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frank thomas rookie card

Hall of Famer Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas is one of the most feared sluggers in Major League Baseball history. Opposing pitchers shudder at the thought of facing Thomas, a designated hitter who can hit home runs with gusto. 


Frank Thomas Rookie Year Stats: 60 games | 7 HR | 31 RBI | .330 BA | 0 SB

Thomas was born on 5/27/68 in Columbus, Georgia. He was a three-sport star in basketball, baseball, and football at Columbus High School. Thomas attended Auburn University on a scholarship in the autumn of 1986.

Frank “The Tank” made an immediate impact, recording an impressive .359 batting average as a freshman. He established a school record of 49 home runs at the end of his senior year in 1989. Consequently, he earned SEC MVP honors that year. 

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The Chicago White Sox made him the seventh overall pick of the 1989 MLB Draft. He made his pro debut against the Milwaukee Brewers on August 2, 1990. He spent the first 16 years of his career in the majors with the White Sox. Thomas also suited up for the Oakland Athletics and Toronto Blue Jays.

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He signed a one-day contract with the White Sox and announced his retirement in February 2010. The team retired his No. 35 jersey on August 29, 2010. Four years later, Thomas was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame as a member of the White Sox. 

Thomas concluded his stellar baseball career with a .301 batting average, 2,468 hits, 521 home runs, and 1,704 RBIs… needless to say there were not many pitchers who got over on Mr. Thomas.

Best Frank Thomas Rookie Card Investments

Let’s check out the Top Frank Thomas RCs’ for investment purposes.


1990 Frank Thomas Topps No Name Rookie Card #414

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Frank Thomas Rookie Card

The Frank Thomas No Name Error Topps Card is not only our favorite Frank Thomas rookie card but it is also one of our favorite baseball cards ever printed.

The standard Topps Frank Thomas rookie card is a great investment BUT if you can get your hands on the no-name error card your cooking with fire as many collectors in their 30s and 40s dreamt about owning this card as a child… many have the pocketbook to actually make that happen now!

Now this card isn’t on the same level as the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck card but it’s not far off.

Please note this card also comes in a Tiffany version that is a GREAT BUY as well.


1990 Frank Thomas O-Pee-Chee #1 Draft Pick RC #414

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frank thomas rookie card o-pee-chee

The Frank Thomas OPC rookie card is a great option for investors who are not looking to spend thousands of dollars on a rookie card as this card is very reasonably valued at even high grades.

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Numbered #414 the card is the exact same image as the 1990 Topps RC… the low dollar figure makes it an excellent investment option with plenty of room to grow.


1992 Frank Thomas Fleer Rookie Sensations #1

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rare frank thomas rookie card value

A super-rare Frank Thomas RC that will cost a boatload at high grades… but worth it if you have the bankroll to cover the cost!


1990 Frank Thomas Score Rookie Card #663

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frank thomas rookie card ebay

The Big Hurt was known for his smile. If you want his rookie card which features his famous smile, this is your best bet. In fact, it is a rare rookie card that has Thomas’s headshot on the front. Most of his rookie cards feature a full-body shot. 

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The back of the card reads, “Frank, the No. 7 selection in the draft, is a slugging 6’5”, 250-pound first baseman out of Auburn. He holds school records for career home runs and RBIs and set a single-season mark with 83 RBIs while batting .403 and hitting 19 homers in ’89. Frank batted a strong .279 for Sarasota in Class A Florida State League after signing with the White Sox.”


1990 Frank Thomas Score Traded RC #86T 

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frank thomas score traded rookie card

Score Traded had a good run and this Frank Thomas rookie card was one of their better cards ever produced.

Numbered 86T the card shows Frank in the White Chicago White Sox uniform fielding a ground ball… not the best-looking image but not the worse either.

This one is ideal for investors looking to spend a minimum amount of dough.

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1990 Frank Thomas Leaf Rookie Card #300

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frank thomas score traded rookie card

This card has several varieties on the market. However, we gave it the nod because of its affordable price and autograph (bear in mind only a few of Thomas’ rookie cards have autographs). The latter criterion ensures scarcity, which bodes well for the serious card collector. 

