Best James Harden Rookie Card and Value (Solid Investment)


There are a variety of James Harden rookie cards out there (some better than others)…

i.e. James Harden Season Ticket rookie card…

i.e. James Harden RC Panini…

but our favorite by far is the 2009 Topps Basketball James Harden RC. called this card “one to keep an eye on” and we agree.

James Harden Rookie Card

Buy a James Harden Topps Rookie Card

The 2009 James Harden Topps rookie card features a close up of Harden with a stone cold blank stare on his face.

The basic PSA 10 version of this card will go for $150 to $210.

The current raw price will set you back $20 to $50.

We like investing in PSA 9, PSA 10 or raw cards (if your willing to send it to PSA).

James Harden Topps Rookie Card

2009 James Harden Topps RC refractor versions can go for $3k plus.

GCA loves this card as a long-term investment as we feel Harden will win an NBA championship at some point during his career.

Check out the NBA All-Rookie Team Best Card.


  1. Wow did you hear about James Harden with the Houston Rockets? Apparently he’s now one of two players to get ten 3-pointers in two games back to back. The only other player to do that is Stephen Curry with the Golden State Warriors. I wonder what Stephen Curry thinks about that.


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