10 Greatest Baseball Error Cards of All Time

Baseball error cards should make up a small percent of your sports card investing portfolio. We suggest adding one or two from the 10 greatest listed below.

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We love a baseball error card. Not only are they out of the ordinary from the standard card but in some cases more valuable.


most valuable baseball error cards

Top Error Baseball Cards

A great error card combines an unusual feature (a bad word on the butt of the bat) with extreme rarity (the less of the error cards produced the more valuable it will be).

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Here are some of the best baseball error cards from an sports card investment viewpoint. If you have any error cards you like please share them in the comment section.

10 Greatest Baseball Error Cards

Below are our personal favorites when it comes to baseball error cards. FYI we snuck a basketball error card in, we simply had to include it due to a variety of reasons. Enjoy.


#1. 1990 Frank Thomas No Name Topps Error Card #414


1990 Frank Thomas No Name Topps

One of the most popular and most expensive of all error cards.


#2. 1989 Bill Ripken F Face Error Card #616


Billy Ripken Baseball error Card

Our personal favorite.


#3. 1992 Michael Jordan Upper Deck Error Card Champ ’85 and ’95


#3. 1992 Michael Jordan Upper Deck Error Card Champ '85 and '95

Although not a baseball error card we included this error card as it should have the best long-term ROI (and that is why it’s included).


#4. 1969 Mickey Mantle Topps Mantle in White Letters Error Card


One of the more expensive of all the error cards and you can’t go wrong owning a Mickey Mantle baseball card in terms of ROI.


#5. 1987 Barry Bonds Donruss Opening Day Error Card


Wait! That is not Barry Bonds in the photo! It is Johnny Ray?! Who in the hell is that?


#6. 1990 Ken Griffey Jr. Donruss No Dot After Inc Error Card #365


There are also rumors of a second error associated with this card but we could not confirm them. Something in regards to an eye.


#7. 1989 Gary Sheffield Upper Deck SS Upside Down Error Card #13


We feel this one is the most undervalued and overlooked baseball error card of all time. A great long-term investment from a historical set (the same set that holds one of the most popular cards in the hobby in the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie Card #1).


#8. 1989 Dale Murphy Upper Deck Reverse Negative Error Card #357


Another from the 1989 Upper Deck baseball set. Were they drunk when printing this bad boy?


#9. 1909 – 1911 Sherry “Magie” Misspelling Piedmont T206 Error Card


Old school T206 error card. Super valuable and super rare.


#10. 1952 Joe Page Sain Bio Topps Black Back Error Card #48


Another old one. We don’t care much for this one but apparently, others in the hobby do as it appears often in baseball error card discussion.


best baseball error card list


UPDATE: We are adding two more to make it 12 in total!


2009 Derek Jeter Topps Heritage Rare Error Red Sox Logo #83

WOW! Talk about one of the craziest errors in all of the baseball cards.

The 2000 Derek Jeter Topps Heritage Red Sox Logo Error Card makes New York Yankee fan’s blood pressure boil (Read: Top Derek Jeter Rookie Cards)

How dare they even print an error card with Jeter associated with the Red Sox!

This is a must for Red Sox fans who love trolling Yankee FANBOYS.


1990 Ken Griffey Jr. Topps Misprint Error Card #336

This Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card can come with a variety of errors.

The card is quite common on eBay and can be bought at a somewhat reasonable price.


Baseball Error Card Values

Are error Baseball cards worth anything

The exact amount of any given error card is based on a variety of factors such as the condition and numbers of the card.

Most Valuable Baseball Error Card

The most expensive baseball error card is the 1990 Topps Frank Thomas No Name On Front Error Card RC #414. This bad boy sold as a PSA 7 via eBay auctions on 8/5/2021 for slightly more than $7,000 (imagine what a PSA 10 would fetch).

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Least Valuable Baseball Error Card

The Billy Ripken F*** Face Error Card should be the least valuable as there are many up for sale at any given time.

If you would like a price estimate of any error card in your collection please email pictures (back and front) to value@goldcardauctions.com.


Baseball Error Cards Complete List

We searched far and wide for a listing of all error cards ever produced in baseball. At first, we didn’t find a dang thing.

