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As far as we know, there is no baseball card appraisal finder app (maybe we should build one). With no app, the best way to find a baseball card appraisal in your area is via Yelp and Google.

Or a third option is to email us at value@goldcardauctions and include two photos of the card, and we will provide a free appraisal.

To find a baseball card appraiser near you via Yelp, please visit and enter the name of your city/zip code.

Another simple method to find a baseball card appraisal in your city is via Google search. Pull up Google and search “your city” baseball card appraisal. So if you live in Miami, Fl, search for Miami, Fl baseball card appraisal in Google.

Pretty simple.

You can also check out our article entitled 10 Best Baseball Card Value Apps To Try Now, as we will cover the best apps regarding finding the value of a baseball card.

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