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Possibly the most successful TV show to ever hit streaming services, The Office has single-handedly kept Netflix going through lean times. It was streamed for 57.1 billion minutes in 2020, and that’s just the data for U.S. audiences.

The point is, it’s up there as one of the most popular shows ever, so The Office Funko Pop! figures are always in high demand.  From a long-term investment viewpoint, let’s check out the best The Office Funko Pop characters. The Office Funko Pop figurines are relatively cheap.

Top Funko Pop Investment: Michael Jordan Funkop Pop

15 to 20 years from now, we feel the ROI on the following ten Funko Pop The Office characters will be mind-blowing, and if not, heck, they only cost as much as a monthly subscription to Netflix. An actual low-risk/high-return scenario.

1. Funko Pop The Office Pop Creed #1104


Our top pick is Creed Bratton, the quality assurance director at Dunder Mifflin. He is known for his criminal acts. This is the Bloody Chase Variant.


2. Funko Pop The Office Prison Mike #875


Prison Mike’ is what happens when Michael finds out one of the members of the staff is a convict. One of the most popular episodes of the Office of all time.


3. Funko Pop The Office Dwight #1004


Sometimes the most popular character in a show is overrated. That is 100% not the case with Dwight Schrute. Must have Funko Pop Investment.


4. Funko Pop The Office Michael Scott #869


Michael Scott is the main character from The Office and is sipping coffee out of his  “World’s Best Boss” cup.


5. Funko Pop The Office Pop Jim #870


You’re my boy JIM!


6. Funko Pop The Office Angela #1024


Angela Martin and her creepy cat Sprinkles are the talents in The Office Funk Pop #1024.


7. Funko Pop The Office Phyllis #1131


The Office Funko Pop Phyllis #1131

Super rare and rarely up for auction on eBay.


8. Funko Pop The Office Meredith #1007


The Office Funko Pop Meredith

Was canceled due to her outfit being too sexy. Yes, that is a true story, unfortunately.


9. Funko Pop The Office Ryan #1130


The Office Funko Pop Ryan

Ryan Howard is another popular Funko Pop figure, and with good reason as he was the most underrated character on the show in our opinion.


10. Funko Pop The Office Pam #872


The Office Funko Pop Pam

Pam’s hands are clasped together, and she’s wearing a pink cardigan. Beloved by The Office fanboys but we are not fans of her.


The Office Funko Pop List 

Here’s a full up-to-date list with short descriptions for each of The Office Funko Pop! figures.

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There are 45 to collect, including a couple of double packs found at the bottom. 


The Office Funko Pop Checklist


869 Michael Scott 

The boss man himself, Michael Scott is the main character from The Office for the majority of the show’s run. 

A simple figure, he’s depicted wearing his trademark (unisex) suit, and he’s holding his “World’s Best Boss” cup.


870 Jim Halpert

Often one of the only sane members of staff, Jim Halpert is best known for pranks and looking at the camera

The base Jim Halpert Funko features him in his normal office clothing. 


870 Jim Halpert Bookface Chase

A Chase Pop is a rare variant of a common Funko Pop figure, with a different design compared to the original. 

Jim’s #870 Chase is similar in design, but focuses on his idea to dress up as FaceBook for Halloween. Instead, he ends up being called ‘Bookface’.  


871 Dwight Schrute

Personally my favorite character, Dwight Shrute is the assistant (to the) regional manager at Dunder Mifflin. 

Instantly recognizable in a mustard shirt and brown suit, this is the first of many to feature him in some capacity. 


871 Dwight Schrute Blonde – Target

A Target exclusive, this Chase Pop features Dwight with a full head of blonde hair, instead of the brown seen with the base edition. 

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You’ll also spot a small ‘Only at Target’ sticker on legitimate versions. 


872 Pam Beesly

Pam Beesly went from receptionist to salesperson, to office manager during her time on the show. 

The #872 Funko has Pam’s hands clasped together, and she’s wearing her customary pink cardigan. 

There are no variants or rare editions to look out for.


873 Darryl Philbin

The warehouse manager until he takes a job upstairs, Darryl Philbin is depicted with a clipboard held in his left hand. 

You’ll also be able to spot a small name tag on his warehouse shirt.


874 Kevin Malone

“Why waste time say a lot words when few words do trick?” 

Kevin Malone is another great character from the series who works in accounting. 

Along with the Toby vs Michael duo set listed below, this completes the original base set of The Office Funko Pop! figures.


875 Prison Mike – Hot Topic

Prison Mike’ is what happens when Michael finds out one of the members of staff is a convict. He dons a bandana and attempts to scare them straight. 

The Pop is a standalone release that also happens to be a Hot Topic exclusive. (It’ll have a small yellow sticker on the front.)

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As you may have guessed, Michael is ready to break it down, with folded arms and his purple headwear. 


876 Dwight Schrute Hay King – Walmart

Dwight’s uncle Eldred used to build a maze out of hay bales for kids to play in. Eldred called it Hay World but changed it to Hay Place after lawyers were brought in.

