Eloy Jiménez Rookie Card and Investment Advice (THE BIG BABY!)


Eloy Jimenez Rookie Card

Eloy Jiménez (11/27/96) is a Dominican outfielder who plays for the Chicago White Sox. He’s a 5-tool player, and he was seen as one of the best international prospects in 2013.

He joined the White Sox in 2017 by way of the Chicago Cubs, where he spent a few years struggling with various injuries and poor form.

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Jiménez was promoted to the first-team roster for the 2019 season, and he’s a unit.

His size and power immediately make him recognizable, and 2020 could be his breakthrough year.

Given his journey through MLB, we’ve listed a couple of his best rookie cards, along with some of the better options from later seasons.

2014 Eloy Jimenez Bowman Chrome Refractor Rookie Card (shop for this card on eBay)

Eloy Jimenez rookie card

Jiménez’s original rookie card is from 2014, reflecting his time as a prospect with the Chicago Cubs. The image features him in full sprint, with a Cubs logo at the bottom. There’s also a 1st Bowman logo on the top-right corner, signifying that it’s his first-ever Bowman card.

Considering there’s no patch or signature, prices have stayed relatively affordable. A BGS 9.5 grade regularly goes for anywhere between $40-$60, although it’s worth remembering that he never played for the Cubs.

2017 Bowman’s Best 1997 Cuts Eloy Jiménez Chicago White Sox

After moving to the White Sox, Jiménez got an updated Bowman’s Best card. There’s still no signature to be found, and most of the editions can be picked up for under $25. The front of the card shows the player in full swing, highlighting his power and his wingspan.

The back has a few basic stats, along with a second image of the player.

You’ll find the following parallels: Refractor, Atomic Refractor, Purple Refractor, Blue Refractor, Green Refractor, Gold Refractor, Orange Refractor, Red Refractor, and SuperFractor.

2017 Eloy Jimenez Bowman Chrome Rookie Card Auto (shop for this card on eBay)

Eloy Jimenez Bowman Chrome Rookie Card

By far his most popular card at auction in terms of bids and value, the 2017 edition technically isn’t an RC if you count his time with the Cubs. However, the Blue version can sell for anything up to $1,000, and it’s easy to see why considering a lack of signatures on previous options.

Jiménez is looking off into the distance in the image, with his bat stretched out after a successful hit. There’s a signature located at the bottom, while the reverse has a “Bowman Briefing” with his resume, skills, and info about how he learned English from the dugout.

The blue refractor is one of the pricier cards, but it probably has the greatest potential to shoot up in price if his career takes off.

2019 Eloy Jiménez Panini Flawless Auto Patch 

Many sellers will claim this is a rookie card, but there’s no signifier to be found. However, there is a patch and an autograph, as well as a crisp photo of Jiménez mid-swing. It’s a great combo of color, image, and design, and it’s probably the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch.

The reverse is gold and white and contains a short paragraph talking about his time as a prospect since 2014. It can be grabbed for under $100, so it’s worth checking out if you want an affordable patch.

2019 Eloy Jiménez National Treasures RC Auto RPA

Another great option under $100 is his National Treasures autographed patch card. The signature and the patch take up the majority of this landscape edition, with an image of the player with bat in hand on the right.

The reverse takes time to mention his stature, as well as his batting prowess. They also predict that “you can pencil him in to the South Siders’ batting order for the foreseeable future.”

Of course, if that is true, and he manages to have a solid run, his cards are likely to further increase in price.

Eloy Jiménez Investment Outlook 

Jiménez was seen as a top international prospect before he signed for the White Sox in a swap deal, although he was only a makeweight in a deal that sent José Quintana to the Chicago Cubs back in 2017. 

Regardless, he has impressed in short bursts in 2019, even if his injury record is slightly worrying. A season with no knocks would do wonders for his development, especially if he wants to be known as anything other than a talented prospect.

It’s worth mentioning that Jiménez recently signed a six-year, $43m contract extension which made him the highest-paid player who had never appeared in a major-league game at the time. 

Rating: Moderate Buy


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