Gold Card Auctions Consignment

Welcome to the Gold Card Auctions Consignment Services. We accept consignments on a case-by-case basis. Cards must be valued at a minimum of $10,000. Thank you.

Our goal is to extract the greatest value for the card while charging the client an extremely low fee.

We want to make the process as stress-free as possible for our valued clients.

  • We believe in 100% transparency
  • Our Rate is only 1% regardless of the value
  • Cards must have a minimum value of $10,000 and be graded by PSA, BGS, or SGC
  • Our team is on hand to provide specifically tailored advertising, digital marketing options to get the MOST for your card at the LOWEST rate possible
  • We manage our projects at a high level of detail and have worked with many individuals across the globe with varying requirements
  • All cards will be sold on eBay for now but all digital marketing advertising channels will be considered
  • Gold Card Auctions works worldwide
  • We do not guarantee consignments with us as we work on a case by case basis

We are NOT in this to make money but build relationships and work with high-end, unique cards.

Begin/Questions? email us at (title the email consignment)

We’ll work with the customer to create a digital marketing plan to extract the greatest value.