The Hay King version (#872) features Dwight after being crowned, with a hay crown and a red cape.

It’s a Walmart exclusive, so look out for the blue sticker with its logo on the front of the box. 


877 Jim as Goldenface – Target

Another variant features Jim playing Goldenface, the primary antagonist in the movie Threat Level Midnight. (Written, produced, and directed by Michael.)

Jim is wearing a black and gold suit, with sparkly face paint, while he’s holding a pistol and an explosive puck in either hand. 

You’ll find a circular ‘Special Edition’ sticker on the front. 


878 Andy Bernard w/ Banjo – Target

Andy Bernard joins in the third-season premiere, merging with the Scranton branch where he goes on to become the regional manager. 

Fond of singing and theatrics, Andy is depicted with a banjo in both hands in this Special Edition figure. 


879 Jim Halpert as Dwight – BoxLunch

One of many pranks saw Jim dress up as Dwight, as seen in this Special Edition release.

It looks almost exactly the same as the base Dwight version, although the suit is shinier and his hair is lighter.  


880 Jim 3-Hole Punch – FunkoShop

Now we’re getting to some of the rarer releases. Jim’s ‘3-hole punch’ Halloween costume perfectly highlights his blase attitude to work and the idea of dressing up. 

There are three black circles on his shirt, and he has a cup in his hand. 

As for the increased price tag, it was originally a Limited Edition release, and will easily sell for over $100.


882 Dwight Schrute w/ Bobblehead – 2019 NYCC

Another rare release features Dwight with balled fists, while it also happens to be a Limited Edition which was exclusive to the 2019 New York Comic-Con fall event. 

Rather than his yellow shirt, he’s wearing a dark suit, while he’s holding a Dwight bobblehead in his right hand.


904 Date Mike – Go Calendars

Look out, ladies. ‘Date Mike’ sees Michael don a Kangol cap and a snooker cue, and it was originally a Go! exclusive. 

It’s based on the season 6 episode Happy Hour.


905 Dwight as Elf

Released as part of a mini-set focusing on Christmas episodes, the first to make the list is Dwight, as Elf. 

As the assistant to the regional Santa, he dishes out presents in the episode, although he’s wielding a makeshift pistol and a gear in the #905 model.


906 Dwight as Belsnickel

Dwight just loves to play dress-up. Leaning on his German heritage, this statue depicts Dwight as Belsnickel, who visits children in the weeks before Christmas, asking whether they’ve been nice or naughty in the preceding year.

The outfit is faithfully depicted, with a whip, club, and leaves and sticks attached to his hat.


907 Michael as Classy Santa

Classy Santa is the final statue found in the base Christmas collection. 

Michael attempts to add a level of sophistication to proceedings by donning a smoking jacket and a Xmas cap when he hears that Holly is making a return to the office.

None of the Christmas models is limited edition and should be fairly easy to find on the resale market.


927 Dwight Schrute w/ Mask – FYE

A For Your Entertainment! exclusive, the #927 Dwight variant features him wearing a Hannibal Lecter-like face mask, by way of a CPR dummy. 


938 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops – 2020 ECCC

The first Dwight Recyclops figure was released as part of the 2020 Emerald City Comic Con collection. 

You’ll find a Limited Edition sticker on the front, while he’s holding a flower box. 


972 Stanley Hudson Pretzel Day – GameStop

“I wake up every morning in a bed that’s too small, drive my daughter to a school that’s too expensive, and then I go to work to a job for which I get paid too little. But on Pretzel Day… Well, I like Pretzel Day.”

The one day in which Stanley Hudson is happy, the Gamestop exclusive Pretzel Day figure features him with a snack in hand.


1004 Dwight Schrute w/ Jello

Another prank courtesy of Jim, Dwight is featured with a stapler wrapped in jello in the #1004 figure. 

This is the first in the second set of five base Pops.


1005 Michael Scott Survivor Man

A Michael Scott variant, this is based on “Survivor Man”, which is the eleventh episode of the fourth season. 


1006 Florida Stanley Hudson

Stanley is shown some love with dapper attire which includes a white suit in the next model. As he’s on holiday, he has sunglasses in hand. 


1007 Meredith Palmer Casual Friday

Meredith’s idea of casual Friday might be a little different than the norm, and her revealing outfit eventually caused it to be canceled. 

If you look close enough, you’ll even spot some pixelation. 


1008 Kelly Kapoor Casual Friday

Kelly Kapoor also features for the first time in her denim casual Friday outfit. From 1004 to 1008, that concludes the second base set. 


1009 Dwight Schrute – FunkoShop

Dwight is back in another Funko Shop Limited Edition release. He’s holding “Princess Unicorn”, a toy that he sold for a huge profit margin in the episode “Moroccan Christmas.”


1010 Dwight Schrute – Specialty Series

A great figure for Star Wars fans, this alternative Dwight model is part of the Funko Speciality Series. 

He’s depicted as a Sith Lord, suiting his character well.


1015 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops – 2020 SDCC

A variant of Recyclops, this is a 2020 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. 


