10 Greatest Baseball Error Cards of All Time

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Baseball error cards should comprise a small percentage of your sports card investing portfolio. We suggest adding one or two from the ten most significant ones listed below. We love a baseball error card. Not only are they out of the ordinary from the standard card but in some cases more valuable.

An excellent error card combines an unusual feature (a bad word on the butt of the bat) with extreme rarity (the fewer of error cards produced, the more valuable it will be). Best Baseball Card Investment Blog? GoldCardAuctions.com.


Here are some of the best baseball error cards from a sports card investment viewpoint. If you have any error cards, please share them in the comment section.

Below are our personal favorites when it comes to baseball error cards. FYI we snuck a basketball error card in, we had to include it due to a variety of reasons. Enjoy.


#1. 1990 Frank Thomas No Name Topps Error #414


1990 Frank Thomas No Name Topps

One of the most popular and most expensive of all error cards. The Big Hurt was an absolute beast at the plate.


#2. 1989 Bill Ripken F Face Error #616


Billy Ripken Baseball error Card

Our personal favorite. Not only a popular error card but one of the most famous baseball cards.


#3. 1992 Michael Jordan Upper Deck Error Card Champ ’85 and ’95


Although not a baseball card error, we included this error card as it should have the best long-term ROI (which is why it’s included).


#4. 1969 Mickey Mantle Topps Mantle in White Letters Error 


One of the more expensive of all the error cards, you can’t go wrong owning a Mickey Mantle baseball card in terms of ROI.


#5. 1987 Barry Bonds Donruss Opening Day Error 


Wait! That is not Barry Bonds in the photo! It is Johnny Ray?! Who in the hell is that?


#6. 1990 Ken Griffey Jr. Donruss No Dot After Inc Error #365


There are rumors of a second error associated with this card, but we could not confirm them—something about an eye.


#7. 1989 Gary Sheffield Upper Deck SS Upside Down Error #13


We feel this one is the most undervalued and overlooked baseball error card. An excellent long-term investment from a historical set (the same set that holds one of the most popular cards in the hobby in the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie Card #1).


#8. 1989 Dale Murphy Upper Deck Reverse Negative Error #357


Another from the 1989 Upper Deck baseball set. Were they drunk when printing this bad boy?


#9. 1909 – 1911 Sherry “Magie” Misspelling Piedmont T206 Error Card


Old school T206 error card. Super valuable and super rare.


#10. 1952 Joe Page Sain Bio Topps Black Back Error Card #48


Another old one. We don’t care much for this, but others in the hobby do as it often appears in baseball error card discussions.


2009 Derek Jeter Topps Heritage Rare Error Red Sox Logo #83

WOW! Talk about one of the craziest errors in all baseball cards.

The 2000 Derek Jeter Topps Heritage Red Sox Logo Error Card makes New York Yankee fan’s blood pressure boil (Read: Top Derek Jeter Rookie Cards)

How dare they even print an error card with Jeter associated with the Red Sox!

This is a must for Red Sox fans who love trolling Yankee FANBOYS.


1990 Ken Griffey Jr. Topps Misprint Error Card #336

This Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card can come with a variety of errors.

The card is quite common on eBay and can be bought at a somewhat reasonable price.



The exact amount of any given error card is based on various factors such as the condition and numbers of the card.


Most Valuable

The most expensive baseball error card is the 1990 Topps Frank Thomas No Name On Front Error Card RC #414. This bad boy sold as a PSA 7 via eBay auctions on 8/5/2021 for slightly more than $7,000 (imagine what a PSA 10 would fetch).


Least Valuable

The Billy Ripken F*** Face Error Card should be the least valuable as many are up for sale anytime.

If you would like a price estimate of any error card in your collection, please email pictures (back and front) to value@goldcardauctions.com.


Complete List

We searched far and wide for a listing of all error cards ever produced in baseball. At first, we didn’t find a dang thing. But then we stumbled across a terrible-looking website, BUT the information regarding baseball error cards is accurate and easy to access.

Please visit baseballerrors.com/error-cards.php for a list of baseball error cards broken down by set. Very cool, baseballerrors.com! PS, work on the site layout as you provide information unavailable elsewhere. Cheers!


Baseball Error Cards: Buyers Guide and Investment Outlook

Baseball error cards will usually have a high ROI when compared to regular cards due to the rarity of the card. Although it should be noted that an error card does not automatically equate to big dollars, as many error cards are not worth the paper they are printed on.

We always look for a high-end error card to add to our sports card investment portfolio. Did we leave any error baseball cards off this list? What are some other error cards from other sports? Comment below!

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  1. I have a rare 1990 Fleer Alvaro Espinoza card #441 with the ink from the printing of the 90 on top left. The ink runs down thru the players right arm and on thru the name and bottom of card. I have searched the internet for this card and mine is the only one I can find. I am betting there are a couple others out there, but no guarantee of that. It looks as though the ink comes from the card printed prior to and goes thru the card printed after. So, maybe only three cards in existence. Please need help with rarity of this card. Would be happy to email copy of card.

  2. I have a Donruss 1986 MLB card with Jamie Easterly on the front & Bill Doran card number 10 & name and wright upon the back is this worth money. If so how much

  3. Hank Aaron SIDE B was recently publicly discovered and disclosed. Incredible such a rare card made it into circulation.

    Recently discussed in “The 30 Most Valuable Baseball Cards of All Time (2023 Update)” article online

  4. I have a 2002 pinstripe exclusive Joe DiMaggio JD 45 card is on the front end on the reverse is the backside is the back of the Mickey Mantle mm45 card. Can’t find one like it anywhere online I feel it’s worth something. I think a decent amount is it


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