Gold Card Auctions Hot 10 Rookie Cards (October 2021)

Each month we are going to rank the hottest rookie cards in the hobby. Bookmark this post and share it on social media with the hashtag #goldcardhot10.


Gold Card Auctions Hot #1:

2000 Tom Brady Bowman Chrome RC


gold card hot 10 tom brady
If heaven forbid Brady adds another Super Bowl Ring in 2022… WATCH the price of his Bowman Chrome RC Explode to insane values.

gold card hot 10 cards

Be sure to read our investment strategy when dealing with hot rookie cards. The strategy can be found at the bottom of this page. Cheers!


Gold Card Auctions Hot #2: Justin Herbert RCs


2020 justin herbert mosaic 204 (psa,bgs,sgc,hga)
The NFL 2020 ROY is picking up where he left off

Gold Card Auctions Hot #3: Patrick Mahomes RC


2017 Patrick Mahomes Panini Prizm Rookie Card
See Tom Brady’s comments about winning another Super Bowl.

Gold Card Auctions Hot #4: Ja’Marr Chase RCs


gold card hot 10
The next BIG TIME NFL Wide Out? Looking like it so far…

Gold Card Auctions Hot #5: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. RCs


Vladimir Guerrero Jr rookie gold card auctions hot 10
Didn’t take Vlad Jr. long to come around… already better than Dad?

Gold Card Auctions Hot #6: Kyler Murray RCs


019 Prizm 301 Kyler Murray
Started off super hot last year… will he change the second half script?

Gold Card Auctions Hot #7: Joe Burrow RCs


2020 Panini Mosaic Fusion Red Choice Prizm Joe Burrow

Gold Card Auctions Hot #8: Max Scherzer RCs


Max Scherzer gold card hot 10 rookie card
Buy, buy, buy, buy, and yea buy, buy, buy…you get the idea… just keeping adding Mad Max up until his HOF date.

Gold Card Auctions Hot #9: Tyler O’Neill RCs


gold card hot 10 october 2021

Gold Card Auctions Hot #10: Sandy Alcantara RC


2017 SANDY ALCANTARA 1st Bowman & Chrome Rookie


October 2021 Summary: There’s a little bit of everything in terms of investment ROI this month. We have a couple of HIGH-RISK players in Broneil and Sandy that could PAY OFF BIG down the road. Then we also have some of the safest, top-rated names in the hobby in the form of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.


Gold Card Auctions Hot 10 (Hot Rookie Cards) -Investment Advice

Loading up on a few of these cards is a solid sports card investment strategy.

We wouldn’t go out and buy every card on the list as there is a decent degree of risk associated with each card (i.e. injuries, prolong slump, etc).

We recommend having a mix of the cards shown above to go along with high-end graded (PSA 10, BGS 9.5) sports cards consisting of HOF players (i.e. Ty Cobb, Gretzky, Mantle, Tom Brady, Jordan, etc.).

An ideal weighted portfolio would be 20% from the list above along with 80% HOF players. You can adjust it as you wish.

Read Now: How to Invest In Sports Cards

For example, if you are younger and want to take on a higher degree of wish up the 20% to 30% or 40% (going any higher would be pushing it) and lowering the high-end graded HOF players cards to 70% or 60%.

Please note sports cards should be a smaller percent of your overall investment portfolio.

Pro-Tip: We like the following mix 70% ETFs (i.e. QQQ, SPY) | 15% HOF Caliber Player PSA 10 or BGS 9.5 cards | 10% from Gold Card Auctions Hot 10 List | 5% cash/bonds

Sports Card Investor - Trusted, sports card investor who is dedicated to helping his loyal readers maximize sports card portfolio profits.


    • Tatis Jr. has a ton of upside… if take his numbers from last year and put them into a full season… WOW… some experts are calling for a regression based on some sort of new stat they keep track of… we think he is going to have a BIG year.

    • Hey Mark, Yoan is 100% undervalued but yes we like Eloy more than Yoan BUT both are great value plays 🙂

  1. What are your thoughts on investing a few bucks in Sam Darnold rookies? I bought a few of the 2018 donruss #301 as a shot in the dark due to how inexpensive they are right now.

    Thank you for your time. Great info on your site! Learning a ton.

    • Hey, Andrew thanks for reaching out… so… Sam Darnold rookie cards… he has increased both his QBR and touchdown passes in the last 2 years and should do so again… Buying a few of his rookie cards is a good bet especially due to how cheap they are … cheers!

  2. Would it be a smart idea to invest in a SSP Michael porter jr? Side question, is a gold prizm worth more than a gold prizm auto?

    • Michael Porter Jr. is a pretty good investment as he should eventually develop and enters his prime… there are better investments but if you like him go ahead and buy his rookie card as it should increase in value as he matures… cheers!

