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Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Card

Fernando Tatis Jr. was born on 1/2/1999 and is the son of former MLB slugger Fernando Tatis. He made his MLB debut on 3/28/2019 vs. the San Fransico Giants and went 2 for 3.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Year Stats: 84 G | .317 AVG | 22 HR | 16 SB | 53 RBIs

Fernando Gabriel Tatis plays shortstop for the San Diego Padres and is absolutely tearing the cover off the ball (some experts were predicting a sophomore slump for Tatis Jr. but so far it has anything but!).

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He originally was signed by the Chicago White Sox but was traded to the Padres at age 17 before ever playing a professional game (the White Sox have to be kicking themselves over that one and will be for a long, LONG time).

Best Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards

Here are the top-rated Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie cards for investment purposes.


2016 Fernando Tatis Jr. Bowman Chrome #BCP 17 (buy on eBay)

Fernando Tatis Jr. Bowman Chrome rookie card

This card is SICK and is our top Tatis Jr. rookie card pick.

Not only is it his earliest rookie card (being released in 2017) but it shows Tatis Jr. in a Chicago Whitesox jersey.

The 2016 Fernando Tatis Jr. Bowman Chrome rookie card is available in a variety of versions to include Gold, Purple, and Green Shimmer Refractor.

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Obviously, the refractor versions are going to cost more but the standard autograph version (no refractor) is a solid investment as well.

2016 Bowman Chrome Parallels: Refractor, Blue Refractor, Green Refractor, Gold Refractor, Orange Refractor /25, Red Refractor /5, SuperFractor 1/1 and Printing Plates 1/1 parallels


2019 Fernando Tatits Jr. Topps/ Topps Chrome #410 or #202 Padres RC (buy on eBay)

Fernando Tatits Jr. topps rookie card

UPDATE. This card is added to the list of Best Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards as of 2/22/2020.

We consider this card to be almost equal to the 2016 Tatis Jr. Bowman Chrome card (1 vs 1a type situation).

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We love this card and you should 100% buy a few of these base and high-end parallels.

2019 Topps Update Parallels: Purple, 150th Anniversary, Rainbow Foil, Gold, Independence Day /76, Black /67, Mother’s Day Pink /50, Father’s Day Blue /50, Memorial Day Camo /25, Clear /10, Platinum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1


2019 Fernando Tatis Jr. Topps Heritage RC #517 (buy on eBay)

Fernando Tatis Jr. Topps Heritage rookie card

The 2019 Tatis Jr. Topps Heritage rookie card is IDEAL for investors who don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend but still want a high-grade Tatis Jr. rookie card.

Numbered #517 the card shows Tatis Jr. posing for the camera with the bat in hand hanging over his right shoulder… good looking card and a good looking smile from Tatis Jr.

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His name is printed in the bottom left-hand corner while his position is in the right. The PADRES name is depicted in the top right corner.

2019 Topps Heritage Parallels: Refractor 570, Black /70, Gold /5, and SuperFractor 1/1


2019 Fernando Tatis Jr. Topps Rookie Card 150 Years 1984 (buy on eBay)

Fernando Tatis Jr. Topps Rookie Card

Here is a bonus card…

We love throwback cards…

The 2019 Fernando Tatis Jr. Topps Rookie Card attempts to mimic the 1984 Topps series.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is running the base path after what we can only assume lacing a ball down the line for a double or triple. This card is also very affordable. An ungraded Fernando Tatis Jr. Topps Rookie Card (1984) can be found on eBay for around $100.

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The $100 price tag may differ by a few bucks but is sure to only go up over time. We suggest buying the card and then get it graded by PSA or BGS as there are not any graded versions of this card available on eBay right now.


Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Card Value

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Card Value

The price of Tatis Jr. rookie cards is blowing up and is still somewhat undervalued based on where his ceiling could end up.

Be careful when buying his rookie cards as you still want to be picky and not get screwed over… email us at advice@goldcardauctions.com if you would like advice picking out a couple of his rookie cards.


Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Card Checklist

Fernando Tatis Jr Rookie Card Checklist

  • 2015 Elite Extra Edition Prospects Autographs RC #175
  • 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospects RC #BCP17
  • 2019 Bowman Chrome Refractor RC #26
  • 2019 Bowman Sterling RC #BSR73
  • 2019 Topps Series 2 RC #410
  • 2019 Topps Series 2 F2019 Bowman Topps Industry Summit Autograph RC #410
  • 2019 Topps Living Set RC #173
  • 2019 Topps Heritage RC #517
  • 2019 Topps Gallery RC #56
  • 2019 Topps Chrome RC #7
  • 2019 Topps Archives RC #75
  • 2019 Topps Dynasty #DAP-FT11
  • 2019 Topps Update The Family Business Autographs #FB-15
  • 2019 Topps Update #US56
  • 2019 Topps Diamond Icons #ACFTJ
  • 2019 Topps Factory Set Chrome Rookie Variation Refractor #410
  • 2019 Topps Allen & Ginter X #183
  • 2019 Topps Update 1984 RC #84-8
  • 2019 Topps Update Rainbow Foil #US56
  • 2019 Panini Chronicles Obsidian RC #35
  • 2019 Panini Immaculate Jersey Patch Auto /49
  • 2019 Panini Chronicles Crusade RC #3
  • 2019 Panini Contenders Optic RC #3
  • 2019 National Treasures Jumbo Booklet RC Jersey Auto /99 #RJM-FT
  • 2019 Panini Optic Rated Rookie #RPSFT


Investment Outlook

Investment Rating: Great Buy (4.5 out of 5)

Best Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Card: 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospects RC #BCP17

Ownership Disclosure: 3x 2019 Topps Chrome RC PSA 10 2x 2019 Topps Chrome RC PSA 9

We are high to very high on all Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards.

This kid is surrounded by crazy good young talent (i.e. Chris Paddack, MacKenzie Gore, and one of the best players in baseball Manny Machado) and could very easily see a World Series ring in the next 2 to 6 years… buy, buy, BUY.


  1. What is your advice on buying one of the cards you recommend and then having it signed by the player? I am planning on buying the Tatis Jr. #410 PSA 10 and trying to have him sign it as I live in San Diego. Will that lower the value of the card or increase the value? Thanks!

  2. Which would you recommend the Topps Series 2 #410 or the Topps Chrome #210, if you could only buy one? Considering the initial cost, what is the best ROI for these card in PSA 9 over PSA 10. Thanks for your advise.


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