1024 Angela Martin – GameStop

Angela Martin is back in all of her creepy glory, holding her favorite cat Sprinkles in this GameStop exclusive.


1041 Dwight Schrute as Recyclops – 2020 NYCC

The final Dwight Recyclops variation was made available at the 2020 New York Comic-Con event. 


1044 Michael Scott Straitjacket

In one of the more famous scenes, ‘Michael the Magic’ attempts to escape from “extreme bondage” (a chained straitjacket, in reference to famous magician Harry Houdini).

This is the first in another base set of four.


1045 Dwight Schrute as Scranton Strangler

Next is Dwight as the ‘Scranton Strangler, a serial killer offhandedly mentioned throughout the series. 


1046 Jim Halpert w/ Sign

Jim is back, holding a sign that says; ‘’six days since our last nonsense”.


1047 Jan Levinson

Michael’s long-suffering boss, and later lover, Jan Levinson is depicted in the episode “Dinner Party”. 

She’s holding a candle and a large glass of wine, and it’s the final figure from the base quartet.


1048 Kevin Malone – BoxLunch

Kevin is featured in the first exclusive, courtesy of BoxLunch. He’s wearing Kleenex boxes for shoes, as well as sporting a toupe for the wedding.


1049 Dwight as Pam – FunkoShop

Dwight has a wig for everyone in The Office and dresses up as Pam in order to trick Jim. 

It’s a Limited Edition release.


1059 Michael Klump – GameStop

Used to ‘celebrate’ larger people, Michael Klump is one of the many alter egos that Michael Scott created during the show. 

Another exclusive, this figure was available via GameStop. 


1060 Michael Scarn – Go Calendars

Michael Scarn is the antagonist in Threat Level Midnight. (Written, produced, acted, and directed by Michael.)

You’ll find an ‘only at Go!’ sticker on the front, while he’s holding one finger like a pistol.


1061 Andy Sumo Suit – Target

Andy has to compete in the Beach Games for a promotion, which is why he’s dressed like a sumo wrestler in this Target exclusive. 


1062 Dundie Award – Amazon

The Dundie Award is an Amazon exclusive, replicating the trophies given out annually in the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office.


1072 Dwight Schrute as Kerrigan – 2021 ECCC

Dwight appears in the episode Spooked dressed as Starcraft’s Sarah Kerrigan for Halloween.

This Emerald City Comic Con exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl figure features Dwight glammed up.


Multi-Pack Checklist

As well as individual figures, Funko has also released a couple of double packs to coincide with the show. 

The Scranton Boys 2-Pack – FYE

Forget Compton, Dre Dr, and Ice Cube. It’s all about the electric city. ‘The Scranton Boys’ consists of Mike and Dwight, as they film a rap video. 

It was released as an FYE exclusive. 

Toby vs. Michael 2-Pack

Michael hates Toby. What better way to represent their rivalry than with a double pack?


The Office Funko Pop Complete Set

The best place to purchase The Office Funko Pop Complete Set is going to be eBay and Amazon.

Visit or and search the term “The Office Funko Pop Complete Set” to check out the availability and price tag.

Funko Pop The Office Complete Set Value?

If your looking to purchase the complete set expect to pay anywhere between $50 to $100 (closer to the $50 range than $100).


Most Expensive Funko Pop The Office Figures

The most valuable Funko Pop The Office character will be ones that are signed by the actual actor who played the character on the show.

For example the most expensive Funko Pop The Office sold on eBay within the last year is The Office Michael Scott Funko Pop Signed By Steve Carell and JSA/COA Authenticated (sold for $504 on 4/12/2021) and The Office Jim Halpert Signed by John Krasinski and JSA/COA Authenticated (sold for $359 on 4/18/2021).

Shop for Funko Pop The Office Signed Figures


The Office Funko Pop: Investment Outlook

The list of The Office Funko Pops continues to grow, with the following models due to be released over the next year:

  • Michael Scott Basketball – Chalice
  • 1103 Dwight Schrute Basketball – Chalice
  • 1103 Dwight Schrute Basketball Chase – Chalice
  • 1107 Creed Bratton w/ Mung Beans – GameStop
  • Creed Bratton Pointing – Specialty Series
  • Creed Bratton Chase – Specialty Series
  • 1130 Ryan Howard – Walmart
  • Ryan Howard Blonde – Walmart
  • Phyllis Vance – Walmart
  • Oscar Martinez – Walmart
  • 1156 Jim Halpert (Sumo Suit) – GameStop
  • 1157 Stanley Hudson (Sumo Suit) – GameStop
  • 1159 Angela Martin (Fun Run) – GameStop
  • Kevin as Dunder Mifflin Superhero
  • Oscar with Scarecrow Doll
  • Dwight Pumpkinhead
  • Dwight w/ Blow Torch – Target
  • Michael Golden Ticket – FYE

It’s not too shabby for a show that originally wrapped up in 2013.

A complete collection is always tempting for would-be collectors, while many of the limited edition models have already doubled in price. 

The Office Funko Pop release date 2021/2022

They have to be seen as a solid investment in the long term.

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