On that note, we’re confident his card will gain traction in a few years’ time. 


1990 Frank Thomas Bowman Tiffany Glossy Rookie Card #320

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frank thomas rookie card bowman

This card features a smiling Thomas in his blue Chicago White Sox jersey. It’s one of those cards with a “no fuss, no-frills” approach.

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Plus, it doesn’t create a massive dent in your wallet. It should also give you a nice ROI in the future. What’s not to like?


Best Frank Thomas Minor League Rookie Card

In addition to the cards listed above, Thomas also has some rookie cards that show him during his minor league days. This card is the best investment option out of those ones.

1990 Frank Thomas Best Birmingham Barons Rookie Card #1

Frank Thomas Rookie Card Value

This card shows Frank Thomas while he was playing for the Birmingham Barons, the same minor league team that Michael Jordan played for just a few years later.

The card has no border and a blurred background that give it a unique aesthetic. It shows Thomas at the plate in the black and white Baron jerseys.

It has Thomas’s name and position in the upper left corner of the card, detailed in small white letters.

This is a good option for those that are looking for a basic card that has the potential to rise in price.


Frank Thomas Rookie Card Value

frank thomas rookie card worth

The most valuable Frank Thomas rookie card is the Topps No Name error card.

If your a middle of the road investor and not looking to spend a ton of cash but are not looking to skate buy at the minimum consider the Frank Thomas Score rookie card as its a great mid-level option.

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Frank Thomas Rookie Card Checklist

frank thomas rookie card O-Pee-Chee

  • 1990 Best Birmingham Barons #1
  • 1990 Bowman Tiffany #320
  • 1990 Leaf Rookie Card #300
  • 1990 Score Traded RC #86T
  • 1990 Score Rookie Card #663
  • 1990 Topps No Name Rookie Card #414
  • 1990 Topps RC #414
  • 1990 Classic Series III #93
  • 1990 Fleer Update #87
  • 1992 Frank Thomas Fleer Rookie Sensations #1
  • 1990 O-Pee-Chee #1 Draft Pick RC #414

The internet would like to think there is a SUPER RARE Frank Thomas Donruss Rated Rookie Card but we found no evidence of such an existence and the tale has seemed to grown to urban legend status.


Recent Frank Thomas Rookie Card Price

frank thomas rookie card value

Let’s take a look at some of the recent Frank Thomas rookie card sales via eBay auctions so we can get an idea of how much you should be paying.

  • 1990 Frank Thomas Topps No Name Error Card PSA 8 sold for $6,551 on 4/22/2020
  • 1990 Topps Tiffany Frank Thomas Rookie Card PSA 10 sold for $976 on 6/8/2020
  • 1990 Bowman Tiffany Frank Thomas Rookie Card SGC 10 sold for $760 on 4/30/2020
  • 1990 Leaf Frank Thomas Rookie Card SGC 10 Pristine Gold Label sold for $537 on 4/30/2020


Frank Thomas Rookie Card: Buyers Guide & Investment Outlook

Investment Rating: Strong Buy (4.5 out of 5)

Best Frank Thomas Rookie Card: 1990 Frank Thomas Topps No Name Rookie Card #414

Ownership Disclosure: None

While most of Frank Thomas’ rookie cards don’t come from more reputable brands such as Panini and National Treasures, they’re still a great investment.

For one, we’re talking about a bona fide Hall of Famer and MVP.

The Big Hurt is one of the best hitters in the history of baseball. 

This guy was a BEAST of a hitter… some of the highlights of Thomas’ career during that span include:

  • Won the first of his four Silver Slugger awards in 1991
  • Became just the fifth player in baseball history to hit at least .300 and record more than 20 home runs, 100 RBIs, and walks in three straight seasons
  • Named the 1993 and 1994 American League MVP
  • American League batting champion in 1997
  • Earned his fifth All-Star nod in 1997
  • Tied for second in the American League in home runs (42) in 2003
  • Earned World Series ring in 2005

Second, most of his rookie cards are affordable. They should give you a nice return a few years down the line.

Investment Outlook: VERY GOOD BUY

Ownership Disclosure: One (1) 1990 Frank Thomas Topps No Name Rookie Card

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