Jerome Bettis Rookie Card – Best 3 Cards, Values, Investment Outlook

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Jerome Bettis Rookie Card

Widely seen as one of the greatest power running backs of all time, Jerome Bettis (02/16/72) is better known as ‘The Bus’ to fans. 

As the name suggests, he was a one-man battering ram who won Super Bowl XL, as well as being a six-time Pro Bowler and two-time first-team All-Pro.

Jerome Bettis Rookie Year Stats: 16 games, 1429 rushing yards, 7 rushing TDs, 244 receiving yards, and averaged 5.2 yards a touch.

Here’s a roundup with three of the best Jerome Bettis rookie cards that money can buy, along with information about how and why they managed to earn a spot on the list. 

Best Jerome Bettis Rookie Cards

Bettis’ rookie cards were released during the junk wax era, and you’ll have to look further forward if you’re hoping for a signed release. 

However, his RCs still hold decent value in the present day, with none more coveted than the first to make the list.

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1993 Jerome Bettis SP Foil RC #6

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Jerome Bettis SP Foil rookie card

The ‘93 SP Foil has to be seen as the ultimate Bettis RC. 

Featuring an action shot of Bettis as he powers forward, the image is full-bleed aside for a small stripe at the bottom that has the player’s name and position. 

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The foil finish and the lack of a hard border has led to prices rising into the four-figure range if you’re looking at gem-mint graded versions.

Given the number of cards that were released during the early 1990s, it’s worth noting that there is a significant dropoff when looking at lower grades.


1993 Jerome Bettis Pinnacle Rookies RC #7

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1993 Jerome Bettis Pinnacle Rookie Card

The black background and white text found on the 1993 Pinnacle Bettis RC mean that it’s another which is highly condition-sensitive. 

It also features Pinnacle’s unique anti-counterfeit barcode on the reverse, which could be viewed through a Lenticular detector card to ensure authenticity.

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(Pinnacle produced sets for MLB, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, and the WNBA for a decade until they went bankrupt in 1998.)

The overall design leads to a dark card, brightened slightly by the addition of a gold finish.


1993 Jerome Bettis Stadium Club 1st Day Issue RC #506

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1993 Jerome Bettis Stadium Club 1st Day Issue RC #506

In an effort to increase perceived rarity, Topps put a foil label on the Stadium Club cards which were produced on the first day of issue.

“For the ‘93 collection, there were 2,000 cards which were stamped, including the Bettis RC from the set.” 

You will be able to tell the difference instantly thanks to the imprinted foil label found in the top right corner. 

It’s the most affordable option to make the list, as collectors seem to prefer the SP when looking at RCs wrapped in foil. 


Jerome Bettis Rookie Card Checklist

Jerome Bettis Rookie Card Checklist

  • 1993 Playoff Contenders Jerome Bettis RC #124
  • 1993 SP Jerome Bettis RC #6
  • 1993 Playoff Contenders Jerome Bettis RC #124
  • 1993 SkyBox Premium Jerome Bettis RC #62
  • 1993 Pacific Jerome Bettis RC #434
  • 1993 Upper Deck Jerome Bettis RC #20
  • 1993 Wild Card Superchrome Jerome Bettis RC #159
  • 1993 Action Packed Jerome Bettis RC #172
  • 1993 Bowman Jerome Bettis RC #264
  • 1993 GameDay Jerome Bettis RC #339
  • 1993 Pro Set Jerome Bettis RC #226
  • 1993 Stadium Club Jerome Bettis RC #108
  • 1993 Topps Jerome Bettis RC #166
  • 1993 Score Jerome Bettis RC #306
  • 1993 Pacific Prisms Jerome Bettis RC #48
  • 1993 Pro Line Live Jerome Bettis RC #143
  • 1993 Playoff Jerome Bettis RC #294
  • 1993 Power Update Prospects Jerome Bettis RC #9
  • 1993 SkyBox Impact Jerome Bettis RC #370
  • 1993 Ultra Jerome Bettis RC #232
  • 1993 Pro Line Portraits Jerome Bettis RC #473
  • 1993 Select Jerome Bettis RC #172
  • 1993 Wild Card Jerome Bettis RC #159
  • 1993 Ultra All-Rookie Jerome Bettis RC #2


Jerome Bettis Rookie Card Values

Jerome Bettis Rookie Card Values

The most valuable Jerome Bettis rookie card is the 1993 SP Foil Jerome Bettis rookie card #6 and the 1993 Pinnacle Rookies Jerome Bettis rookie card #7.

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Jerome Bettis Rookie Cards: Buyers Rating and Investment Outlook

Bettis’ rookie cards are more valuable than the average early 1990’s release, helped in no small part by the quality of his CV, along with strong design choices. 

Jerome Bettis Rookie Card Investment Rating: Buy (4.0 out of 5)
Ownership Disclosure: None
Top-Rated (ROI) Jerome Bettis Rookie Card: 1993 Jerome Bettis SP Foil RC #6 (buy on eBay)


It’s easy to forget he was far from a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and was elected in 2015 on his fifth try.

Some of his most valuable cards are also extremely condition-sensitive. The era in which they were released is one of the main reasons why, due to the sheer number of copies that were produced at the time. 

(It’s no surprise that the third card is also limited, as there were only 2,000 cards stamped.)

We’d advise looking at gem mint copies for this reason, especially since there’s such a significant drop-off when looking at lower grades. 

You might be better served looking elsewhere if you’re solely interested in making a profit, but Bettis’ RCs are a decent investment option for any Steelers fans.


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