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Ja’Marr Chase was selected fifth overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2021 NFL Draft. Chase had a dominant college football career with LSU and previously played with Joe Burrow when they won the National Championship together during the 2019-20 season.

Chase is now teammates again with Joe Burrow and already having an impact with the Bengals in his rookie season. During his first three games with the Bengals, Chase already has four touchdowns in his career.

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He easily could become the Bengal’s most dynamic weapon and already has familiarity with Burrow from his college days at LSU.

Best Ja’Marr Chase Rookie Card Investments

Ja’Marr Chase cards are already being targeted as a hot investment to begin the 2021 NFL season. Let’s take a look at which cards are the most sought of Chase, which cards to look for in the future, and his investment outlook.

Please note these cards will not be the best cards a year from now. But if you are dead set on buying his cards now here are your best cards.


2021 Ja’Marr Chase Panini Gold Standard RPA Auto 282 /1


2021 Ja'Marr Chase Panini Gold Standard RPA

This Ja’Marr Chase RPA Auto has sold for the highest out of any of his cards thus far. The card features are a number of cool patches and an auto of Chase featured in a silver sharpie.

This is a true 1/1, the best way to determine the value of 1/1 is to find a similar card that has sold and compare players of the same caliber.

A high-end investment like this could pay off on Chase especially if he reaches his full potential. RPA Auto’s are amongst some of the most popular football cards that are featured each year.


2021 Ja’Marr Chase Panini Elements Steel Auto RC Carbon /6


2021 Ja'Marr Chase Panini Elements Steel Auto

This card features an on-card autograph of Chase, plus is serial numbered out of only six examples. On-card autographs add a lot more overall value and this one is one of Chase’s best thus far.

This card will only become tougher to find and if you’re trying to complete a master list of all Chase rookie autographed cards then this is another must-have.

This card is one of his first true on-card rookie autos featured of Chase in his NFL uniform and for that reason alone this card should always have great long-term value.


2021 Ja’Marr Chase Donruss Downtown RC #DT-36


2021 Donruss Downtown Ja'Marr Chase Silver RC #DT-36

This card is a rare SSP (Super Short Print) rookie silver of Chase. The downtown silver rookies have been considered a case hit and very limited.

Only a few of these have pulled thus far of Chase and this card is already considered one of his most sought rookie cards and one of the rarest.

Downtown Donruss rookie silver rookies are very popular so this is a great card to buy now before they become even tougher to find.


Ja’Marr Chase Rookie Cards – Buyers Rating and Investment Outlook

Chase could be regarded as the Bengal’s number one receiver by the end of this season. He is only 21 years of age, and 10-15 years from now we could be talking about Chase being a potential Hall of Famer.

  • Buyers Rating: 4.01 out of 5 | Ja’Marr Chase has the potential to be a superstar receiver in the NFL.
  • Ownership Disclosure: None
  • Best Rookie Card: 2021 Ja’Marr Chase Donruss Downtown RC #DT-36

He already has the familiarity with his quarterback Joe Burrow from their college days. The Bengals are a team that throws the ball a ton which already benefits Chase putting up great numbers.

Investing in wide receivers could pay off in both the short-term and long-term especially a player with Chase’s talent. He has the talent and upside to be considered one of the premier wide receivers in the NFL for a long time.

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A few cards to look for on Ja’Marr Chase coming out soon would be his Prizm rookie both the base version and autograph. A number of different variations of his Prizm rookie will be available in different colors. My personal favorites are base Prizm rookie, silver, and base autograph.

I am also looking forward to seeing Chase featured in the Panini Contenders Autographed Rookie set. I would try to target his base Contenders Autograph or his Cracked Ice Autograph (which is usually very limited). Contenders Autographs are amongst the most sought-after set to come out towards the end of the NFL season.

Are you buying into the hype on Ja’Marr Chase?

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