Gold Card Auctions Consignment

Welcome to the Gold Card Auctions Consignment Services. We accept consignments on a case by case basis. Card must be valued at a minimum of $1,000. Thank you.

Gold Card Auctions Consignment FAQ

Our mission is to extract the greatest value for the card at lowest rate possible and make the process as simple and stress free as possible for our valued customers. We believe in 100% upfront honesty.
  • Our Rate is only 1% regardless of value.
  • Cards must have a minumum value of $1,000 and be graded by PSA, BGS, or SGC.
  • Our team is on hand to provide specific tailored advertising, digital marketing options to get the MOST for your card at the LOWEST rate
  • We manage our projects at a high level of detail and have worked with many individuals across the globe with varying requirements
We are NOT in this to make money but build relationships and work with high end, unique cards.
Questions? email us at

Step 1

Contact us at

Step 2

We’ll work with the customer to create a digital marketing plan to extract the greatest value.

Step 3

Set back, relax, and collect the money from the sale.

Further Gold Card Auctions Consignments FAQ

  • All cards will be sold on eBay for now but all digital marketing advertising channels will be considered
  • Mailing the card to us may not be necessary depending on the situation 
  • Gold Card Auctions works worldwide
  • We do not gurantee consigments with us as we work on a case by case basis

Ciao – Gold Card Auctions