Burrow rookie card that shows Burrow standing tall in the pocket looking to fire one off to an open wideout or tight end.

The card is numbered #201 and WAS one of the more popular buying options in 2020 (when will 2020 be over geez).


2020 Joe Burrow Leaf Metal Rookie Card #BA-JB1 (buy on eBay)

Joe Burrow rookie card

Leaf is known for making super early rookie cards and they fall in line with this Joe Burrow rookie card.

Numbered #BA-JB1 the card shows Burrow about to pass the pigskin to an open wide receive, tight-end, or maybe even a running back out of the backfield. Were not a fan of Leaf cards (unless you are talking about the Greg Maddux Leaf Rookie Card).


Joe Burrow Rookie Card Checklist

Joe Burrow Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2020 SI for Kids Joe Burrow Football Card “1st Rookie” Card
  • 2020 Joe Burrow Panini Donruss Downtown SSP RC #D-JB
  • 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter RC
  • 2020 Donruss Auto Canvas RC #301
  • 2020 Panini Select RC
  • 2020 Score Rookie Card Auto #360
  • 2020 UD Goodwin Champions Exquisite RPA /99 RC
  • 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks #105
  • 2020 Panini Mosaic Prizm RC #201
  • 2020 Panini Prizm Joe Burrow Stained Glass SSP RC #16
  • 2020 Leaf Metal Rookie #BA-JB1
  • 2020 Panini Spectra Neon PATCH AUTO RPA RC /20
  • 2020 Prizm Draft Cracked Ice Autograph #105
  • 2020 Panini Origins Rookie Autograph /49 RC
  • 2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Joe Burrow RC Auto #/25
  • 2020 Joe Burrow Absolute Auto RC #201
  • 2020 Panini Gold Vinyl Prizm RC #307
  • 2020 Panini Instant Rookie Card #1
  • 2020 Panini Obsidian /25 RC
  • 2020 Panini XR Joe Burrow XL Swatch Autograph NFL Shield Football
  • 2020 Illusions Tie Dye Rookie 3 Color Jersey Autograph
  • 2020 Leaf Metal Draft Armed & Dangerous Autograph Crystal #ADJB1
  • 2020 Joe Burrow / Justin Jefferson FOTL Dual Auto Prizm Draft Picks #CTA-WN


Pro Tips When Buying Joe Burrow Rookie Cards

Only buy Joe Burrow football cards that have been graded as the odds of receiving a PSA 10 grade on a raw card is not worth the risk.


Paying extra for a Joe Burrow Prizm RC with an autograph on is worth the extra money.


Avoid buying early Joe Burrow rookie cards (i.e. Leaf Metal) as the ROI will not be as lucrative as his Prizm RC for example.


Joe Burrow Rookie Card Value (Most Expensive/Popular)

Joe Burrow Rookie Card Value

The most expensive Joe Burrow rookie card is the 2020 Joe Burrow Panini Gold Vinyl Prizm RC #307 which sold for a mind-blowing $19,511 on 1/1/2021 via eBay auctions.

In terms of popularity, the Joe Burrow Prizm RC is a great investment as these will get tons of bids under the eBay auction format.

If you would like an estimated value of your Joe Burrow card please email us at and include 2 photos or hit us up on the Gold Card Auctions FB page.


How much is a Joe Burrow rookie card worth? Email us for an estimate at or visit and click on advanced options.
How much will Burrow make? Burrow and the Bengals agreed to a four-year, $36.2 million guaranteed deal.
What rookie cards are worth money in 2020? Burrow, CeeDee Lamb
Will Joe Burrow go number 1 in the draft? Yes. That happened back in May of 2020.



Joe Burrow Rookie Card: Buyers Guide & Investment Outlook

Joe Burrow Rookie Card Investment

Investment Rating: Solid Buy (4.4 out of 5)
Best Joe Burrow Rookie Card: 2020 Kaboom Joe Burrow Rookie Card
Ownership Disclosure: None

Can you believe we were originally not backing Burrow and advised to pass on his rookie cards… even the best in the business are wrong from time to time 🙂

That has obviously changed as he is looking pretty damn good for a rookie on the Bengals and is looking like a runaway for rookie of the year.

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Now we are not saying he is going to be the next great QB in the NFL but he is definitely worth a shot at this point and we are no longer suggesting buyers avoid him.

Have questions about Joe Burrow rookie cards? Need buying advice? Email us at or visit the GCA Facebook Page.or get at us on Twitter Gold Card Auctions.

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11 months ago

There are now more Joe Burrow cards available so which one do you think are the best? There will probably be at least one more in a week or two when Score is released.

Jason Durbin
Jason Durbin
10 months ago

Is there a difference between Joe burrow blue prizm and blue refractor or is it the same card?

2 months ago

No love for the Donruss Rated Rookie Pink previews? Clean card for Joey B.