But then we stumbled across a terrible-looking website BUT the information in regards to baseball error cards is accurate and simple to access.

Please visit baseballerrors.com/error-cards.php to obtain a list of baseball error cards broken down by set.

Very cool baseballerrors.com! PS work on the site layout as you provide information not available anywhere else only. Cheers!

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Baseball Error Cards: Buyers Guide and Investment Outlook

Baseball error cards will usually have a high ROI when compared to normal cards due to the rarity of the card.

Although it should be noted an error card does not automatically equate to big dollars as there are many error cards not worth the paper they are printed on.

Having said that we are always on the lookout for a high-end error card to add to our sports card investment portfolio.

Did we leave any error baseball cards off this list? What are some other error cards from other sports? Comment below!

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    • Hi everyone i was opening a box of 1990 Bowman Baseball and I pulled a Sammy sosa RC but when i got to look more at it his name on front is showing Sammy Scsa anyone no of this
      thought on this and the card is mint

    • I have the Billy Ripken card that’s been put up for 30 years how do I get a value on it. It’s the one with the FF

  1. I have a 1994 Upper deck collectors choice. I have a Chipper Jones card with Todd Jones stats and picture on the back. I also Have a Manny Ramirez card with Johnny Ruffins stats and info on the back that one. Is this abnormal?

  2. i have several…93′ topps # 206 henry cotto, w/ only the picture. 92′ fleer ultra gregg jefferies blank back. 92′ topps-gold barry larkin cinn-reds except it shows astros. 2001 topps chrome erubiel durazo the back shows sidney ponson instead. the last one is just damaged. 93′ leaf # 75 todd hundley…on bottom is crimped, like the edge of coin.

  3. I have an error card that nobody else has, as far as I can see from scouring the internet. It is a 1990 Donruss Mike Fetters card. Now, the card is already an error on the back showing the copyright “1989 Leaf”, but the left arm of Fetters on this card is black and white. This card was just opened last night in a pack and is clean. The discoloration has no marks on it, so you can tell it was a printing error, where color ink wasn’t applied.

    • I can probably help with the copyright error. Leaf/ Donruss were the same company and some years they had the exact cards with different branding. As far as the year goes it wasn’t uncommon for cards to have the previous copyright year on them. Especially if they were printed in 1989 for the 1990 season. They would have been some of the first cards of the new year

  4. Here are some error cards I’ve found in my collection
    Just found the Jerry Browne 1988 Fleer with Bob Brower’s picture on it today.
    ’94 Topps Stadium Club Sammy Sosa wrong birthday
    ’89 Fleer Jose Uribe wrong birth year
    ’88 Score Rick Cerone wrong birth year (tried getting it signed but Failed)
    Autographed ’88 Donruss and ’89 Score Manny Trillo both birthplace misspelled
    ’86 Topps miscut Enos Cabell, has Joe DeSa’s name upside down at the bottom
    ’82 Donruss Sparky Lyle slightly miscut and off center (tried getting it signed but failed)
    ’85 Topps Greg A. Harris that has a couple red lines and blotches
    ’90 Donruss Harold Baines All-Star card, has recent major league performance over stats instead of all star game performance
    Autographed ’92 Fleer Ultra Skeeter Barnes with the wrong stats, wrong birthday, birthplace, and height
    ’88 and ’90 Donruss Kelly Gruber both with the wrong birthday (’88 autographed)
    Always keeping and eye out for misprints.

  5. I have a 1987 topps Maury Willis turn back the clock card with a blatant full thumbprint of someone in the lower right corner.

  6. I have a few miscut baseball cards. Just wondering their value. For ex. I have a ’71 Joe Torre card with a picture of Jesus Alou.

  7. I have a rare Ken Griffey Jr topps card where it is severely miss aligned on the front and back. Any idea of what its worth? Call me 954-300-8756

  8. I have a pack of 1982 Donruss (15 count) that 13 of the cards are error. The player listed on the front and the named player listed on the back with statistics are not the same. I.e., Rod Carew (front side) James Howard Sundberg on the back this card is a Donruss DiamondKings…another one is Tim Raines front, Keith Hernandez back…

  9. I have a 1982 topps Ben Oglivie card with nothing on the back of it. I cant find any record of another one. Has anyone else??

