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James Wiseman Rookie Card

James Wiseman (3/31/2001) was drafted by the beaten-down Golden State Warriors with the 2nd overall pick in the 1st round of the 2020 NBA Draft. He played college basketball at Memphis and clocks in at 7-1 and tips the scales at 240 (he is a big boy).


His rookie cards are obviously going to draw some attention being the second overall pick of the Golden State Warriors who are just a year of an NBA Chip.

Plus Wiseman is almost guaranteed to receive more minutes with backup Marquese Chriss out for the season with a right ankle fracture making him a great bet to win the NBA rookie of the year award.

Other 2020-21 NBA ROY Contenders rookie cards: Obi Toppin RCs and Donte DiVincenzo RCs (both players are currently in the top 5 on sports wagering sites to win the ROY award).

Best James Wiseman Rookie Cards

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top-rated James Wiseman RCs from an investment standpoint.


2020 James Wiseman Panini Prizm RC #268

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2020 James Wiseman Panini Prizm RC #268

Our top pick in terms of ROI.


2020 James Wiseman Panini Donruss Rated Rookie RC #226

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james wiseman donruss rated rookie card

Our second favorite Wiseman rookie cards.


2020 James Wiseman Panini Prizm DP Crusade RC #82

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James Wiseman rookie cards

We love the James Wiseman Panini Prizm DP Crusade rookie cards and the shimmer parallels in particular. Not only are they great-looking cards but the United States flag is the icing on the cake for us.

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Numbered #82 the card shows Wiseman powering his way up for what we can only assume is a net-breaking dunk (NBA Jam DRIP4YA).

2020 James Wiseman Panini Prizm DP Crusade Parallels: Blue, Yellow and Green Choice Prizms Fast Break Prizms Green Prizms Tiger Stripe Choice Prizms Hyper Prizms Pink Ice Prizms Purple Wave Prizms Red Ice Prizms Red, White, and Blue Prizms Ruby Wave Prizms Silver Prizms Red Prizms /299 Blue Prizms /199 Blue Fast Break Prizms /175 Purple Ice Prizms /149 Red Fast Break Prizms /125 Blue Ice Prizms /99 Red Choice Prizms /88 Purple Prizms /75 Orange Pulsar Prizms /49 Purple Fast Break Prizms /49 Green Pulsar Prizms /25 Mojo Prizms /25 Pink Fast Break Prizms /25 Blue Shimmer Prizms /13 Gold Prizms /10 Green Choice Prizms /8 Black Gold Prizms /5 Neon Green Fast Break Prizms /5 Black Prizms 1/1 Nebula Choice Prizms 1/1


2020 James Wiseman Prizm Draft Picks Red/White/Blue RC #97

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2020 James Wiseman Prizm Draft Picks Red/White/Blue rookie card

God bless America home that I love… another Wiseman Prizm RC bringing the Patriot heat. The 2020 James Wiseman Panini Prizm DP Global Prospects rookie card shows Wiseman walking back up the court with the look that he got the raw end of a called foul.

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His name sits at the center bottom with the wording “Global Prospects” on top. The Prizm RC logo is placed in the top right corner with the American flag as a backdrop… a solid card making for a solid investment.


2020 James Westman Panini Draft Downtown RC #D-1

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2020 Panini Prizm Downtown #D1 James Wiseman RC Rookie Card

The last James Wiseman card on our list is the 2020 Panini Draft Downtown RC. This card is DRIPX100 and is by far the best looking of all the rookie cards on this list in our opinion.

Numbered #D-1 the card shows Wiseman getting ready to knock some bodies around on his way up to the rim…. incoming! The card also has a cartoon tiger with a guitar that represents his college team the Memphis Tigers.


James Westman Rookie Card Checklist

James Westman Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2020 Panini Prizm DP James Wiseman RC #97
  • 2020 Panini Draft Downtown RC #D-1
  • 2020 James Wiseman Prizm Draft Picks Red/White/Blue James Wiseman RC #97
  • 2020 National Treasures College RPA PATCH AUTO James Wiseman RC 1/1
  • 2020 Immaculate Autograph James Wiseman Rookie Patch Auto RPA James Wiseman RC
  • 2020 PaniniContenders Draft Picks Auto Cracked ICE 1/23 James Wiseman RC
  • 2020 National Treasures Lamelo Ball And James Wiseman RC
  • 2020 Prizm Draft Picks Auto Rookie James Wiseman RC
  • 2020 Panini Contenders FRONT-ROW SEAT NBA Draft Pick James Wiseman RC #2
  • 2020 Panini Donruss Rated Rookie James Wiseman RC #226
  • 2020 Panini Prizm James Wiseman RC #268


James Westman Rookie Card Value

The most expensive James Westman RC sold to date is the 2020-21 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Blue Shimmer #d /13 (check back as better cards will be released in 2021 that will trump this value of this bad boy).

Pro-Tip: Wait until the second year to buy NBA players as you will have much less risk with the purchase (i.e. look at Luka and Ja ROI before the start of their 2nd year and then after their 2nd year).


Looking to purchase a James Westman RC but are afraid of the dreaded buyer’s remorse? Email us at for advice… for FREE.


James Westman Rookie Card: Buyers Guide and Investment Outlook

James Wiseman is going to benefit from a number of factors this year (injuries plus paired with Curry) and is our pick to win the 2020-21 NBA rookie of the year.

Investment Rating: Soft Buy (3.0 out of 5)

Ownership Disclosure: None

Best James Wiseman Rookie Card: 2020 Panini Prizm DP RC #97

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We feel purchasing his best rookie card at these levels is a smart move but you never know for sure as investing in 1st-year players comes with a ton of risk no matter how good they are. Please read below to learn more about diversifying your sports card investing…

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