3 Cards We Just Bought (Updated October 2020)

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Here we will list 3 purchases we recently made for the Gold Card Auctions Investment Portfolio.

We will list the price and as an added bonus we will also include the line of thought behind each purchase.

Cheers πŸ™‚

For these three purchases we went with an obvious easy money play heading into the NFL season… invest in the best young QBs in the game and their best rookie cards (in this case Prizm).

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We feel these rookie cards should be an easy 20% ROI minimum (if not much more) by week 4 or 5 of the regular season.

Honestly, you could probably make an easy 10% if you simply buy and then sell the week before the regular season begins.

Please note Drew Lock is a somewhat high-risk play as he is not a proven NFL QB BUT with high risk comes a high reward… if you are not comfortable investing in this type of card please don’t do it as you will drive yourself crazy watching every snap he takes :).

If you have any questions about these purchases contact us on the Gold Card Auctions social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) or email us at advice@goldcardauctions.com… thanks and let’s hope we all can make some easy money investing in the hobby we love $$$ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :).


2019 Panini Prizm #301 Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals RC Rookie

This was a SICK buy as this exact card was selling for more than $1,000 at the end of September… we are currently in the process of stockpiling Murray rookie cards with plans to sell when he wins his first NFL MVP (which could be this year)..

Purchase date/price: 10/5/2020 / $655


2018 Panini Prizm #280 Luka Doncic RC Rookie Mavericks BGS 9.5

Another awesome purchase as this card was also going for over $1k at one point in the summer of 2020… now is the best time to be loaded up on Luka rookie cards in preparation for the next NBA season that should be his best yet (in terms of personal best and playoff run).

Purchase date/price: 10/9/2020 / $712


2017 Patrick Mahomes II Panini Prizm RC BGS 9.5 #269

Purchase Date/Price: 8/12/2020 and $3,870

This is a no brainer and should earn an easy 20% ROI at a minimum unless we see some sort of fluke season-ending injury. Mahomes and the Chiefs are actually our picks to win the SuperBowl this year and if that happens this card will explode in value.

The only real question when investing in a Mahomes Prizm rookie card is when to sell πŸ™‚

Again check out our Patrick Mahomes rookie card write-up to check out all the parallels associated with his Prizm rookie card.


Wrapping it all up

A good way to think of these investments is…

  • Lock: high risk – super high return
  • Mahomes: low risk – moderate/high return
  • Watson: moderate risk – moderate/high return

What do you think of these purchases? agree? disagree? are we crazy? please comment below or hit us up on the Gold Card Auctions Facebook page.

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  1. With the Luka card. Do you recommend the base optic version or any of the variations? i.e. Shock Prizms, etc.

    • we love the base Luka optic version but the high-end ones are great too if you have the funds for it πŸ™‚

  2. I love your site and visit frequently. I’m a Watson fan but perplexed why you think this a year he should easily improve. He was playing ag a high level last year and lost his best weapon (and arguably the best pass catching weapon in the league.) I think Watson steps up and fills the void somehow, but even if he does, doesn’t that leave him back at last years numbers?

    • thank you, Daniel! πŸ™‚ and great points but we feel losing Hopkins is far from a death sentence for Watson’s potential output in 2020 that some experts are predicting. The team did bring in another deep threat in Brandin Cooks, and replacing Carlos Hyde with David Johnson is a massive upgrade in the receiving department… individuals close to Watson also state he is very unhappy with the current projections he is being labeled with and will have a big chip on his shoulder this year… we will see but we are not betting aginst this guy :)… cheers!

      • That was an excellent reply. I forgot about Brandin Cooks (shame on me as he’s from the same city in CA as I am.) I’m a huge Watson fan but was struggling to see how he moved up. This helps. I also currently live in Phoenix and there is this ridiculous notion that David Johnson is done. I understand he’s been hurt and there is a good chance he can’t return to 100% of his old form, but the Cardinals had the worst line in football and had a pass catching, lateral moving, do-it-all RB just run up the middle over and over again. I hope he does well with Watson. Thanks again.

  3. What is the difference in value on the variations? Obviously the base will be worth less but how do you value the higher end options?


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