  10. I have the 1990 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr. #365 error variation no period after INC, but also have the 1990 Donruss Ken Griffey Sr. error variation no period after INC, but I don’t see a listing for Griffey Sr’s error card, has anyone else run into this card?

  11. Hi, I have a 1990 bowman baseball error I can’t find anywhere. The card front is of Jesse Barfield #433, the back is #454 Mark McGwire stats. Have not found it anywhere….anyone have any info?

  12. I have a Cecil Butler (Milwaukee, Braves) on the picture side and Don Mincher (Minnesota, twins) stats on the back.. Topps card 1963

  13. Hi everyone, I have 1991 fleer card #280 Bert Campaneris, the card was mis cut exactly down the middle . Front seems normal ! I cannot find another one like it. I have looked for over a year can someone give me some advice? I’m sure I’ve got a one of a kind.

  14. We were handed down a box of 1990 Donruss error cards where both sides have a player picture and they are different players on each side. The stats side was left off completely. We have been trying to Google and find some like it on eBay, but there is literally nothing out there that gives any info. From one message board we were told these were super rare and valuable. They are in perfect condition.

  15. does a card that was miss cut at the factory have any value? I have a card that was cut (vertical) about 50% off, Half of 2 different cards. would a grading company grade it.

  16. I have a rick reuschel card with Dennis eckersley on the back…. it’s o-pee-chee, and the other is Topps….. they are both in mint condition and I didn’t find anything online about this,….I’m not sure if it would be called a misprint or an error card so I’m a little confused on this…. my email is bscottthomas1985@gmail.com can you please give me some insight on what I have or don’t have

  17. I have a 1990 donruss griffey with a weird red mark on his jersey above his necklace medallion and right below the neck of his jersey you can tell it’s a printing error cause it looks like it goes under his chain

  18. I have a 1995 Frank Thomas Stadium Club Crunch Time miscut. Has this been seen before and a possible value? Haven’t been able to locate any info or other examples of this online anywhere.

  19. Hello. I have a 1988 Topps Bruce Sutter card and on the back it has some of Steve Jeltz information but is cut off. Cannot find anything online about this existing and have had it since I was a kid.

  20. 1988 Donruss David Cone error blank back. 1988 Fleer error #462 Jerry Browne that’s not Jerry on the card.
    1989 Fleer #130 Tom Brookens Mike Heath back of card.
    1989 Topps #372 Craig Lefferts Blank front no
    Any idea what they are worth please
    E-mail centralpark10@yahoo.com

  21. I have a 2019 Bowman Chrome Vladimir Guerrero Jr Green Refractor RFTS that looks like a green foil versus actual refractor. Also the number is on the left side versus the right. Who can I contact to verify it?

  22. I have a 1994 lenny dykstra pacific card with a frank thomas 1990 topps on the back. Anyone anything about this?

  23. Opened some Topps Heritage with a bunch of error cards, player on the front doesn’t match the player on the back? Any thoughts? Some examples are Fernando Tatis with a Brandon Lowe back, Luis Robert with a Joey Votto back? Not sure the value of them? Or cards like them

  24. Hi my name is Nicholas I’m 41 years young and collected all sports all cards forever. Then I realized everyone was doing that and I said to myself how am I gonna make any R.O.I. on cards thats thousands have been produced. The autograpgh game was hard and there allways a chance its a fake. So I got into collecting error cards. Got a couple here I’m gonna jot down real quick see if any can be of help with then. First I got the Nolan Ryan 1990 Donruss king of king back on the back of the of the stat card reverse backs! I bought the hole 1990 Donruss Set brand new got those two errors and also got a Bo Jackson king of kings with a small white dot where his name listed and the same dot on top left side of the banner that says king of kings.Now I know most wont believe me but I also got the 1990 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr an on the back where it say 1989 leaf, inc they forgot the period after inc. Any abbreviation of a word has a period after it. This all came in one set back in 1990 I dud it the set of errors

  25. I have a Bobby Abreu fleer ultra 1999 #235 that is a total front misprint. Foil stamping is completely below the place it’s suppose to be on. The card is cut incorrectly with Abreu’s head cut off and another player name upside down on bottom. A true probably one of a kind. Back is all correct. This one was missed by quality control.

