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erro spence boxing cardsWe have been telling anyone who wanted to listen to our opinion of Errol Spence Jr. We saw him fight at least half a dozen fights when he was younger, and we knew then he was something special.


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We bought a handful of his Topps Allen & Ginter Boxing Card and got them graded by PSA. If memory serves, they were a mix of 10’s and 9’s.

Is it too late to jump on board the Errol Spence Jr. Boxing Card train?

Hell no!

This kid has more room to succeed and become as close to a household name as you see in today’s boxing world over the next 3 to 5 years.

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First, he must destroy/end/finish off/put off his misery one Terrence Crawford.

Some in boxing say this fight might not take place. Others say it will. We firmly believe this fight WILL take place, and we firmly believe Spence Jr. will win decidedly and hence become the world’s number one ranked pound for pound boxer.

Is this a crazy prediction that will never come true? Are we shooting from the hip?

Our readers who have been here since the beginning know we usually hit these types of predictions, but time will tell.

Here is the latest headline in regards to Spence Jr. v. Crawford fight taking place:

“Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman is looking forward to the Errol Spence Jr. vs. Terence Crawford undisputed 147-lb championship fight, which could take place in September at the earliest”.

Best Errol Spence Jr. Boxing Rookie Cards

As stated earlier in this write-up: it is NOT too late to invest in Errol Spence Jr. Boxing Cards.

Here are 3 of his cards that will run deep if/when Spence Jr. smacks “One Time” to the ground like a bag of rocks.


#1. 2016 Errol Spence Jr. Topps Allen & Ginter Boxing Card Auto RC #ES


errol spence jr bxoing rookie card

The 2016 Topps A&G Spence Jr, is by far and away from his best boxing card in terms of value, design, and return on investment (it is the complete package).

Topps A&G has always been one of our top trading cards when it comes to out-of-the-box cards that are beyond the norm (i.e. Prizm RC, Chrome RC, etc.).

The only problem is this card is difficult to find on auction and even harder to find with a high grade. Luckily we have a nice stash but investing in more will be difficult, to say the least. If you do find it BUY, BUY, BUUUUY!


#2. 2019 Errol Spence Jr. Leaf NSCC Prismatic Gold Proof


#2. 2019 Errol Spence Jr. Leaf NSCC Prismatic Gold Proof

This card is our white whale of boxing cards. Boy, would we love to get this bad boy graded at a PSA 10 or 9 and add it to our long-term investment portfolio.

If any readers have a lead on this card please email


#3. 2021 Errol Spence Jr. Leaf Pro Set Auto RC #PSPA-ESJ


error spence jr. leaf pro set auto boxing card

Another Spence Jr. Autograph boxing card that we would love to get our oven mits on. This card is somewhat more likely to find up for auction or sale (but the auto may or may not be a part of the card).

We don’t have this card but keep an eye out for it daily via email alerts associated with Spence Jr. Leaf keywords.


Errol Spence Jr. Boxing Card Values

Spence Jr. rookie cards at top grades (PSA 10) should only go for 3 digits on average (besides the Topps A&G which should easily go North of 1k if the card is slabbed with the coveted PSA 10 grade).


Investment Outlook

As you may have gathered we are BIG on Spnece Jr. moving forward. Now we’re not saying he will be as big as Oscar or Mayweather BUT we do feel like his card value today vs his card value in 3 years will make you very happy as the triple digits ROI is a real possibility.

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