  3. Thoughts on jhon diaz investment?? Supposed to be the #2 behind Dominguez also out of Dominican. Yankees were all in on him and didn’t have enough cash in the pool. Wondering being the trout rookie auto went for that record $$, even if you have a 1/99 auto of one of these young guns what kind of money would you have on your hands if they are the next trout??

    • Both have a TON of upside but also have a ton of risk… you can either invest in them and then sell right before they get called up for a hefty ROI… or go all in and hold on to them and pray they are all-stars some day… we like Jesus slightly more than Puason…. cheers!

  4. Hey, is 2019 Zion Williamson Panini Prizm Rookie Card #248 investement worth it for the long run? I have seen some PSA 9 Gem Mint for 240 dollars on ebay and I was thinkg about buying one. What do you think guys?!
    Keep up the good work!

    • if you think he can have a somewhat injury free career then yes BUT if chronic injuries plague him year in year out then no… were on the fence… Zion is a beast but we think he is going to be injured a lot

  5. What’s your thoughts on Bol Bol? I’ve gotten a few Prizms and Prizm optics for really cheap. I feel he’s got a good chance to at least make an all rookie team next year. Just being a Denver Nugget player and only playing a few games in the bubble he’s really flying under the radar. But this kid look like he has a ton of potential.

  6. What are your thoughts on two cards: 1985 Jordan Nike Promo and Wayne Gretzky’s 1979 Edmonton Oiler postcard which was very limited as alternatives to their well known rookie cards? Thanks

  7. Where can I buy paini prizm when they drop. I been trying to buy the hobby boxes when they drop but they sell out quick. Any where else other then the paini store.

  8. How bullish are yall on Alvin Kamara without Brees in 2021? I have my eye on a few of his high end rookies, but wanted your thoughts first.

  9. Hey was wondering have a 1000 to spend, would you recommend which option 1. Luka prizm rookie psa 10/2. Acuna bowman chrome psa 10 and Zion prizm psa 10 3. Herbert panini mosaic and either Zion or Acuna or Joe burrow but which is burrow rc besides prizm?

    • are you deadset on those options? Base rookie cards are not fairing well currently and that money may be spent best elsewhere… BUT… if you are def going to buy one of the above options we would suggest 1 or 2 .. cheers

    • sure… if you want to play it super safe buy an old vintage baseball card for example a Babe Ruth 1932 Sanella Margarine SGC 4.5 recently sold for $1,075 or Mickey Mantle 1965 Topps #350 PSA 5.5 sold for $1,025 (there are a ton of old vintage graded cards on eBay like that, stick with a Big Name HOF like Mantle, Ruth, Musial, Williams)

      If you want to stick with modern era cards consider Ronald Acuna 2018 Topps Update Red & Blue Shirt SP ROOKIE RC #US250 (around $1090) or Juan Soto 2019 Topps Heritage Real One Rookie Card Red Ink AUTO /70 (around $1100).

      • Thanks so much I really appreciate it! I was wondering what you think about the Vladimir Guerrero 2018 panini donruss optic rated prospect signature, it’s going to about 480 and can prob get for 430-450ish? When you say variations this is what you mean correct? Do you think that is a good pick for long term or not really? Thanks again so much for all your help!!

      • Also last thing sorry I’ve been looking into the Juan Soto topps heritage and the best I can find right now is a Beckett 9.5 grade with 10 autograph and there charging 1500.00 which I know is way to much if I can get it for a 1000-1100 would you do it or just wait, thanks for all your help

  10. Can you give me some suggestions on a great card to buy in the 2000-2500 area, looking for a somewhat low pop am a big herbert fan,please let me know what you think thank you!

    • Hey Joe, big on Herbert as well… see if you can find any of these in your price range:
      PSA 10 unless noted otherwise…
      2020 Contenders Optic Teal Ticket rc /99
      2020 Panini Prizm Black And White Checker Prizm (note this would be a psa 9 grade to be under 2.5k)
      2020 Donruss Optic Auto /150 Rated Rookie
      2020 Contenders Optic Red Rookie Ticket #104
      2020 Immaculate Premium Rookie Patch Auto /14 (psa 9)
      2020 Panini Prizm Light Blue #325
      2020 Panini Absolute KABOOM!

      here are a few non-herbert selections:
      1909-11 T206 Cy Young GLOVE SHOWS PSA 4
      2018 Topps Bat Down Ronald Acuna Jr. ROOKIE RC #698
      1948 Leaf Babe Ruth #3 PSA 1
      2018-19 Panini Contenders International Ticket #126 Luka Doncic RC Auto RC


  11. Thanks so much I wonder out of all those do you have 1 favorite that you think as far as investment really stands out? Thanks again

    • Hey Todd, toss a couple of options at ya… Tom Brady Bowman Chrome RC, Ty Cobb T206 Red or Green Back, more modern? Luka Doncic Prizm RC (Luka more risk but more to gain)


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