  26. I have a Frank Thomas 1990 Topps error card with no name on the front. Is there an actual market for people who want to buy this card?

  27. 2019 Gypsy Queen Mike Trout(missing nameplate)

    2021 Topps Heritage 100 different cards with the wrong players stats on the back

  28. I got a Donruss 90 on front on the back say it 1989 leaf and the card was cut out way wrong. Billy Hatcher I is hard to notice the the angles when it is laying on the card below it but when it held up pretty cool card like to ssale it

  29. If you would like a pic just leave me a text card has been in a sleeve in a binder for awhile put away really nice card

  30. I have a 2013 Justin Verlander card front with the back being a randy Johnson front. No back card stats or anything else just two fronts

  31. I have a 1999 topps Tom Glavine 47 gallery with the picture off center and his name half ghosted instead of gold like the bottom half of his name.rare or not?

  32. Have a 1994 upper deck Alex Ochoa future foundation card with gold foil under the top left corner . Contacted upper deck told no record of error. Told to have card graded at BGS ? Error or defec?

  33. I was lucky enough to creak open a box of 92 classic draft picks baseball and pull a Derek Jeter Foil Rookie with a variety of errors. One being two k’s in Derek Jeter And also two r;s on Jeter. The name has prism effect when you wove it changes color, Than the entire picture of jeter is double exposed with shadow outlining entire picture. Than it has white border after name area where foil was not applied. This is surely one of a kind. I can guarantee that another is not out there. It is fresh from a pack that i opened few weeks ago. I assume if i get this graded i should use Beckett Or Psa? Any thoughts? I want to sell it but not gonna wait for PSA.

  34. Help. I have 2017 donruss with mike pizza on the front and the back is frank Thomas. I’m trying to determine the value.! I can’t find anything comparable.

  35. I just bought a full set of first edition Topps Master photos from 1993. There are five packs of three photos each. I just noticed that pack number three is an error with Frank Thomas Mickey Henderson and Lance Johnson in the pack rather than Jose canseco Will Clark and Wade boggs.
    All the packages are sealed and unopened.
    I can’t find any info on this error.

  36. I have a few error cards that I’m not sure anyone is aware of.
    1989 Fleer: Mike Heath and Tom Brookens.
    (Heath stats on back of Brookens, card #130)
    1990 Donruss: card #719, Bud Black (Giants logo while playing for Toronto). He never played for Giants.

  37. hello i was going thru my 1982 donruss and pulled a card # 529 Patrick sean tabler with all the info from that player—on the front is a pic of coach tommy davis mariners it just came out of a sealed box and i held it for a minute, and soft sleeve then toploader i can send pics if you would like to check it out—the only thing is that all the 82 donruss are all cut wrong, as you probably know—im looking for a value thanks dave s from marlboro

  38. hi, ihave a 1991 upperdeck ken griffey jr card with the hologram on the front. also the other cards in the pack have the same condition just like they came n the pack back in the day when i opened them. also 1987 fleer insert card of don mattingly but the name on the card is steve sax.i’m kinda old but the hobby has kept me young.76 thanks for helping the greatest hobby!

  39. I have a 1989 donruss Dave clark ( Cleveland Indians) card that has a huge margin cut error and the readable name on the bottom of the card says van Snyder. I can send pictures if you want to see it

  40. I have collected sports cards 20 or 30 years ago. I enjoyed buying single packs just to take home and open to see if I would pull an insert or foil card of value. Now, I’m seeing the incredible sports cards boom. I have several boxes of sports cards that I tried to build completed sets. I have seen and read your article of error cards of value. I am 73 years old. And now I noticed I have a lot rookie cards of Koybe, ken Griffey jr., Frank Thomas, that are being auctioned for a lot of money. I was told by an elderly man when I started to collect, to put away all rookie cards in sleeves. Now I’m sorting through my cards. I also collected Starting Line Up figures, and now I see they aren’t of value. I’m really upset but I love looking at them. Thanks for your articles of sports cards.

  41. Cool Post! I’ve been collecting mostly error cards (wrong backs, blank fronts, blank backs. double fronts, misprints, test cards, overprints, etc.) and Topps Vault Proofs (including unissued proofs) since the early 2000’s. I loved collecting errors and proofs but I must confess, the biggest mistake I made was not going for more of the unopened wax and cut card cases, etc. of the late 70’s and 1980. That’s where the money was. In any case, I am mostly a collector but occasionally sell duplicates to feed my addiction. Nonetheless, collecting errors can be tricky because there are so many available now, but they are awesome. And, here are a few of my recent cool pickups: 1979 Topps raw Ozzie Smith blank back, 1983 Topps Vault Paul Molitor unissued proof (big head), 1967 Topps Hank Aaron overprint, 1975 Topps baseball overprint error panel (overprint including Brett printed on top of Yount and also has an overprint of the Planet of the Apes, etc.), 1991 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. with a hockey back, and approximately 25 sets of the 1991 Topps Stadium Club Pre-Production Sample cards. — These were the unnumbered cards with Jose Canseco on the back that were distributed to sales teams and distributors. Sorry, I got a little carried away but the kid in me is still alive. Thanks and stay safe!

  42. 1990 upper deck card Ricky Henderson on the front and Carlton Fisk on the back Any kind of value I can’t find this card anywhere online

  43. I have a double ply card with chipper Jones on one side Skybox dominion Braves Swinging a bat and on the other side it has Scott Rollen Three of 10 do 2000

    There is no date of the car on chipper Jones . Could this be worth anything I don’t check email so if you could text that would be great thank you for your time. If possible text me because I don’t check email too much 770-823-9433

  44. What about an error on a 1990 upper deck ken Griffey jr. Card.. it has him born in Charleroi, PA but he was born in donora , PA…. Do you have any idea on what kind of value it has??? Its in very good condition.. it’s been in my sports card book for 20 years. Rarely opened.

  45. Any body know anything about a frank Tanana promotional card error no dot after the inc it that rare can’t find another one like it any info would be appreciated to put a value on it

    • I have two Ken Griffy Jr. rookie error cards from Fleer 1990 where there is a comma in the “K” of his name. Cards are mint condition and have been stored in the dark. I haven’t been able to find any information on the error cards. Any help on value etc. would be appreciated.

  46. Hi I have a gold hologram ken Griffey jr. card with same gold hologram picture on both sides. I was wondering how I would get a value on it. If it has a value

  47. Hi, I have been trying to organize my sons collection in getting ready for a move. I found a 1991 Stadium Club card with Tino Martinez on the front and Cal Ripken Jr statistics on the back. Would this have any value?

  48. I have a 1992 derek jeter upper deck error card with name cut half off on bottom straight out the pack is this worth anything.

  49. I have 3 ken griffey Jr. Error cards with the dot missing after Inc there in mint condition. Any idea on the value. I also have a Ken Griffey Jr. With the pink dots on his sleeve not sure if that’s a error or not.

  50. I have a1992 Nolan Ryan Topps Gold Card that on the front his name is not on it only thing I can see is where it is stamped Winner, but it’s not in good. Is this of any value?

  51. I have a Chipper Jones topps opening day #4. The front does not have his name on it and the goal line around the card is missing.

  52. I have a 1999 Upper Deck Frank Thomas HoloGrFX card that has him on the front and Craig Biggios 1999 Upper Deck HoloGrFX STATS on the back and his stats are offset

  53. I have never seen this error card printed on any website but I’ve got a Garry Templeton a Fleer card 1982 with a portion on Garry’s stats and then a card #283 with Alan Trammel’s stats on the back ! How can a Billy Ripken error card or John Smoltz error card have any value with so many and my lone ranger Garry Templeton card have no value ???? I’ve been told the card is worthless!

  54. Well I don’t know how but when I went to the thrift store I saw a bucket full of baseball cards and each 15 cards cost us $0.50 but was half sale day so I bought all of them 575 cards and it was $9.75 but I bought that 3 months ago and then I didn’t know but what I put two cards together I noticed that the colors were different the original one looked normal the error card is kind of turning blue little bit and I noticed that it was not supposed to do that it was factory that make the card little bit Blue by accident I have two of them


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